Lightning Crashes

It's like a revelation.
It burns through you
And you can't help but feel,
For all of a second,
Like you're drowning.
Like there's a horrible sinking
In the pit of your chest.
Like your lungs filled with water,
Like your head caved in.

It's like a cyclone,
It's like thunder,
It's like a storm raging
And you can't stop it –
Because it's weather
And it just happens.
You can't change the weather
Just like you can't predict this.

You can't predict how love goes,
The way it works
And then it just doesn't anymore.
The way love doesn't mean love anymore
But giving everything you can
And a little bit more
And praying that it's enough –
Even when you know
It never is.

But really seeing it,
Seeing that he doesn't love you,
It's like a revelation,
The worst one possible.
But that's disappointment, isn't it?
Doing everything right
And still getting burned.
It means you weren't good enough
But you knew that all along.

So why are you still sitting there
And pretending there was a chance?
You don't get to drown –
You didn't lose anything.

But, maybe it wasn't love.
You've heard it said that love is like lightning.
Someone said that, didn't they?
Said that it burns through you
And everything buzzes
And suddenly you feel like
Everything all at once.
When you kiss it's like explosions,
Like fireworks in July,
Like the world tilts from its axis
And lands at your feet.
It's like lightning crashing,
Or at least, that's what you heard.
You wouldn't know.
No one's ever loved you back.

Here's the revelation, Darling,
Stop drowning.
There's no point in it.
You're just wasting your time.
Outside your window
There is a storm raging,
Winds are howling
Trees are shaking,
And lighting crashes
But not on you.

You know,
Some people would be thankful for that last one.