Ashes to Ashes.

The ashes flew, caught, dancing in the wind. My hand outstretched to her, her beautiful face etched in open shock and horror. Her hand outreached for mine, her steps quickening, running to me. In a bid to reach me, to save me. My breathing picked up a notch.

'Emily.' My lungs collapse saying just that one word, a name, her name. 'Emily, run.' I fell to my knees, gasping for the air that wouldn't reach my dying lungs, tears pouring down her face as she screamed something, my oxygen-starved brain too tired to register what she said. 'I love you.' I pushed out from my stiff lips. And the world turned black and Emily, finally Emily held me in her arms. Her tears dripping gently onto my cheeks.

'Don't leave me, please, please, don't leave me Jon! Don't you dare leave me?'

'Sorry, but I need to just rest my eyes.' She shook her head furiously, her tears flying.

'No, no, no, NO!' She begged me. My eyes feeling too heavy, too heavy to keep open.

I gave my beautiful, beautiful sister the kindest smile I could manage and then all went black, al I could faintly hear was the dull roar of my little sister's screams.

'NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!' she screamed as her older brother closed his eyes. His familiar, gentle smile just beginning to fade from his face. The others watched in silence, their grief etched onto their faces. Not one of them able to walk toward the wailing 10 year old child. Only when Emily began to beat the cold corpse did any of the crowd moves forward. A single, 20 year old man.

'Enough, Emily. Let him rest.'

'Rest? REST? He's gone! Gone! I'll never get to see him again!' she wept. She flung her head down onto her elder brother's chest. Her cries tearing into the watchers.

'That's enough.' The man swore and dragged her struggling body away kicking and screaming, a stray punch caught him in a painful place and gasping sharply he momentarily loosened his grip, she tore her arm from his grip and crawled quickly back to her brother's corpse.

Resting her tear streaked face on his already decaying body. Suddenly she looked up ash specks on staining face and glared at the man in such a way the young man felt fear shudder through him.

'I'm going to find the caster, I've got the scent, and when I find them I'm going to make them wish they had never been born or reborn.' The look on her face was quite scary. The crowd involuntary took a step back.


'No Alaric, I'm gonna do it, I'll use the teachings that brother and you taught me.'

Alaric shook his head wearily, sadness in his ebony eyes and his bronze like skin.