He's a player,

He's a liar,

And he's a flirt.

He wins your heart,

With his charm.

Around him,

You're in harm.

He has eyes that are mysterious and changing.

They sparkle for you,

But nothing's true.

You think you're special?

You think you're his one and only?

He'll dump you;

He'll leave you lonely.

His smile leaves a questioned grin.

It's what he uses to lure you in.

Before you know it,

You want it.

He'll always win.

The words he speaks

Are oh so sweet

And charming.

Only they're a trick.

They should be alarming.

How do I know?

I was a victim.

I was once into him.

If only I knew what I know now.

Those boys will never change.

Don't give 'em a chance.

They're not worth,

Even a second glance.

He's handsome.

He's tall.

Just watch him make you fall.

I fell hard, I admit.

But he's just so hard to resist.

He says it was me,

But it was he,

Don't be the fool.

He thinks he super cool.

Don't fall for him,

He can't stay out of the way of sin.

His mouth is full with lies and deception.

He'll ask to be an exception.

He'll break your morals.

He'll lead you to many quarrels

He won't let you go,

Even with a calling plea.

He can blame me as much as he please,

But all us girls,

We know he's just a tease.

And to you:

We all know you're a flirt.

You messed me,

And you mess with her.

You don't mean anything by your words

So kind;

Such a trick to the mind.

You're a liar.

You don't speak truth.

This is why you have no proof

I'll free myself of you.

I promise that's true.

And I'll tell her about it too.

Your plans are spoiled.

Your plans with her are foiled.

You'll be sorry.

You'll need to worry.

You better hurry.

You're time as King,

It's about to become just a thing.

It's about time someone took your crown.

Time to take away those frowns.

The frowns you made,

They're starting to fade.

And I can tell,

You're becoming afraid.

In the future,

Who'll fall for your games then?

Not this girl.

Not a single one in this part of the world.

I can hear you say it:

She's beautiful,

She's smart.

Too bad I'll never have her heart.

Now's your time

For a brand new start.