I thought she was the crazy one for being on the subway at nearly two in the morning. But then again I was on the subway at nearly two in the morning. Except I wasn't the one wearing a huge as wedding dress at nearly two in the morning on the subway. And yet by some weird twist of fate my outfit ended up being the embarrassing one.

"Noelle?" I ask, squinting a bit to see if I'm actually processing this correctly.

She sadly looks at me, "Hi Thayer."

I make a thoroughly confused face and approach her. Although it's a huge, lacey, frilly dress she still looks beautiful and the dress is pretty.

I feel my cheeks warm up a bit.

She always did have a way of making me feel insecure.

I glanced down at my white wife beater and rather slim black and white striped Adidas pants. I wiggled my toes in my black socks that poked out from my matching Adidas slides.

I was invited to her wedding, but apparently I wasn't the only one that didn't want to go.

"So tell me, did he leave you or is it the other way around?"

She sighs, "I don't know."

No I'm even more confused.

I sit down next to her, but far enough so I don't sit on her dress. She gathers the material in her arms and I scoot closer.

"Tell Thayer all about it."

She gives me a small smile, "You don't have to listen."

"I asked, so naturally I want to listen."

She lightly chuckles and her big brown eyes sparkle. I'm not sure if it's because she wants to cry or because her eyes are just sparkling.

"Well," She starts, "I was getting nervous, so Christian came to talk to me-you know to calm my nerves. He just kept saying things, and it felt like he was telling me that if I didn't want to do this then I didn't have to. But you know Christian. He's perfect and just so nice and would want me to be happy no matter what. I told him that I was fine and he left to go to the alter. It's an arguable statement, but in a way he talked me out of marrying him…but I was the one who physically left. And our wedding was way out of the city along with the reception so I found my way back here and have just been sitting on the subway."

Noelle turns her head to look at me. I had rested my elbows on my knees and folded my hands together.

"You left him Noelle." I decide.

"No no we left each other." She tries to reason.

"You keep thinking that." I chuckle, "But I thought you wanted to get married?"

I of course wouldn't really know.

I had met Noelle Jackson in high school and half the time she'd say how much she loves weddings, and then the other half she'd say how much she doubted that she'd ever get married. It was hard to tell, but from Hanson I figured that marriage was really something she wanted.

She always had these long running jokes; like whenever she lost all hope in being good at math she'd say how she'd drop out of school and become a trophy wife.

There were always those hidden meanings and half-truths to her jokes though.

"My parents want me to get married. And I guess I do too but never really for love. I just always hated the idea of being alone forever. Marriage wasn't exactly a requirement."

"Well I'll marry you."

Confusion and surprise crosses her face, "What?"

"I'll marry you. Or better yet, will you marry me?"

She smiles, but still looks confused, "Are you serious?"

"Yeah. I mean we aren't exactly close, but we could get married. You already have a dress on. That way you don't have to be alone and neither do I. We can be alone…together." I give her a reassuring smile.


"Really?" My voice rises a bit due to how quickly she agreed. But in high school though she was always up to some shenanigans and schemes, so I guess I shouldn't be surprised.

"If you're being serious-"

"I am." I smile, "It's kind of funny."

"What's kind of funny?" She asks. Her pretty peachy lips press together a bit.

"Remember when you asked me if I'd ever marry you in high school?"

She remembers, laughs and nods her head, "And you said no."

She bites her lip and we sit in comfortable silence for a bit.

"It's not that I didn't like you." I pick up our previous conversation.

"Oh yeah?"

"I just liked to bug you."

Her lips curve into a smile and I return it.

"Well thanks."

"So off to the court house?"

"I guess so." She breaths as she rests her head against my shoulder.

I say that I was impulsive would be a lie.

I didn't do these types of things, but I know that Noelle does.

Somehow though after seeing her in her dress and after hearing her little story I couldn't help but ask her to marry me.

It wasn't like she was a stranger to me.

I never thought about getting married, Hell I never thought I'd be in a long committed relationship, but being married to Noelle didn't seem like such a bad idea.

She wasn't the lovely dovey type that thrived on the idea of being in love. She was the type of girl who broke hearts without any care of remorse and just liked to be with people. She swore that she just wasn't capable of love.

And even though I never admitted it we both knew that I was just like her.

Except guys threw themselves at her and girls were less…open about their affections for me.

On occasions girls would try to ask me out, but otherwise they weren't all over me. Marigold always said it was because I seemed too cold and nonchalant about things, and that girls didn't like rejection.

I usually shrugged off the idea anyway.

"I can't believe that I'm actually here!"

Marigold shouts in awe and excitement.

"I'm the witness to your odd random wedding."

"Bitch you're the other, less fabulous witness." Eric walks into the courthouse and smiles. He gives us all a hug.

"Right Eric because no one is as fabulous as you." Marigold quips.

"Damn straight. And no one is as sexy as me." He grins from ear to ear, "Now let's get this wedding over with.

I felt slightly embarrassed since I was the one so very underdressed.

Noelle was in her wedding dress, while Eric and Marigold were also dressed up seeing as how they both were to attend Noelle's wedding. Eric was running late, but didn't bother going out to the wedding since Noelle had ran away before he even left his apartment. Marigold and Sara had left the wedding to find her.

Eric falls behind so he's next to me. He pats my back and looks at me, "Damn Thayer, my best friend is getting married. To Noelle Jackson no less."

I shrug, but smile, "At least I'm getting married."

"That is true." He says before we all quite down.

Eric has been my self-proclaimed best friend back when we met in our freshman year of high school. I don't disagree, but he's far more affection than I am and shows his love for me.

I'm not really an affectionate person.

Eric is this tall, sassy, silly guy with a big heart. Girls love him and he loves all of them girls, but he doesn't date either. It's hard for girls to keep his interest and it's hard for any to catch mine.

"So do you, Thayer Carson Wymer, take Noelle Winifred Jackson as your lawful wedded wife?"

"I do." I state calmly.

"And do you, Noelle Winifred Jackson, take Thayer Carson Wymer as your lawful wedded husband?"

"I do." She states both surprised and firmly.

She plays around with my fingers and I just look at her amused.

"Do you two happen to have rings? Well I see that Noelle here has a rather large diamond on her finger." The justice of the peace comments. He's this kind light hearted old man and somehow he makes this whole situation seem like a walk in the park.

Noelle makes a face and slips her old engagement ring off. Marigold takes it and hands her another ring. Eric pulls out a ring and hands it to me as well.

Noelle and I share a confused look but oblige.

"We've got your backs." Eric winks causing everyone to laugh.

I turn the ring Eric gave to me in my hand a few times. It's this thin braided silver band that's nothing compared to the huge rock Christian got her, but it's pretty and cute. Just like Noelle.

I take her small slender hands and slide the ring onto the designated finger. She smiles and chews on her bottom lip. She takes my hand and slides a plain silver wedding band onto my finger and it fits likes a glove.

It's simple and all I could ever want.

"Aren't you two cute," the man notes, "Well you may now kiss the bride."

I'm not sure if I should kiss her on the lips or what, because it's not like we've been in a relationship up until now.

I mentally shrug and put my hand on her jaw, my thumb caressing her cheek. I give her a light feathery peck and Noelle smiles. She stretches and kisses my nose causing me to smile too.

I could definitely get used to my new wife.


I'm tired.

Let me know what you think though! XX