"Mom! Dad!" Hana sprinted into the living room and collided into John, her father's, strong arms. Her face white as flour, her body shaking and glistening with sweat. "It chased me! He wants to kill me!" She sobbed into his chest. "He's a monster! You have to do something! You have to kill him!" A gentle pat to her back startled her enough to jump. Quickly she pulled away from him seeing her Mary, her mother, and ran into her arms to continue to sob. That monster tried to kill her. It chased her all the way home and she feared that any moment it'll come bursting into the house to kill them all.

Mary and John exchanged looks before Mary pushed Hana away and placed a hand on her forehead, checking to see if she had a fever. Cool to the touch. "Honey? Uh…who wants to kill you?" Seeing her afraid to tears made her sick to her stomach. Clearly she had experienced a terrible event and it broke Mary's heart to see her like this.

"Calm down, Hana. Tell us everything. Don't leave anything out." John's calm voice rang out. He appeared more annoyed than worried. After all he had been in the middle of reading a book when she came running in hysterical.

Baby blue eyes swift from Mary to John. Her heart thumping so fast she could swear it'll jump right out of her chest. "A monster. He stood like a man…b-but he had the head of a wolf! His body covered in black fur! His eyes…glowing yellow! His clothes were ripped and I…I think he's a werewolf!" Finally, she stopped shaking once she realized the threat went away.

"Maybe you should rest" Mary grabbed her arm and lead her over to the couch to put her feet up. "Just go to sleep, Honey. We'll talk about this later. Nothing to worry about now." She could see the fear still in her eyes. Mary gently pushed back a couple strains of white hair from Hana's face.

Hana pushed the strains of hair back into place and then laid down on the couch still wearing her shoes. She closed her eyes and let out a long sigh. She could still see that beast in her mind when she closed her eyes.

With Hana on the couch Mary turned to John. He motioned her toward the kitchen out of earshot. Mary followed him into the kitchen.

"I'm sure she's just tired and exhausted from the trip. She just needs to-"

"She needs help. I've never seen her like this before, but I don't want a crazy child. She needs to go to one of those mental hospitals. We'll keep it a secret. No one will find out, Mary. This is for her own good. She's going insane!" John ran a hand through his hair and paced around the room with his hands behind his back.

Mary gasped to hear this coming from John. How could they even think about letting her go to some mental hospital? No telling what would happen to her there. "John! What are you saying! You can't be serious!" The look in his eyes as he shot a glance over to her clearly wasn't that of a joker.

He stopped pacing around the kitchen to turn, facing her. He pulling her into a hug. "Mary. We need to do this for her and ourselves." John knew it'll be difficult for her to accept his decision, but this is his final decision and there's no changing his mind.

After what felt like a minute in his arms Mary pulled away from him. "You need to tell her." It's his choice to go through with the mental hospital. He needs to be the one to tell Hana.

"Of course." John kissed her cheek. He tried to kiss her on the lips, but she moved her head at the last second. It didn't bothered him since he knew she's just angry at his decision. Without another word to Mary he entered the living room. Nearing the couch he could see Hana sleeping. "Hana?" He called out which resulted in her groaning. "Hana?" This time she opened her eyes and looked up at him with sleepy eyes. He could almost imagine her being a child again waking up from a nap. He pushed that thought aside quickly. "We need to talk about this monster."

"I think it's a werewolf." Hana muttered, rubbing the sleep from her eyes. She wanted to drift back to sleep since there she didn't dream about it when she thought she would.

"This werewolf doesn't exist, Hana. Your mother and I have come up with a tough decision. We're…going to send you to a hospital. It's just…you need to get rid of this thought…this fear. You didn't see some monster."

That snapped her out of her sleep and she quickly stood to her feet, almost falling over. "What! You think I'm crazy!" Her thoughts quickly swirled in her mind thinking about what life in a mental hospital would be like. Did anyone even think about her own well being and how being trapped in a hospital where she's forced to undergo therapy and medication would do to her? "I'm not going!"

"It's not your choice! We've decided and that's that." He crossed her arms. Something told him that getting her to that hospital wouldn't be easy. She's too stubborn to go willingly. "I'll call them." He left her alone in the room, passing Mary on the way into the kitchen. John said nothing as he looked for the phonebook in one of the drawers.

The hospital smelled strongly of cleaners. Hana held her nose while a nurse lead them down the hallway. She'd have to get use to the smell. The entire way here she yelled and protested, but that only showed John that they were doing the right thing. Although Hana planned out a way to escape, she knew that wouldn't be possible and tried to think of something else. Hana eyed the patients that they passed all wearing the same white gown.

"See. It doesn't seem so bad here." John patted her on the shoulder, but she increased her speed to get away from him. He didn't seem to notice. When John glanced at Mary, he could see her hand shaking and took her hand in his. "It's fine." John smiled weakly at her. She didn't even look up at him too focused on Hana in front of her.

"And here is you room." The nurse opened the door and stepped to the side so the three could see into Hana's room.

The room looked all too white with the walls and bed sheets white. Hana pulled her hand down to see if the room had a smell to it. The same smell as the rest of the hospital. It must have just been cleaned or has been cleaned too much to get such a strong smell. "I hate it." He mumbled under his breath.

The nurse frowned, turning toward her parents. "We'll keep her locked up at night."

"No!" She shouted. "You can't lock me in!" It's one thing to be forced inside a hospital where she doesn't belong and another thing entirely when she needs to be locked inside the room like a caged animal. "I'm not crazy! I really saw it!"

"Saw what?" A voice started them. Hana turned to see a redhead in white shirt, pants and jacket coming toward him. He carried a clipboard and an expression that made it difficult for her to read.

Everyone stared silent for a little bit. The nurse finally spoke up. "Dr. Temmal. This is your new patient. Hana Valencia. Do you have her paperwork?" She whispered the last part to him since she didn't want to upset Hana more.

Kahz flipped through the papers on his clipboard. He found the information on her and just skimmed through it before holding out his hand to Hana. She didn't shake it and he quickly shook Mary and John's hand. "I'm Dr. Kahz Temmal. It's nice to meet the three of you. I'm sorry, but I have to get going." His eyes caught Hana before he left her alone with the nurse and her parents.

The nurse kept talking, but all Hana could focus on was the doctor. She wondered if he would listen to her and believe that she's not crazy. It's only when Mary hugged her that Hana snapped out of her thoughts. "I'll visit you when I can, Honey. Get well." Mary muttered, kissing Hana's forehead. Mary didn't want to let go of her and when she finally did, tears streamed down her cheeks. John only hugged her and then the two of them left Hana and the nurse behind.

The first day Hana met a couple of other patients, learned the schedule and had a "grand" tour through the building. The tour included the room with padded white walls. Hana just knew that she's trying to scare her and she wouldn't let that happen. She tried not to pay any attention to when the door shut and locked her inside her room. The minutes ticked by slowly until sleep took over.

A knock on the door startled her and she quickly sat up. The clothes she wore before were switched with a white gown. She felt as though she blended into the white room. She didn't say a word and the door opened. Kahz peeked into the room. "You're awake. Good." He pushed his way through the door and stared down at his clipboard.

While he read over everything Hana found herself fixing her hair for some odd reason. It's not like she liked him or at least that's what she kept telling herself. "I would say good morning, but it's not good for me." She replied back after fixing her hair.

This comment brought Kahz to look up from his clipboard. "I'm not surprise. How about you tell me more about this werewolf."

Hana thought about it for a moment. "You don't believe me, do you?" Just another person that thought she's crazy.

"I do believe you." That wasn't enough to convince her, but she didn't have anyone else that said something like this so she decided to force herself to believe him.

"I went to visit my grandma and after I left this thing just followed me. The fangs dripping and I knew he wanted to kill me, so I ran." Hana studied his face to find something that she could see if he believed her. Once again she couldn't read his expression.

"I think I already know what's wrong." Kahz penciled something into the chart. It shocked Hana to think that Kahz knew what's wrong and lied to her that he believed her. "Some trauma in your past has suddenly manifested itself into this beast that you've seen. You might continue to see this monster too. I think some medication-"

Hana didn't let Kahz continue. "I'm not taking any medication! I have no trauma in my life and I didn't just imagine him! He's real and if you don't believe me don't act like it!" She stood to her feet and stormed out of the room. Kahz followed after her.

"You might not think you do, but you could've forgot all about it. I'm only suggesting that you might see it again, Hana. Don't be afraid if you see him again." Just when he said this he realized something. "How do you know it's a he?"

"I just do." Hana didn't really know how and she didn't want to think about it at all. She turned her back on him and left to get something to eat in the kitchen.

The more that Hana thought about it the more she tried to figure out if Kahz's right. When she spotted the monster again, this time she didn't run away just as Kahz said. She didn't react even when it walked toward her. Instead she closed her eyes and when she opened them again the monster wasn't in front of her. As she tried to figure out what it could be she recalled a memory She father. The monster had been her father back when she was a young child and he use to beat her. She pushed those thoughts so far back. Now that she's older he doesn't do that anymore, but it happened all the time when she was young.

She went to find Kahz, founding him walking down the hall. "I figured it out." She then told him everything about being young and abused. How her mother use to leave her alone with him and he beat her for a number of reasons. She then hugged him. "I'm sorry I doubted you."

He wrapped his arms around her. "Don't be, Hana. Don't be. I'll help you now."

Author Notes: Hana and Kahz aren't my characters. This was a writing request on Gaia for unimole. I created Mary, John and the unknown nurse. This plot is also my own and was inspired by Little Red Riding Hood.