Lauren was typing a report on her computer. It was quiet in her room. Only rainfall could be heard. She started an hour ago and had two pages done.

The woman did not like to go through the trouble of locating the right folder to save her contents every other minute. It was a pet peeve, and Lauren only saved her documents when she was finished for the day. Everything she typed thus far was done in one sitting. This was an easy assignment, so Lauren felt that she would finish it today.

Without warning, there was a loud crash of thunder that caused Lauren to jump in her seat. The room went completely dark, save for the little light that came through her closed window. To the woman's dismay, even the computer was off.

After 15 minutes, the lights came back on.

Lauren started her computer, bypassed the error messages, and went to her desktop. She opened her word processor and looked at its history. The report wasn't there.

She looked through her Documents folder. Nothing there. Everything she typed in the past hour was gone.

The moral of the story is, no one is guaranteed to do that important thing they've been putting off for so long. If you have a goal, take immediate action, no matter how small, to get closer to achieving it. Because you never know when you'll get to a point in your life where you really cannot achieve that goal.