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Adrian: You just like making poor Jayden emotional.

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Adrian: Hey!

Mandy: *shrugs* It's just the truth, dude.

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Chapter 8: Jealousy

The next day at lunch, Jayden sat in the mess hall wondering where Adrian was. The other boy had missed their psych class. Abernathy hadn't seemed to mind though, meaning he'd likely called in to let her know in advance. Which by extension meant he'd had a legitimate reason for missing class; a flimsy excuse wouldn't have gotten him off the hook with Abernathy.

Where is he? Jayden wondered, frustrated. And why do I care?

Of course his inexplicable frustration increased tenfold when Adrian came into the mess hall with a girl.

Who's she?

He peered at the girl. She had bright blond hair, almost white, in a short pixie cut, and her outfit consisted of a dark purple bandeau and black jeans, with patterned elbow length finger gloves. Her bared upper arms and midriff were tattooed, and she wore a small cross around her neck; he couldn't be sure, but it looked like the same kind of cross Adrian wore. Maybe they were a matching set? Like couple's jewelry.

That idea irritated him for some reason.

Mandy accompanied Adrian to school out of curiosity; she'd been stuck in boarding schools since her adoption, and was wondering what her best friend's college was like.

Her first impression was that it was oddly similar to her boarding school.

"They're all rich." she said unhappily.

"Not at all of 'em," Adrian corrected, "Just most."

She frowned.

"Not what you were expecting?"


He chuckled. "It's an elite school, Mandy. Most of 'em got in through their checkbooks."

"You didn't. You're smarter than a hundred of these puffballs put together."

He shrugged.

"I'm serious, Adrian. You got in on your own merit, 'cuz you're so clever."

"Fat lot of good it's doing me."

She sighed, and then jumped as her phone jingled in her pocket.

Cursing a blue streak, she fished it out and promptly turned it off when she saw the caller ID.

"Old boyfriend?" Adrian drawled.

She made a face. "My mother's attorney. He's been trying to convince me to come home for the last few days of my adopted existence."

"I take it you told him 'no', then?"

She snorted. "I told him to shove it."

"Hm. Nice diplomatic way to settle it."

"Oh, stuff it. He's a jerk."

"I'm sure he is."

She huffed, looked irritated. "I can't believe he called my cell. What a bastard." She suddenly brightened. "I almost forgot." She pulled a second flip phone out of her pocket. "Happy belated birthday."

He blinked. "What?"

"I saved up my birthday money," she said happily. "And got you a phone."

He stared at the cell in his hand. "Mandy…"

"Don't you dare give it back," she warned. "Because I paid the first four months in advance and there's no refund."

He hugged her. "You're the most amazing friend ever," he whispered.

"I know," she said cheerfully, returning the hug.

Jayden watched them hug, and wondered why the hell he felt so angry.

No, it wasn't quite anger, it was something else….

Jealousy, he realized. I'm jealous.

But why the hell was he jealous of some girl hugging Adrian? It's not like he was fond of Adrian. He couldn't even stand the jerk half the time.

And what about the other half?

He was spared thinking about what his jealousy might mean by Mary Margaret, who sat down next to him and started prattling on about her favorite hair salon.

To be continued in Chapter 9: To Assail

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