The hour was late, and Makiato didn't want to go to sleep. Makiato wanted to stay up all night and watch her favorite program, Animals on Ice. So being the sound minded person that she was, she did.

The next morning at school kids were talking about how they tried to stay up to catch the late night viewing of Animals on Ice, but falling asleep in the process. Makiato felt proud of herself because she had stayed up until four to watch it, most people had only made it to two. Makiato was talking about Animals on Ice all day and kids listened with enthusiasm as if the show would never be on again.

Makiato got on the bus, only to find that her pet goat, Snoffy had boarded somewhere along the way. "Snoffy, what' you doing here?"

The goat came over and rammed Makiato's leg, Makiato laughed she was used to Snoffy's behavior. However, the bus driver was not. Snoffy ran up to the front of the bus and started to jump on the bus driver's lap. The bus driver screamed out in pain.

The bus driver picked Snoffy up and hucked him to the back of the bus, luckily Makiato caught him before the goat could go plumpeting to its doom. "Well I guess the bus driver just doesn't appreciate quality dancing Snoffy."

The bus driver was so angry at Snoffy that he didn't even slow down at the bus stop, he just kept driving. The door flew open and Makiato and Snoffy bailed out, laughing at the bus drivers pathetic attempt at aggravation them. If the bus driver knew anything, it should have been that Makiato and Snoffy would not get upset that easily.

The next day, the bus driver didn't even bother to pick Makiato up at the bus stop. Instead, he drove by at top speeds. Makiato just pointed and laughed and then hopped on her bike; the bus driver could not foil her plan that easily. The bus driver almost drove into a tree as Makiato passed him on her bike - her one speed bike.