Serra stumbled through the dark alley as she tried to make her way to someplace to lie down. Her head was spinning and she just wanted to go to sleep. Whatever Alan had made her try wasn't settling well. She wasn't sure she liked being drunk.
Serra cocked her head to the side as she looked down at a small two door vehicle in front of her. It looked familiar, but she wasn't sure why. It wasn't Jaynie's car. Jaynie had a nice sleek four door sedan that her parents had gotten her. Why as this car familiar?
Serra shrugged as she opened the door and sat down in the passenger seat. She didn't care. She knew that nothing was going to happen to her in this car. She closed the door and laid her head back against the head rest as she closed her eyes. Now, just to get the world to stop spinning. That was the only thing that mattered at that moment.

Alan's dark gaze scoured the alley as Jaynie hurried off to check her car. Alan thought about running to his car, but he needed to make sure that Serra wasn't being taken by anyone at that moment and his car was too far away.
Alan let out a light sigh as he noticed that Serra wasn't anywhere in the alley. He headed off in the opposite direction Jaynie had gone and started looking in every car he passed by. There was still no sign of the girl and Alan was starting to panic.
Then, he saw her. She was passed out in a small two door Dodge that had seen way better days. Alan wondered why she chose that car. He had never heard of Serra talking about a green vehicle before. It must have just been a random vehicle.
Alan pulled the door open and Serra jumped, "Alan," Alan shook his head as he leaned in the car and wrapped his arms around her tiny waist, "whadar you upta," Alan sighed as he pulled her out of the car. She was too far gone to take home. He should have known better. Serra had a tendency of not eating and she had never drank before. He should have known that a couple shots of Jack would knock her on her ass.
Serra giggled as Alan kicked the car door shut, "I'm taking you back to my house, Rivers."
Serra wrapped her arms around Alan's neck as she looked up at him, "Really," Alan shook his head as he knew what was to come, "whadar you plannin' to do with me?"
Alan leaned down and slipped his arm behind her knees so he could pick her up, "I'm planning on getting you a strong cup of coffee and a warm bed," he looked down the alley in search of Jaynie, but she was nowhere to be seen, "Maybe even something to eat."
Serra kissed his cheek as she smiled, "I wouldn't mind if you wanted to do other things."
Alan shook his head as he started off towards his car. Of course, Serra had to be a horny drunk. He should have known. The girl was as tense as they came and a little release would have been good for her, but he wasn't the man to do so. He loved girl in his arms, but he just couldn't bring himself to think about doing that. He hadn't even been with a guy before and that sounded like fun to him, "No, Serra," he glanced back over his shoulder to make sure Jaynie wasn't there one last time before he hurried out to his car.

Serra woke the next morning to the blinding light streaming through the dark curtains. She hissed at the pain and rolled over and buried her head in the pillow. She let out a light sigh as she took in the light smell of old spice shampoo with the lightest hint of hairspray and the musky scent of cologne. She wasn't sure where she was, but she had never smelled anything so sweet. Who smelled like this?
Serra took another deep breath as she wondered whose bed she was in. She could spend forever with a man that smelled this good, "Mm," she let out a light sigh as she pulled the pillow close and snuggled with it.
"Damn, Rivers," Serra smiled as she heard Alan's light voice. He must have known she would have a hangover and made sure to keep his voice down, "I didn't think you liked me that much."
Serra took another deep breath before she sat up with the pillow still held close, "It smells good," she smelled the pillow again and looked the boy over. He was sitting in his computer chair with a simple black tank top on and loose grey pajama bottoms on. His black and bleached hair was down around his face and his make-up had been washed off. Serra had to admit that he was a beautiful man. It sure was a waste that he was gay, "What type of cologne do you use?"
Alan gave her a droll stare as he shook his head, "I don't use cologne," he looked the girl over, "How are you feeling?"
Serra shrugged as she held the pillow to her nose. She could have sworn she smelled cologne on the pillow, but maybe that was just the way Alan smelled, "My head is pounding and I feel a little queasy," she looked around Alan's room, "How did I get to your house?"
Alan sighed as he thought about the previous night, "You got wasted and I wasn't going to let you go home. I'm still not sure how we're going to get Jewel and Nate to be okay with you spending the night over here," he shrugged, "I think Jaynie's a bit mad at me as well."
Serra's eyes grew wide as she remembered that part of the previous night, "What happened? What did you do?"
Alan rolled his eyes, "Thanks, Serra, I'm glad you know I'm the trouble maker."
Serra rolled her eyes, "You know what I mean," she closed her eyes as her own voice made her head pound, "Did you do anything else?"
Alan got up from the chair and sat next to her on the bed. He reached up and started to massage her temples, "No," Serra let out a content sigh as the boy's fingers started to sooth her scalp, "We realized that you had wandered off and we went in search of you. You were in a random car and I got you out. You were so out of it that I had to carry you to my car. I waited for Jaynie for a short while, but she never came back," Alan paused as he ran his hand through her hair, gently untangling it, "I did ignore all of her calls."
Serra leaned back against Alan as he returned to massaging her temples, "How does she have your number?"
Alan chuckled, "She doesn't," he placed a light kiss to her temple before he pulled away, "She was calling your phone. I just didn't answer."
Serra buried her head in the crook of Alan's neck and took a deep breath. He smelled just like his pillow, minus the hairspray, "Oh," she pushed the pillow to the side and wrapped her arms around Alan, "Thanks for watching out for me, Frye."
Alan nodded as he wrapped his arms around her, "No problem, Rivers," he closed his eyes as he held her close. This was the only person that he could really be himself around. Everyone else pushed him to find a significant other. He didn't want that. He had himself and didn't feel the need to latch to another person. This was his Serra and there was nothing that he wouldn't do for her, "I love you, you know that, right?"
Serra nodded, "I love you, too," she pulled back and little bit so she could look up into his eyes, "big brother."
Alan smiled at her, "Don't forget the protective part," he rubbed her arm, "Speaking of protective," his smile faded, "Why are you so interested in starting a band? Are you interested in this Tam guy? Don't get me wrong, he's a cutie, but he just seems a little too bland for you."
Serra cocked her head to the side, "I'm not interested in Tam that way. He's just a friend," she pulled away from him, "I was just talking to him the other day and he mentioned something about playing bass."
Alan nodded. He knew not to press any harder. Serra was the type of person that the harder you tried the harder it was to get anything out of her. It was best to just sit back and let her open up on her own, "Okay," he smiled, "are we going to use your lyrics?"
Serra shrugged, "I figured the two of us can write some together. I know how amazing your writing skills are."
Alan nodded, "Sure," he stood up, "Well, I'm going to get you a little snack. I'll be back."
Serra nodded as he slipped out of the room. She laid back in his bed and pulled his pillow close again. She wasn't sure why she was so obsessed with that smell, but for some reason it was soothing. Alan had always been there for her and his smell was just amazing, "I can't be falling for Alan," she shook her head, "He's gay. He likes men."