I love it when we have afternoon tea.

Don't get me wrong, I actually hate tea, (I think it's horrid) but afternoon tea is great if it is all about cupcakes and cookies and hot chocolate.

This time something wonderful happened.

My sister of choice Krystal was there, talking to her mom and her aunty while I was picking off the icing from my cupcake. It's not that I don't like icing, I just don't like this particular icing. It kinda tastes like plastic!

Anyway I was sort of in my own little world, picking at the icing and tweeting some of my followers when I realised they were talking really quiet, like.

Not really whispering, just quiet and private.

They didn't see me starting to pay attention, and they kept talking.

Oh my god, I think I know what they're talking about!

They're saying things like "I'm pretty sure it's a girl" and "I'll borrow a baby name book from her" and "I like the names Mary Jane and Johanna"

I tweeted that I thought I was going to become an aunty. I was super excited, but so far wasn't letting anyone else know what I was guessing.

My followers asked how I thought I knew, and when I told them, they agreed with me!

I picked at my cupcake a bit longer.

I wanted to tell that I knew, but I didn't want them to think I was eavesdropping.

I started to smoosh the icing into a ball, and then rolled it around.

It was pink icing.

I smooshed it a bit more, then I made it look like a pacifier.

Krystal's mom noticed. She picked it up and smiled at me.

"Maddie, did you over hear what we were talking about?"

I gave her the most innocent smile I could. "I was on my iPad. I wasn't really listening" I answered.

Well, Krystal's mom looked at Krystal, then at her sister, Krystal's aunt. They both nodded.

Krystal put her hands on the table and smiled at me. "I'm having a baby. I think it's a girl. "You're going to be an aunty, Maddie!"

I screamed! I was so happy!

I was going to be an Aunty!

I ran around to her side of the table and grabbed her, we hugged so hard!

"You don't look pregnant!" I know, dumb thing to say, but I was still so surprised.

"I don't show yet, but I am defiantly having a baby. Are you happy?"

"Happy?" I gave her a mean look. "No, I'm not happy"

I changed my look to the biggest smile you could ever see. "I am over the moon excited! This is the best news ever!"

Krystal pulled a chair out so I could sit next to her. "Please don't tell your dad yet" she asked me "I want to see his face when I tell him. I want it to be a surprise!"

"I promise" I said. I pulled over my iPad. "Can I tweet this? It's really AWESOME news!"

Krystal nodded. "Yeah, sure, you can tweet it. I'm as excited as you are!"

Well, you guessed it, I tweeted it to all of my followers and everyone was super excited and happy for me.

I can't believe it!

I'm going to be an Aunty!

I can't wait to play with the baby, Krystal says I can help look after her, and even babysit.

How cool is that?

Wait, babysit?

I don't know much about babies.

I guess I'll have to learn.

Things will be strange, I guess. Like, I don't know, changing diapers?

How will I know how to do that?

Now I'm getting worried.

What if they leave the baby with me and something happens, you know, what if something goes wrong?

What if I go out to the balcony while she is sleeping and get stuck out there?

I'm not sure this is all as exciting as I first thought.

I was only five when Abby was born, I can't remember much about all the things that you have to do around babies.

I do remember she used to cry a lot.

Night and day.

And sometimes she would vomit.

In fact, she would vomit, a lot. And it would go everywhere.

And when she dirtied her diapers, well, that was gross.

Super gross.

It was fun, though, when Abby's mom let me give her a bottle.

And help bath her. She used to love to be bathed.

And yeah. I remember when she could crawl, she used to get into mischief, but she was easy to watch, and you just had to make sure noting was in reach that she could hurt herself on.

And how funny she was when she started to walk. She'd fall on her butt, and then laugh about it.

She didn't cry much then. In fact, I remember her being fun.

And funny.

She started to talk and that was super cute, the way she would say stuff, and ask for juice, and the funny way she would say my name.

And the cute clothes you could dress her in...

Maybe I'm not so worried anymore.

Maybe this will be fun.

I can teach her so much, I can be more like a big sister than an auntie!

Yeah, I think it will be fun.

I'm excited again.

I can't wait.

I might just Google some things about babies, though...

Just to be prepared.

I'm not looking forward to that. I don't know how to do it, either.