Preview of part two of the series of;

Love, duty or some thing else.

Kai looked around the courtyard and her gaze fell upon Nakago, and she walked gracefully towards him.

'You, Nakago, the previous owner of this body have allowed me access to her memories and I have seen your treachery knows no bounds, your love for her,' the guardian paused as she placed a hand gently on her breast, 'is simply disturbing s you have killed her childhood self in your bitterness.'

Nakago's face darkened at this and he muttered 'I loved her with every ounce of m being, but she-,' the spirit stopped him.

'She still lives.'

'WHAT?' everyone exclaimed in astounding shock, causing the spirit to smile at the guardian.

'He is right, if you wish I can summon her from the darkness of the oblivion.'

And with this a bright light enveloped around her body as words of an unknown language were uttered. And Krysta appeared, but as only as transparent as glass.

'Thank you, kai,' she turned to the spirit and nodded a flushed face to him. She looked around the courtyard and when her gaze fell upon Vaan she ran to embrace him and he held out his arms to hold her. But that was not happen, Krysta just went through him and fell on the other side. Everyone just looked as her shoulders shook from unseen tears being shed. Vaan placed his arms around her shaking shoulders as she gasped.

'I love you Vaan and I will marry you when I return.' And with this vow she attempted to kiss him. And then she faded into nothingness.

'NO!' he yelled as he grabbed at the air that she had just stood. 'No, no, no.'

And he began to sob.

To be continued.

Jennifer Ritchie 3/5/2012 1