"..So I hear that there's a new trucker joining Shortland Truckers." A plump man with a red beard announced to the skinny man with the green hat beside him.

"What's his name?" The skinny man asked.


"Satchel?" The skinny man with the green hat repeated. "I've never heard of a man named Satchel before. I wonder what he looks like. I'm sure he's gonna get a fine trucker's name."

"All I do know, Spits, is that this 'Satchel' is from Nevada and worked for some other trucking company for a short time. Well hello there, little lady. What is someone as well dressed as yourself doing here?"

A woman with short, curly blonde hair (It atleast went down to the top of her neck) had walked up to the truckers. She was about twenty-two or three years of age, wore a white button up top, a black pencil skirt, black pumps, and held a black briefcase in her hands.

"I'm looking for a.." She pulled down her sleeve and looked at her wrist. "Mr. James Shortland?"

"I wonder who would want to see Mr. Shortland?" Spits wondered outloud.

"I'm applying for a job." She told them.

"Shortland must be getting a new secratary.. I'm Gas Gage and this here is Spits." He shook her hand. "What's your name?"

"Margo Satchel."

The men gasped. "Your Satchel?"

Margo nodded.

"Well.. Good luck little lady." Gas Gage tried to say sincerly as she walked away to enter the main building. When she was out of ear shot, they began to laugh.

"Spits did you see her shoes?"

"Haha, yeah! How does she expect to drive with those on?"

"If she's even fit to drive without them!"



Margo sat down before another plump man in an office that could use cleaning up.

"Ms. Satchel." He greeted.

"Mr. Shortland." She greeted back while opening up her briefcase to take out her resume, which she held out to him.

He took it in one hand and proped his head up with the other. "Hmm.. You've worked for this other trucking company before, yes?" He asked, pointing to her trucker's license and a spot on her resume.

"Yes." Margo said. "But I was never allowed to actually drive my truck for discriminatory reasons."

"Hmm.." Mr. Shortland said once more. "How long did you work there, Ms. Satchel?"

"Two years." She replied.

"And how many wheels does your truck have?"

"Eighteen." She answered.

"And is your truck registered in Texas?"


"Did you have a trucker name back at your old company?"


"Congratulations, Ms. Satchel." He shook her hand. "You are now officially a trucker at Shortland Truckers."

"That's all?" She asked, in disbelief. "No catch?"

Mr. Shortland laughed. "No catch! Now, we won't be getting any oversize loads until tomorrow." He handed Margo her resume back, which she put back in her brief case. However she had a hard time closing it. "..So go mingle with the other truckers while you still can!"

"Very well, sir." Margo left the office.