You guys know I have a bike, right? I mean, if you follow me on twitter, or have read my story "Adventure Around" about cycling around the world, you'd know I had a bike.

I'm not a bad rider, I admit I haven't been riding for that long, but I do ride a lot, and I'm getting better all the time.

I've even decided I'm going to try another around the world trip on my bike, so I guess I'm pretty confident that I can ride well.

But, see, this funny thing happened.

Well, not so funny.

I decided to have a try on my sister of choice Debbie's bike. Debbie is older than me, and her bike is bigger. Not a lot bigger, but still, it is not the same as mine.

I was going quite well, too! She was riding my bike beside me, and we had gone one circle of the park and about to start another.

That's when things went wrong.

This huge dog came running up, right up to the bike, and jumped up on me. I think he was just looking for a pat, he didn't try to bite me or anything, but you see, he was huge.


Big enough to push me off the bike.

We were on the high side so when I fell off, I went rolling.

All the way down the hill.

All the way.

At the bottom of the hill is a pond. Don't laugh.

I ended up in the pond, covered in mud, water, reeds, leaves, you name it.

And my arm hurt so bad.

Debbie ran down to get me, and the owner of the dog was there, too, he was really, really sorry, but that didn't help.

I couldn't help but cry, my arm hurt so much, and the water stunk, and I had muck in my hair, it was terrible!

It's hard to remember exactly what happened next, I was hurting pretty bad, I'd bumped my head and nothing was really making sense.

The man with the dog carried my home, it was a long way but he carried me the whole way there. I know my caregiver gave me a bath, and washed my hair, I can't remember much of this but I do remember I was crying, and everything looked funny.

Next thing I knew I was at the ER at the hospital.

I was in my pyjamas and dressing gown, and my head was feeling fuzzy, sort of like when you have a really, really bad cold, and my arm was killing me.

I felt like it was hard to breathe it hurt so bad.

The ER nurse came over and touched my forehead. She asked me something, but it was weird, it was like I couldn't understand her.

I also kept coughing. I don't know why.

Next thing I remember is getting a shot. That hurt. I hate shots.

It made me feel very sleep, and even though my caregiver was holding me up straight and trying to keep me awake, I fell asleep.

Well, when I woke up next, I was lying in a hospital bed, my arm was in plaster, I had an IV drip in my arm and a bandage on my head. My tongue felt fuzzy and my head felt too big.

I didn't have on my own pyjamas, either, but a white hospital gown.

Nothing hurt, but everything was kinda, I dunno, strange? Maybe there was something in the IV, but I couldn't even sit up without my head spinning.

A nurse came into the room and smiled when she saw I was awake.

"How are you, Madeline?" she asked me.

I tried to answer but my mouth was so dry I couldn't speak. She handed me a glass of ice water with a pink bendy straw. I have to tell you, that water tasted about the best I think any drink could taste!

"Maddie" I finally said. "Everyone calls me Maddie"

"Hmm" said the nurse. "I'd better fix up your chart, then!" She put a funny thing around my arm and pumped it with a bulby thing, she told me this was a blood pressure cuff, and she was checking my 'vitals'. She checked my heart and then looked in my eyes with a tiny flashlight.

"Can you tell me your full name, Maddie?" she asked me. I told her. She asked me lots of questions, like my birthday, what day it was, my address and stuff.

Then she asked me if I knew where I was.

"I'm in the hospital, aren't I?" She nodded.

"Do you remember how you got here?"

I told her about my bike accident. "How long have I been here?" I asked her.

"You came in late yesterday afternoon. We gave you a shot for the pain and it made you sleepy."

I was shocked. I had been here the whole night?

The nurse explained that I had not been asleep the whole time, but that I had a concussion. I had been waking and sleeping on and off, but couldn't remember it.

She told me that I should be all right with my memory now, but that the water had been so dirty in the pond, and I had swallowed some, so they were going to keep me for a few days to make sure my head was okay, and that they could keep giving me medicine through the IV tube into my arm to stop me getting an infection.

That counted for my arm, too, I had broken it pretty badly, apparently the bone had gone right through my skin! They said it was good my care giver had gotten the pond muck off by bathing me, but that some germs may have made their way in, so the more medicine, the better.

She told me she would get the doctor to talk to me when he came passed, and my caregiver said she would be in after breakfast.

It was six thirty right now, breakfast would be at seven am.

The nice nurse left and I was alone. There was a TV on the wall opposite my bed and a remote on my side table, so I turned this on. Morning cartoons. That was good.

So far this hospital thing seemed okay. I was in a nice warm bed, nothing hut at all, I mean nothing!

I had a TV all to myself, iced water, and I would be getting breakfast in bed in half an hour!

I ask you, what was wrong with that?

Well, about ten minutes later, I found out.

I needed to go to the bathroom. How could I go to the bathroom with this thing on my arm? It was tied to the side of the bed in a couple of places, and attached to a tall stand.

I'm not silly, I've seen movies and TV shows where people walk around with these things on a stand, but mine was tied down!

I really, really needed to go!

Just when I thought I couldn't hold on any longer this cleaning lady came in, she was mopping the floor.

She seemed nice, she smiled at me, and I told her my problem.


She didn't speak English.

But she did walk around to the other side of my bed, to the bedside table, and handed me a call a button for the nurse.

Of course!

I should have thought of that!

Let's blame my concussion, okay?

I buzzed the nurse and she was there so quick I hadn't even put the call button back down.

She told me because I had hurt my head I was on 'special watch' and they would come to me before anyone else.


She untied my IV stand and gave me paper slippers to wear so I could go to my own little private bathroom.

It was embarrassing, but she wouldn't leave me alone. In the end I was glad, coz I was super dizzy and had trouble staying up straight. She helped me on the toilet, then she helped me shower, and gave me a clean gown until my care giver could come in with some clothes for me.

I had to wear paper undies.

They were weird, kinda see through and scratchy.

Better than a bare butt, though!

Breakfast was arriving as the nurse helped me back in bed, and she told me I was not to get out of bed, for any reason, unless I had someone with me. She also got a special step to help me in and out of the bed, as it was very high.

My breakfast was fantastic. There was scrambled eggs, bacon, pancakes and syrup, hash browns, orange juice and chocolate milk.

I couldn't eat much, it was strange, but I felt really tired after just going to the bathroom.

The next thing I knew my care giver was there talking to a nurse. I must have fallen asleep!

They helped me put on my own underwear and pyjamas, threading the IV bag through the sleeve as I started to get my arm through.

That made me tired again, and I lay down with my head propped on the pillow but I didn't go to sleep. The nurse showed me how I could make the bed go up and down, and make the top bit sit up so it was like a chair, making it easier to eat and watch TV.

I asked my caregiver where my dad was.

You see, he's an actor, and he often has to travel to work. He was filming a movie in Canada in the mountains.

They call that 'on location'. Trouble with 'on location' is that they can't get reception for their cell phones, so my dad doesn't even know I'm here!

My caregiver had brought in my iPad and a great big bunch of flowers, and a box of candy for later.

She was talking to me as I fell asleep. I don't know if that was because of my concussion or the medicine, but boy, I just was so tired!

I woke up next when a sweet, tiny little lady brought me a chocolate milkshake for morning tea, and some cookies. She was so tiny, I don't think she was any taller than me! Her name was Henrietta and she said she was from the Philippines. I liked her.

She showed me the menu for the next day and explained I got to fill out what I wanted for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, by ticking the boxes. They left these every day, and you chose the next day's meal from the list.

Henrietta told me she had chosen my meals for today, but I could choose whatever I wanted for the next day.

She filled it in for me coz of my broken arm, which was starting to hurt.

So far I had been lucky, nothing at all had hurt, but now it was starting to throb.

Thrah rump, thrah rump, every time my heart beat it did another throb.

I buzzed the nurse.

First she helped me to the bathroom, then she injected some medicine into my IV to stop the hurting.

I could feel it going into my arm, it didn't hurt, but it was cold.

Good medicine, that. I slept until Henrietta was patting my hand, telling me that my lunch was there. She sat the bed up and pulled over the tray table.

I like that table. I want one at home. You pull it over and you can eat right in bed. Cool.

Lunch was a chicken salad sandwich, Jell-O and custard and juice. It was all nice.

I wanted to have a bit of a go on my iPad but the battery was flat, and I didn't want to bother the nurse with that, so I turned on the TV.

They didn't have cable connected so there wasn't much on, just some boring day time TV shows that old ladies would watch and talk shows about girls getting pregnant and dropping out of school.


My head was still fuzzy, and my arm, while it wasn't exactly hurting any more, was still thumping a bit.

I was a bit tired but I didn't think I could sleep again, so I picked up the call button for the nurse.

It had a button on there that said 'door'.

I pressed it and the door locked.

I pressed it again and the door unlocked.


It was a room remote as well as a nurse caller!

I opened the curtains, and was glad that I did.

There was a beautiful garden outside my window.

There were flower beds and fountains, paths and trees with seats under them where you could rest and have shade from the sun.

There was a play set with a slide, a climbing frame and swings.

There was the most wonderful looking sand pit where a little boy was playing, a mom was with him, and on a bench under a stripy umbrella was sitting an older man and lady, holding hands.

I wanted to go out there!

I watched people as they walked around the garden, some holding hands, some just on their own, sometimes a patient pushing their IV stand along the path, or sitting on a bench under a tree, or on the soft green grass.

I must have fallen asleep again, and I dreamed of walking on that path and sitting on that grass, until a little hand was shaking my good arm.

It was Abby, my little sister of choice! She had come into visit me with her mom and dad, and Debbie and Danny.

They brought in more flowers, a card that Abby made (it is so cute!) and a nice store bought one.

They also brought me in my iPod and my favourite book, and a writing pad, a drawing pad and my pencil case.

We talked for a little while and Abby was very impressed with the room remote, she turned the lights on and off, made the bed go up and down and even called the nurse!

The nurse wasn't mad as her, she need to take my 'vitals' again, and that made Abby happy, watching her take my temperature, blood pressure and checking my eyes and heartbeat.

My caregiver told me that no one could get hold of my dad yet, but they had managed to get hold of the production company and left him a message as soon as they could get reception.

He was up a mountain, so there was no way anyone could contact him just yet.

This made me sad, but the hospital was nice, and I was enjoying being in bed with my meals brought to me.

They stayed for a while, my caregiver and her family, right through my afternoon tea which was another milkshake and cookies, Henrietta was so nice she brought extra for Debbie, Danny and Abby so we could all share.

I let everyone sign my cast. I liked that.

Danny drew a cool picture like a tattoo.

They left just before dark, Danny had plugged in my iPad so now at least I could tweet!

My dinner was nice, it was spaghetti, and I had pie for desert, a juice box and cookies. Gee, they give you a lot of food in the hospital!

A nurse came around to check on me and help me to the bathroom, this was a different nurse, she explained she did the night shift, and she helped me brush my teeth and wash my face.

It was strange, feeling so wobbly, but she told me that would stop after a couple of days.

My arm was hurting again so she gave me a shot straight into my IV and I was asleep pretty soon after that.


The next morning I woke up and I was BURSTING!

I pressed the buzzer but the nurse didn't come, and I couldn't hang on.

I grabbed my IV stand and hopped onto the little step but I couldn't balance and I fell over.

The nurse came into my room just then and she picked me up in her arms and took me to the toilet.

She told me off, as well, said she would rather I wet the bed than try to go alone anywhere because I could hurt myself if I fell over again.

I started to cry, and she hugged me and said sorry, she was just worried that I might get hurt again and that wouldn't be very nice.

She helped me shower and explained she had been late coming to my call because she had a very sick baby in another room she was looking after.

I understood, and I felt bad that I had made her feel bad.

She told me not to be silly, and tucked me back in bed with my fresh pyjamas on, and pulled over my tray table so I could use my iPad on it until my breakfast came.

Henrietta didn't serve the breakfast, it was a really chubby lady named Rosie, and she was terrific! She gave me my breakfast and then got on a chair and flicked a switch at the back of the TV. I had cable now!

I ate my breakfast then after a while the nurse came back to help me brush my teeth and check my vitals again, and she gave me some more pain killers, but not so much this time.

I was able to stay awake, watching TV, until morning tea time. Henrietta was there, she had brought me in some puzzle books to do. That was really sweet!

The day passed pretty much like the last one, only I didn't sleep as much. I watched the people outside, I tweeted, I wrote a story and I did some of the puzzles Henrietta had given me.

You know, apart from having to get someone to take you to the bathroom, being in hospital was almost like being on holiday!

In the afternoon my caregiver came again with her family, they still hadn't gotten hold of my dad but the production company told her he was expected back from the mountain later tonight.

She also brought a marvellous surprise; I had a massive box of things from school!

There were cards that everyone in my class had made for me, teddy bears, pictures, letters and all sorts of cool stuff!

Debbie had tape and hung up my cards and pictures on the wall, Abby and Danny arranged my flowers and Teddy bears on a shelf on the wall under the TV.

This was better than cool!

They stayed for ages and promised to come back the next day.

My dinner came just as they were walking out the door, and Henrietta couldn't believe all of the things I had received, and I let her sign my cast as well.

I watched TV some, I guess I was sad, not seeing my dad when I was in hospital was the only thing spoiling my stay here.

I wondered how he would feel when he found out what had happened.

I know he'd be upset, he doesn't like anything to happen to me.

I fell asleep with the TV on, the night nurse turned it off when she came to help me brush my teeth and wash my face.

She gave me something to help me sleep again, I was feeling pretty bad that my daddy wasn't here.

The next day I didn't have to buzz the nurse, she was here before I even woke up, and made sure I used the toilet, showered and was tucked back up in bed before my breakfast came.

I was feeling a lot less woozy, she said that was a good sign, I probably would be able to go home in a couple of days if I kept getting better every day.

When she took my temperature she said I had a mild fever and would send the doctor in later.

She signed my cast before she left.

The doctor came in just before lunch time, and he was a little bit worried about my fever, but told me they would adjust my medicine and I should be fine.

He signed my cast, too, and drew a cool picture of John Lennon.

After lunch I watched the people in the garden again, and I felt sad. I missed my daddy.

He would love that garden. It would be so cool to sit under a tree with him and watch the children play.

I sort of cried, a little. You know how you just have tears on your face, but no sound?

Anyway, I guess I fell asleep.

I dreamt my dad was there, and we were walking through the garden.

When I woke up I was confused.

I thought I was still asleep.

Coz there, sitting in the armchair beside my bed, was my daddy!

He gave me the biggest hug, and he started to cry!

He told me how worried he had been, when he had come down from the mountain and the production assistant told him I had an accident, and that he made that assistant drive him straight to the airport, speeding, and he caught the first flight here.

He wiped his eyes and sat back down.

Just seeing my daddy cry made me cry.

I told him all about the crash off the bike, and everything that had happened since then.

While I was telling him that a delivery guy came in with about the biggest bunch of flowers I had ever seen, there were several balloons tied to it all saying things like "Sorry" and "Get well soon".

There was this really nice card, and a letter explaining that this was all from the owner of the dog that had knocked me off the bike.

Dad had dinner with me in the hospital, Henrietta turned out to be a big fan of his and brought him a meal all of his own, and she couldn't stop giggling and blushing when she was around him.

Dad helped me to the bathroom to brush my teeth, I was so steady now I could do this all by myself.

He held my hand while I fell asleep, and when I woke up in the morning he was still there, still holding my hand.

He hadn't gone home. He told me he wasn't going to leave me alone in the hospital.

I showered all by myself, I was feeling so much better, and this time when the nurse came around to take my vitals she took out the IV, she said if I continued to improve I might be able to go home!

She said it was okay to go out into the garden and showed us the way.

It was as nice outside as I thought it would be, daddy and I walked around the paths, we looked at the flowers and sat on the grass.

The one thing I didn't know was that this garden was set four stories up, on the roof of the hospital car park!

That was amazing!

We went inside at lunch time and Henrietta brought dad a meal as well, and then the doctor came by.

He was happy with the way I was, so he said I could go home.

That made my dad real happy, he packed up all of my stuff into a box and took it to the car, then he came back for me.

I had enjoyed being in hospital, I know you all might think that was crazy, but it was fun!

I mean, I had my own room, a room remote, a beautiful garden outside of my window, meals in bed, cable TV, nice hospital staff, visitors and presents, I mean, apart from being woozy I hardly had any pain (the medicine was always right nearby) and everyone treated me so nice!

Missing by dad was the only bad thing, but in the end he got here and stayed the whole night with me.

Well, at least I know if I have to go back to hospital again, I won't be scared!

Now, who wants to sign my cast?