Misery comes in the form of rain and my very confused brain remains lost in the woods without a guiding light. There is never a day so dreary that I don't feel weary and hopeless. There is never a day so scary that I am not in love with this fray of mine. Shattered like glass, my tragic poetic fairytale story serves as the climax for a neverending fight between good and evil inside my mind. Heavily heavenly broken, society chooses pessimism over optimism and I am left behind to pick up the pieces. I am shaken to the core of my existence and missing the presence of hope in my life. Pray God, I can cope for I am standing outside of heaven's gates. Life is never a funny joke until God sends a silly person like you my way who gives me a reason to be happy. You hold me so tight that you breathe life back right into my soul. You encourage me to have courage during these hard times. The butterfly living within my skin takes flight and touches the blue sky. Sustain sweet relief, joy comes like a thief in the night providing brief little light for my soul whose sight remains blurry. Becoming weak, I seek the lord for myself throughout the week. Blessed assurance, the word of God gives me a belief in anything but grief. I was never made to break, therefore I try my best to stand as tall as a indian chief instead of cry. Dawn of hope, the promise of new life predicts the next forty eight hours might be better than the last twenty four hours. Laughter brings tears of joy and I wear a smile on my face because I know I am God's daughter. Optimism outweighs pessimism and hope holds onto faith's hand walking through a field of dreams.