The night

November 10, 2011

That night

I remember that night very well, it was as if someone had set a bomb off inside my head, everything was shrouded in shadows. Every muscle in my body screamed for relief, I felt as if I had been lying on a hardwood floor for three days straight, (which I found out later had been what happened). Clutching my head where it hurt most I forced my eyes to open wider than the slits they were. Sharp glancing pain seared through me, my back screaming in protest as I struggled up into a standing position. Where I was, that was anyone's guess, I didn't have a clue but I wasn't about to stay to ask the rats that were skittering around me.

I stumbled to the thin sliver of light, my eyes straining to see my surroundings, tripping over the corpses of the rats that were littered here and there. No time to be squeamish, I carried on to the light, bouncing hard on the wall, looking up I see a window, albeit a broken one, with ugly, moss crusted shards. Using a stone I broke the remaining shards and hoisted myself up. I looked around to see if there was anyone around, I tried to walk forward, but my feet seemed too heavy. I growled, startling myself, is that my voice? Shaking my head I continued my stumbling. I tripped over the roots of this woe-begotten tree, but I was too exhausted to move again, closing my eyes against the glare of the moon, I fell asleep.

"Pssst! Pssst!' came a voice, with a whine I opened my eyes to see this little girl right in front of me, roughly about eight or nine years old. I blinked, wide awake now. I looked at her blankly.

'What are you doing out here little one?' I asked my voice stiff from not being used.

'Trying to get away from here! Come on!' She tugged me into a standing position again.

'So, you know me?' she looked at me funny.

'Don't be cute. Of course I know you!'

'That makes one of us. I can't remember anything.' She froze to a stop and stared at me in horror.

'They took your memories?' she gasped; she pulled me down to one knee and raised her hands to my temples. 'I am Collette, Collette swan. I am your friend; you saved me a few days ago from the reapers. Does this ring any bells?'

'Only the reapers.'

'What do you remember before you fell asleep?'

'Nothing much except the reapers chasing this man and one of them trying to give me the death kiss. And a scream from a girl, I can't see her face but her hair is as dark and glossy as ebony, like yours actually.' I tilted my head towards her. 'Was that girl you?' She blushed and nodded. A great cry echoed along the wasteland both Collette and I jumped in fright and began to run again. The sun was beginning to set when we stopped, panting hard we collapsed onto the ground.

'Now what do we do?' I asked her between gasps. She stood up again and set off flair, its bright orange glow illuminated the twilight sky. Looking down at me she smiled,

'We wait.' And then she grinned.

'Oh, okay... wake me up when we're on the move again.' Out of the corner of my eye I see her smirking.

'Why of course.' Finally my heavy eyes closed. The sighing of the wind in the branches helped sooth my panicky breathing.

After a while I heard this swinging whooshing sound and I woke up groggily. A helicopter was landing next to us, I struggled to stand and ready to make a run for it; Collette took my hand and gave me a reassuring smile.

'Don't worry, these are the good guys.' I relaxed slightly. Collette ran up to a burly giant of a man, his face seemed familiar and a resounding thump echoed in my head. Collette pointed at me, smug look on her face, and an exasperated one on his as he smirked at her. I smile at their familiarity, but a pang of longing went trough me, I wanted to know someone that well.

A dark figure flinched slightly, my eyes were drawn to the tall slim figure of this man near the giant I tilt my head to knock some hair away from my eyes he seemed quite delicate looking and a flush crept up his neck. What the-? He then turned to look at me then, I smile and wave uncertainly. He returned a scowl and whipped his head the other direction. I raised an eyebrow I irritation, what's his problem?

'Hheeyyy! Come over here with me.' Collette had come up and took my hand, snapping my attention from the man. She led me up to the giant.

'Collette told me that you've lost your memories that true?' I nodded in reply. The slip of a man looked at me in shock. As if he never contemplated this. The giant just rubbed his chin thoughtfully, his cleft almost hidden by is goatee. 'I see, well just to save time, I'm Grant and this is Lukas, you sacrificed yourself so this one here could complete the mission Collette, Lukas and yourself were on." I looked at him again.

'May you tell me why?' Lukas flushed.

'Lovers.' He whispered.


'We were or are lovers.' He repeated louder. I blushed shocked by this. Hurt shows on his face at my apparent shock.

"Give her a kiss and see if that awakens her.' Collette said causing Lukas and I to jump away from her. Lukas turned to look at me, wonder showing on his handsome face. He took my hand and placed a gentle kiss on my palm.

'Kiss her properly!' She pouted. Lukas smiled, changing his gaunt, lean face into a painters dream.

'Do you mind?' he asked politely. I shook my head and he leaned in, and I sighed into his mouth, his kiss so familiar, so gentle, so, so erotic, I pulled away flushing at my last thought. Turning away before I could see his expression, but I could hear Collette whisper that I was blushing. I saw another new face walk forward, him I remembered, and I snarled and I knelt down my hands turning into claws. A sad smile lit his face.

"Seems she remembers you Alaric." Collette noted with a sardonic smile on her face. I looked at her.

"Alaric?" he turned and ran to me, pulling into his arms he embraced me. I stiffened with surprise. As in my hazy memories all I remember was him sneering and holding a brand.

'You hurt me." I said wonderingly, once he released me, pain flickered across his face as he was wrenched away from me and Lukas tucking me away from me and Collette standing in front of him snarling and spitting. Alaric took a step back, his eyes widening.

'What the hell are you two doing?' roared grant.

'He hurt her, that's why she snarled at him, that's why she never hugged him!' Lukas yelled. Grant froze and then spun Alaric round and did a roundhouse to his face. I flinch and stepped out from behind Lukas and Collette. I knelt beside Alaric and held out my hand, he too it smiling his gratitude. I see the three others flinch. I gave a toothy grin and his eyes widened in horror as I gripped his hand more firmly and pulled towards me and head butted him. He fell back and blinked up at me. I stood, my hands on my hips and I glared haughtily, and then I loosened the sash belt that lay around my waist and lifted my shirt to reveal the stinging and twisted, gnarled burned brand.

"This is the last of my memories, I cannot remember anything from before you put this," I paused to point at the scarring wound. "This permanently on me!" I snarled at "permanently".

"You remember the council?"

"And Zachariah's face." I stated grimly. Even Grant's mouth dropped at this.

"Prime Grande?" they gasped in unison. I just let out a disgusted sigh.

"Tch! He's a jackass." I mutter, and Alaric glared at me.

"Hold your tongue!" a flash of the past blind sighted me and I fell to my knees clutching my head against the sudden onslaught of pain. Lukas rushed to my side and held onto me trying to lift me to my feet.

"Are you okay?" His eyes filled with concern. I nodded in answer. Looking down at the concern filled council member.

"And not only have I seen his face, he is also younger than me." Alaric's eyes widened.

Lukas simply grinned behind an arm. "I have finally remembered everything." Lukas's smile was wiped off then, after 90 millennia's, you see quite a lot and do a lot in such a length of time."

"90 millennia's." Alaric whispered. I had never told anyone my real age before. I changed my voice then and everyone stared at me in horror at what I said next;

"Get away from me mortal child." And I spun away and returned to Collette who looked at me in amused wonderment. My head had begun to throb once more but I planned to be in the trees before I collapsed, I managed to do just that. Not realising I could still hear them they muttered amongst themselves.

"Can I go to her, please grant?" Lukas begged the giant. The giant's eyes softened at him and he nodded in agreement.

"Go on then, you romantic sap." Grant pushed Lukas forward towards me. I heard him stumble and nearly fall. I could almost hear his mutterings, but I was too tired to actually care, my eyes drifted shut, my breathing had gotten slower and deeper, I fell asleep. I almost smirked when I heard Lukas's panicked 'wake up's. I let out a yawn and turned my head again. I heard him sigh, and he put his arms around me and drew me closer to his chest.

"Sleep, sleep away all the pain." He whispered into my hair. And all his love for me enveloped me. I felt him lift me and carry me back into the sunlight. I could hear Collette's panicking, only to be told I was asleep. Images and scenes flashed behind my closed eyes.

"Jonah…" I muttered as I relived the scene where I witnessed his heart torn out, he was like me but younger, a lot younger. I felt the sharpness of Lukas' flinch, huh? I didn't know that he knew him and I sank deeper into the dream. "Run… Get away!" I screamed as I awoke in a flourish.

We had moved again while I was asleep. I looked around the damp, rocky area; it seemed I was in an underground cavern. Interesting…

I stood up off of the cot thing that I lay on and had to sit back down, my hand at my head, everything was swirling.

"Eui…" I groaned out that weird noise and looked startled at the echo. Another echo bounced in, like running but more than one person.

The door burst open and there stood Lukas, Collette, Alaric, Grant and another face.

"Jonah? But that's- you're- I saw you-," I gave up then and tears started to form. He rushed forward and took me into his arms.

"Hush, hush." He soothed and as I wept I could see Lukas scowl. "I'm here now Mom." The shock on their faces was priceless. Jonah turned round to face them, an arm draped casually over my shoulders. "Yup! Evangeline is my Mom." His usual cheeky grin lit up his face; I just dragged him back to me and squeezed him.

"I thought you were dead. They showed me your, your death." I sobbed, I felt him stiffen but when his arms wrapped round me again, he held on tight.

"They didn't get me. It was an illusion that you witnessed." His voice was a low snarl. "And I'll make them pay for the suffering they put you through!" He finally vowed.

"If I may interrupt? I would like to check your mother's vitals." Collette quipped, a half-smile curving her mouth, as if she had already known.

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