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Sheesh... I didn't even want to come here. I wanted to stay home, watch TV, and chat with my friends! But noooo, I had to come here and get these stupid awards. Well, they aren't really stupid... But I just really didn't want to come here. The worst part is, I'm wearing a skirt. And these shoes are hurting my poor, sensitive feet. There is this hair bow in my hair and it gets on my nerves because I am used to my hair sitting over my forehead. As soon as I walk in, I feel sort of... humiliated. I feel like such a daffodil. But it all goes out of my mind, as one of my best friends, Nakeisha, gives me a wave when I entered. I walk in and sit next to her in one of those uncomfortable metal chairs that make my butt hurt. Geez, everyone hates those. Why not get different, more comfortable ones? So we just sit there and talk and talk and talk until they told us we could eat. But I'm not really in the mood to eat. Shocker, right? I'm not a person who usually says no to food. All I really wanted at the moment was cake. And Kyle, of course. But let's not get to that subject. Not yet, anyways. So, we stand up and get our food. I decided to get spaghetti so I could make my dear friend laugh when it got all over my face. I have horrible manners. Even on special occasions! When we begin to eat, I don't eat much. Like I said, I'm not really hungry. But now was the time for cake. Here it comes. This time, we both got blue frosting all over our face which caused a fit of giggles from the both of us when we wiped it off with a napkin. Then, of course, we got our awards. But before I go there, let's put our minds back to the cutest kid I have ever met in my entire life. That's right. Kyle Browning. When he came in, he looks at me like he's never seen me in a dress before. Well... he hasn't, so I don't really blame him there. God, the boy doesn't even bother to compliment me! Which I'm sort of glad be doesn't, because my parents are here, aka my dad. He will get overprotective on me again! Oh, and for another, he's probably never see me this way again. Stare for as long as you can, boy. And he does! For the rest of the day, well almost, he gives me those blank states that never stops until I turn away. When I look back, he isn't looking anymore. Sometimes I wish that I never had to turn, but I have to eventually right? And now I've gotten into that stupid mushy and sappy romance. But, I'm serious! Never in my entire life have I felt this way before. And tons of other people like Kyle as well and it angers me because well... All of their reasons are: 1. His cuteness and 2. His athleticness. But for me, my heart just told me to go to him. At first, it was just a small little crush that you'd expect anyone to have. "Oh, he's cute. I think I like him." Typical. But then... I had this dream that made my stomach flutter with one million butterflies and my heart almost explode from beating so much. That one dream changed everything. And I continue to still have those beautiful dreams to this day. Now I happen to be, as a lot of people would say, head over heels for him.. Hm... Or should I say... head over sneakers? But now, there is just one thing I have to say. When we were leaving that horrid place that continues to mess with my heart, I STILL felt like a daffodil!

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