We enter the desecrating chapel

To see the most wonderful black funeral

Walls are soaked with blood of Christians

In the pews they lay crucified in vain

(music picks up)

The devil is standing there, there at the podium

Reaching out his hands then he says

"My children, you have come to this black funeral

Which I thank you all from the bottom of my heart"

(music changes a little bit, chorus)

Thank you black masses

For letting us be here

To see this incredible sight

(music from before returns)

In a peaceful voice that's somehow wicked

We are told the only way to live is to watch them burn

Then the chapel ignites, bursting into flames

While we all join hands and laugh at god's face

(music slows down)

Ha ha ha ha, they deserve to burn, ha ha ha ha

(solo, the bridge approaches)

Slowly walk out this wrenched place

With Satan spawning his demons from hell

Devouring and spitting in the faces of Christian corpses

Hell's chaos butchers the whole town

(repeat chorus, music changes up)

We all descend to the almighty hell with

A short lived feeling of satisfaction

Satan, our master kisses us goodnight

Cause in the morning more of hell will rise

(music picks up)

As we attempt to lay down and sleep

He stands over our bodies giving another eternal prayer

"My children, you've made so many promises to me, now I give one

And hope you will all keep it close to your hearts"

(repeats chorus, everything fades except drums)

Ha ha ha ha, they deserve to burn, ha ha ha ha

(music returns extremely heavy, solo)

Can't wait to awake in the morning

To wreak havoc on the world and

Show all the bullshit religions me and Satan's wrath

(professional drum solo then songs ends)