'Help! Help, some one please help me?' a young girl screeched, whilst running for her life in a dense forest.

For over an hour Krysta had been running from a band of bandits but finally they had caught up with her in a vast clearing.

With a final scream of fright, she screamed with all her might hoping, hoping with all her heart that someone would hear her plea and come rescue her. 'HELP ME PLEA-,' her cry for help was cut off by a filthy rag being tied roughly, over her mouth. Screwing up her face in disgust she tried to kick out at the men that were sorting through her packs, only for them to be blown back by an invisible force.

The bandits bowed deeply towards the trees,

'Boss,' they murmured respectively as a young man emerged from the cover of the trees.

'Well, well, well, a pretty flower,' he smirked under his long, lank black hair that covered most of his handsome face. 'A pretty Unique, delicate flower from the lands of Sairo' he gripped Krysta under the chin to turn her face either way and then lifted her onto his shoulder (ignoring her muffled squeals and wriggling) shouted towards the others,

'My new pet -ouch that hurt- for my amusement and mine only! Do any of you scurvy curs have any problems with that?'

They all said quietly 'yessir'.

Krysta finally had the gag off her mouth and started to use such foul language, it would soil this paper if written.

'Release me you stupid moron' she thumped him on his back, noticing he was falling forward, as she looked for the cause, she saw an arrow sticking from his shoulder. Krysta then screamed, trying to escape, calling for at least one of the bandits to at least help her that was running around.

Once all of the men had fled, and Krysta trying to stem the flow of the blood caused by the arrow –which is still embedded into his back- another man entered the clearing holding a long bow.

Krysta stared at the bow frightened thinking 'oh, my, god, he's coming to finish the job and kill me too!' repeatedly. The man knelt in front of them, tore the arrow out of the bandit boss ignoring his screams of pain.

He then lifted him off Krysta –who was by this point trembling with fear of this young man, who was amused by this

- And undid her bonds.

While the man lifted the bandit boss onto his shoulder Krysta had by then all her packs and was bounding up to the man and started to follow him away from the clearing, twang, she heard an arrow leave its master's bow and then she felt pain explode across her back as she lurched forward to be caught by the bandit boss who had healed his wound by some kind of magick. As darkness descended upon her she saw the rescuer use a sort of magick – a sword being summoned and glowing bright blue.