There he is, Forever Alone 'walkin down the street.

Do you see him, in all of his lonely glory?

This day, he's particularly melancholy.

Oh, there goes that hot girl, Laurie!

She walks up to him and asks, "'Scuse me, do you have the time?"

Like a lion stalking his prey, he replied,

"I know it's time for me to take you to dinner at eight tonight."

"Sure, where are we going for a bite?" "The Won-Ton, I'll see you there."

"Goodbye my teddy bear, I'll see you there."

Forever Alone, went back home and made sure to clean up, for he hadn't in so long.

The single mingler showered, scrubbed, and shaved the scruff that was his beard.

His cologne bottle coughed and wheezed, rising from the dead, yet he still held it dear.

There he is, Forever Alone 'walkin down the street.

Now showered in dating glory, he bought one red rose, and set out for the Won-Ton.

The place surrounded by red flowers, oh the flowers!

Forever Alone saw Laurie, her mouth sour. He gave her the rose; she gave him a strained smile, while his went on a mile.

"Shall we go, my sweet?" "Yes, my stomach's beat."

They sat down and ordered their food; Laurie not being in a pleasant mood.

Walking into the place was a large woman and her brood, also ordering their food.

The rapscallions were a loud bunch, their mother sitting there and chomping on her supper.

Walking in next was a clean cut man, scowling at the sight of the six children.

He walked up to Forever Alone and his date, looking at him up and down.

"Excuse me, are you Thomas?"

"Yes I am, may I help you?"

"You won a new Porsche," the man continued, looking livid.

Forever Alone threw his arms up in happiness, and asked if he could see his new car.

The man sighed. "Yes, hey, look out for that metal bar!"

Forever Alone tripped and fell, hitting his head on the bar, passing out.

He soon awoke in a silver Porsche bed, in his mother's house.

Forever Alone smelled...Trash.

No, it was cologne...

He glanced at his clock. Eight 'o clock; and there was a picture of a girl on the screen.

The caption read: Laurie.