The TV was still on, but the signal had been lost hours ago. The static was enough to drive anyone crazy, but there was no one there to care. The pale grey light was the only thing that illuminated the room to show the dark puddle that had started to thicken and become sticky. It surely was going to be a traumatizing sight for the young girl that was to return the next morning…

Serra shook her head as she remembered the day she returned to find her parents dead. She had only been six years old. She was away at her first sleep over when it happened and returned the next day to find her mother lying over a kitchen table with her throat slit and her father in a twisted heap on the living room floor with multiple stab wounds. The floor was covered with the blood and the TV was left on.

"Hey," Serra jumped at the sound of her best friend, Jaynie Cobb's voice, "what's wrong, Serra?"

Serra shook her head as she closed her journal that was sitting on the desk in front of her, "Nothing," she drummed her black nails against the black leather cover as she tried to focus on what the teacher was droning on about, "now, be quiet. I'd rather not flunk another class."

Jaynie shrugged as she looked Serra over. The girl was the strangest person she had ever met. She was always fun of life and energy, but she dressed in such a dark manner. The girl was an enigma. Jaynie had read a few of her friend's poems and every single one had been around death and decay, but Serra always acted like she loved life.

Serra glanced down at her journal again as she realized that her attempt to focus was in vain. She had been in therapy for ten years and she had made great progress, but she still had a long way to go. There wasn't a single day when her mind didn't wander back to that day. The smell was intoxicating, but that wasn't near as bad as the next three days that she had repressed up until the previous year.

Serra squeezed her eyes shut as she tried to push the memories back, but she could remember the needles they shoved into her arms and food they tried to feed her, nearly forcing down her throat. She threw up with each and every bite she took and she could remember the burning in her throat and stomach.

Serra wrapped her arms around her stomach as the memory nauseated her. She was only six years old when it happened and the doctors had no compassion. People had always looked at her with pity after that, but she didn't want pity. She just wanted to have someone care about her and not what happened ten years prior.

Jaynie watched as her best friend was being attacked by her memories. Jaynie didn't know what to do. Every time this had happened to Serra she had been at home with her foster family. Jaynie had never had to do anything.

Serra took a deep breath as the memories started to fade. She placed her hands flat on the desk as she regained control. It was always hard to deal with her memories, but she had gotten used to no one helping her. She was the only one that would help her.

Jaynie smiled as Serra opened her journal again started scribbling. It was good to see that Serra was no longer being attacked by her memories. Jaynie was Serra's best friend, but Serra still hadn't told her exactly what had happened to her parents. Jaynie knew that she had gotten home one day and found them dead.

Serra glanced over at Jaynie as she felt the girl's eyes on her. Serra knew that Jaynie saw what happened and the light glint in her friend's eyes just irritated her. She was tired of people giving her that look. She wasn't a helpless child that needed pity. She was sixteen, still not an adult, but she was sure as hell capable of taking care of herself. She didn't need anyone's pity!

Serra stepped out of the school building with her back pack slung over her right shoulder as she slipped her sunglasses on. She knew that Jaynie would be looking for her, but she didn't want to talk to Jaynie. Jaynie would only make a fuss about what happened during class and Serra hated it when anyone made a big deal about her.

"Hey," Serra's sunglasses flew off as someone ran into her from behind and they both went crashing to the ground.

Serra grunted as the person that had landed on top of her rolled off of her. She couldn't believe that had happened, "Hey!" Serra pushed herself up as she reached for her sunglasses only to find them in a slender pale hand, "Hey," she looked up into the celestial blue eyes of the school reject. He was in every sport he could get into, but no one liked him because he never spoke or had any of the same interests as the jocks. Serra had seen him multiple times in the past couple years of school, but she couldn't recall his name.

He held the glasses out to her and smiled, his thin lips spreading apart just so slightly to show off his perfectly white teeth, "I'm sorry, I tried to warn you."

Serra took the glasses from him and pushed herself to her feet, "I'm fine," she brushed the dirt off her pants as he stood and her eyes grew wide. She had never been this close to him. She knew he was tall, but from a distance he didn't look much above average. It also didn't help that she was only five foot four inches tall, "Are you okay?"

He nodded as he brushed his long black and blue hair back from his face, but a stray lock of his blue bangs didn't want to cooperate, "Yeah," he leaned down and picked up her bag, "You're Serra Rivers, right?"

Serra nodded as she looked him over, "Yep," she smiled as she tucked her black hair behind her ear, "I don't remember your name."

He shrugged as he held her bag out to her, "Tam Malcolm," looked her over and sighed, "I need to get going. I have a jock to assault."

Serra chuckled as she watched him run past her and tackle who she guessed was the jock that pushed him into her. Serra shook her head as Tam and the school MVP, Ron Shepherd, rolled around on the ground for a few moments before Ron's friends pulled Tam away. Serra wasn't sure why she was so interested in Tam at that moment. She had never taken notice of him before, but there was something about those pale eyes that just intrigued her. He had inner pain that he was trying to hide as well. He was just like her.

"Serra," Serra glanced back to see Jaynie standing behind her, "what are you doing?"

Serra shrugged as Tam dropped to his knees and kicked the legs out from under the two that had been holding him. Tam had been in a few fights before which was obvious by the way he jumped back up to his feet and faced Ron, "Just observing."

Jaynie shook her head. She wasn't sure why Serra was watching Tam with such interest. He was a senior and they were sophomores. He was a freak that didn't fit in with anyone while Serra was loved by their entire class. They did dress in similar fashions, but Serra had known that Tam was a loser. He was pathetic. There was nowhere that Tam was going and Serra had so many opportunities in her future.

Serra turned away from the fight as the principal stepped out and split the two up. The fight was over and there was absolutely no reason for her to watch any longer. Tam was just going to get in trouble and she really didn't care.

Jaynie cocked her head to the side as her best friend slipped her sunglasses on, "Please don't tell me you're infatuated with Tam Malcolm!"

Serra shook her head, "No, Jay," she shrugged as she adjusted the strap of her book bag and smiled, "He was knocked into me and I had to see what was going on," she smiled, "He's pretty agile."

Jaynie shook her head, "No, Serra, don't do this. He's not that interesting in any way."

Serra nodded, "I know, but I barely felt him hit me. He landed on me and I'm unhurt. I'm just amazed that he could catching himself so quickly," she started to chew on the tip of her finger as she thought about Tam, "He's probably had some training."

"No, Serra," Jaynie shook her head as they finally made their way off the school campus, "stop thinking about him. He's a freak!"

Serra glared at Jaynie as she stopped, "You've never even talked to him," Serra shook her head as she rolled her eyes, "I'm pretty sure people would say that about me before they got to know me. Am I a freak?"

Jaynie shook her head, "You have friends, Serra. You are normal. It only takes a moment to see that you're not a freak. He's always sitting by himself," she shuddered, "and you only dye your hair black. He has blue hair. Blue isn't natural!"

Serra smiled at her, "Black isn't my natural color, so technically it's not natural either."

Jaynie let out a sigh of defeat. She wasn't going to win this argument, "Fine," Jaynie hurried ahead of Serra, "we're going to be late for our meeting if we keep at this snail's pace."

Serra nodded and glanced back over her shoulder to see Tam standing next to a beat up black pick-up truck. He really wasn't what she was looking for, but he was interesting. She couldn't deny that. He was a kindred spirit. She just knew it, but it wasn't socially acceptable. Did she really care?

Serra shook her head. She didn't. She didn't care about what was socially acceptable. She was going to befriend Tam and he might be the only person she told the entire truth to. She knew he was the only one that she could trust.

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