Hi! There wasn't enough room in the summary space, but this is technically a sequel to Losing Faith. It'd be great if you could read that first, but it's not absolutely important. I think I cover at least the important parts in this one, but it may be important as you get closer to the end. Anyway, thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy!

Chapter 1:

"Here we are, my favorite part of the park. The Rose Garden." And a Rose Garden it was. Hundreds of rose bushes lining paths around them were blooming brightly in a rainbow of beautiful roses colored by Disney magic. Though the crowded street they came from was only a few meters away, it suddenly felt like the entire park was empty except for the two of them. The lights and crowds thinned until the only light was from the lanterns that lit the paths from above and the only sound was from the soft music played in the background.

"I heard this place used to be a swan boat ride. This was the loading platform. I don't really know why they took it out. They never did anything with it. But, no one ever comes down here now and, I mean, it couldn't have been that hard to maintain." He shook his head. "Sorry, I'm rambling again. I figured we could just relax here and wait for the crowds to send out a little before we try to leave."

The pair sat awkwardly on the bench by the water; their attention searching for something to talk about to break the silence. They listened to the waterfall that now trickled down to the pond due to the assorted change that so many park guests and thrown into the water. They watched as, across the way, hundreds of people were escorted out of the park by cast members with glowing rod shaped flashlights. And, of course, they listened to the music that softly played Disney romance songs in the background.

"Oh look, ducks!" She said, trying to break the tension. She pointed to a mother duck leaving their babies into the water for swim. The mother looked up at them as if to say 'I'll just take them and leave you two alone for a while'.

Sarah found herself wondering why they come down here. Surely he would've realized that this would create a strange atmosphere. Even if it was a nice, quiet area, it was maybe a bit too quiet.

"Sarah, listen. I know a lot has happened between us, and I know we are just friends, but I need to ask. Will you marry me?"