This is scene between Hiro and his human turned kitty Omaki. This is a oneshot of the two called chocolate daze. Hiro buys omaki a chocolate bar then they go back to Hiro's apartment. You can already guess what happens when chocolate is involved with this loveable couple. How this one shot is set up. The two have been dating. Omaki was born into a rich family and so was Hiro. Omaki was born with cat ears and tail. Maybe I'll turn this into a story who knows. It's up to you guys. Well , enough chit chat, to the story!

Chocolate Daze: It's just one of those days... It's amazing what chocolate does to people

Warning: Any reproduction of this story shall lead you in a room with Viana if you haven't read the original 'Neko Omaki'. Also Yaoi lemon ahead, meaning BxB smex. No likey no ready no flamey, thankey.

"This chocolate is good Hiro-chan!" Omaki said as he took another bite of the hershey bar. "Really? Let me try." Hiro said as he kissed Omaki. Their tongues fought as the piece of chocolate was moved around in their mouths. "I-if you wanted some you could have taken a piece." Omaki said as their lips parted leaving a trail of saliva. "Maybe I just don't want a piece." Hiro said kissing Omaki's forehead. Omaki blushed, but before he could retort, Hiro picked him up and brought him to their shared bed. Hiro kissed him more and started to unbutton Omaki's shirt. "H-hiro-chan... my chocolates melting." Omaki whined. Hiro thought for a moment then a devilish smile spread itself across his face. He grabbed the chocolate out of Omaki's hand and spread it on his now exposed chest. Omaki moaned as Hiro's fingers touched his heated skin. "H-hiro..." he moaned again. Hiro smirked at the feline. He then began to lick off the chocolate. Omak arched his back with a moan. It felt so good. He didn't know there were more uses for a tongue besides eating (but eating what? wink wink).

Hiro looked up at Omaki as he continued to lick more of the chocolate off of his chest. There was love and lust in the moaning feline's eyes. He flicked his tongue on Omaki's already hard nipples, then closed his mouth around it. This got Omaki in a moaning frenzy. Once all of the chocolate was licked away, Hiro kissed up to Omaki's neck. He bit the honey flavored skin leaving a mark to show that the little feline was his. "M-my moooom wouldn't like that Hiro-chan." Omaki managed to moan out. "Well your mom has to deal with it. And so does mine." Hiro replied biting his again. He licked the spot incase he hurt Omaki this time. He then sat up and stared at his shirtless beauty.

After getting the rest of Omaki's clothes off, Hiro used the rest of the melted chocolate to cover Omaki's hard on. "Oh no Hiro not there not- aaah!" Omaki moaned louder than ever as Hiro's mouth engulfed his chocolate covered cock. He reflexively lifted his hips. Hiro held his hips down as he sucked Omaki, also licking up the chocolate. Omaki's tail flicked giving Hiro another idea. He stopped sucking Omaki then grabbed his tail. "Hiro what are you-" but his sentence was cut off as he gasped. Hiro started sucking Omaki's tail while he moved his hand up and down the shaft. Omaki's body shook with pleasure as Hiro did this. "Hiro I feel weird." he said between pants. "Is it bad?" Hiro asked. "N-no, this feels good. I mean it feels like somethings coming from the pit of my stomach." Hiro smiled. "Then thats a good feeling." he replied, quickening his pace. Hiro stopped what he was doing to Omaki's tail then deep throated the dark haired male. "H-hiro it feels like its getting closer." Omaki cried. "It's ok Omaki. Don't hold it in." at his words, Omaki came with a grunt of Hiro's name. His whole body shook with his orgasm.

Omaki panted trying to get his breathing under control so he can talk to Hiro. "T-that felt good." he said. "Oh we're not done yet." Omaki lifted his head to look at Hiro. "W-we're not?" he asked. "Oh that was just the beginning." Omaki let his head drop onto the bed with a sigh. A chocolatey smell filled the room. "Wah?" "Chocolate scented lube my friend." Hiro replied. "Just relax ok? It'll help, trust me." He said. Omaki nodded his head and relaxed as much as he could. He gasped as a finger entered him. It hurt alittle. "Just relax." Hiro said again as he ran his other hand through Omaki's hair then scratched between his ear. He nodded again but used his tail to block his eyesight. Hiro kissed him on his cheek and began to thrust his finger into the feline. When Omaki began to pant, he added another finger. Omaki didn't seem to notice. It was when he added the third Omaki winced alittled but soon recovered. Hiro aimed his fingers in different angles, when his fingers brushed something Omaki's moans grew louder. "Again Hiro. Please touch that spot again." Omaki moaned. Hiro thrusted his fingers into that spot making Omaki see white and cry out in exstacy.

Hiro continued to thrust his fingers into that spot making Omaki whine. He removed his fingers making Omaki whimper in disappointment. "Wh-why'd ya stop?" he asked lifting his head. "Spread you legs alittle more." Hiro said not answering omaki's question. Omaki did so realizing what was coming next. "Just relax like you did before ok?" Hiro said as he got ready to enter the dark haired male. Omaki nodded then sighed as he relaxed as best as he could then he closed his eyes. He winced as something way bigger than three fingers entered him but he relaxed his muscles just as Hiro instructed. It didn't really hurt as much as he thought it would thanks to the lube and Hiro's skills of stretching (and relaxing (O.o twitch sentence right there)), but the pain was still there. Hiro gently wiped the tears that sprung up in the corner of Omaki's eyes.

"Are you ok Omaki?" Hiro asked after a few minute. Omaki slowly nodded his head. Hiro began moving his hips in a slow and steady rythm. Omaki thought that Hiro was going to slow so he start to move his hips and whine, to embarrased to say the actual command. Hiro chuckled as he got the message and started to move faster and deeper into the smaller male. The way Omaki gripped the sheets tighter than before showed Hiro that he found the spot again. He thrusted hard into that spot getting a loud beautiful moan from Omaki. Hiro didn't care about being quiet anymore, he wanted Omaki to shout his name (brings meaning to the song neighbors know my name lol). "Shout for me." Omaki looked at him surprised, well tried to look surprised but it was hard due to the pleasure. "B-b-bu-but you said w-we had to be quiet?" Hiro shook his head. "I don't care anymore. I want to hear you moan my name. Besides, you can't hold it in can you?" Hiro thrusted his hips foward making Omaki shout. "It's ok." Omaki wrapped his arms around Hiro's neck. "I love you Hiro." he said.

Now that the two didn't care how loud they were, their moans kept up everyone on the floor. "HIRO!" Omaki shouted as his prostate kept getting hit. He held Hiro tighter letting him know he was close. Hiro took the hint and faster and harder, driving himself deeper into Omaki. Said male came shouting Hiro's name with all the air in his lungs. He shuddered as Hiro came into him. The two lay there, riding out their orgasms. Hiro layed down on the bed then pulled the exauhsted Omaki on him. "Love you too Omaki." he said as he felt him purr in his sleep.

Apple-chan: Um yeah. I got this idea while eating my little sister's snickers then I saw a cat. Some of my stories developed with me looking at my cat T'Ara. Neko Omaki is not one of them though. So yeah, I have my bear here to help me with this.

Bear: I don't want to be here. I'm a boy, why do you need me?

Apple: Because you were the only one here.

Bear: What about the stupid pillow pet unicorn?

Mr. Uni: Hey leave me out of this!

Apple: Just help me here.

Bear: Fine, but you owe my 10 minutes of sleep. Ahem, as you can see, this started out with chocolate. You complained that it was confusing, how?

Apple: Well I was trying to make it during the day but the setting ended up being at night. Then it was hard trying not to type "chan" at the end of Hiro's name when Omaki spoke.

Bear: And how was that hard?

Apple: Because it was suppose to be Omaki but not him at the same time, like he was pose to be alittle OOC. Plus the lemon scarred my brain

Bear: I see. But your brain's been scarred so I don't see how-

Apple: Well thats all for now, Until next time!

Bear: The stupid Unicorn better be in it next time.

Apple: Oh! Before I forget, there is a lemon in Neko Omaki on the last chapter and I need someone who is willing to help me with it because as you can see above my lemon was horrible. I saw it in my head, just couldn't find the right words.

Bear: Just end this stupid thing already!

Apple: Fine Mr. Grumpy pant!

Bear: I don't wear pants.

Apple: Then I'll make you some, easy as that.