Like a tree growing a new leaf, there is still grief.
Like a butterfly from a caterpillar, there is still terror.
but like all things there is hope. as we all can change.
in the silence or surrounded by pain filled screams humanity is all powerfull as we believe in dreams.
We can change cant we?
what truely sets us apart from the beasts and animals?
is it true emotions? or is it our true primitive natures.
we take what we want and we want what we take, even though we probably wont need it in the end.
What does change truely mean for humanity?
is it emprisonment of to be free?
no one knows the answer but still.
still we push on to change ourselves and those around us.
change? Do we really need to? or is it the ones pulling our strings who want us to change? Do wen want or do we need to? that is the question we ask ourselves now.
as we are told new lies and old truths. do we believe? do were dare believe?
can we change, that is what is asked. If you believe, if you dream, if you wish it,
then yes i hope, no i know we can change.