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Kelton and Amadora

Written By: Krystal Jo-Lynnelle and Arya Aleron

Everyone Deserves a Second Chance

-Book One

"I love you not only for what you are, but for what I am when I am with you. I love you not only for what you have made of yourself, but for what you are making of me. I love you for the part of me that you bring out."

-Roy Croft

It has been several years since Amadora met Kelton and was freed from Kennith and his polygamous life. She enjoyed the attention and companionship that Kelton gave her, and he assured her more than once that he was a man who was monogamous. Amadora couldn't help but fall in love with him, and he with her, so much so that no more than a year after they met did Kelton propose to marry Amadora and she accepted.

A couple years after that, here they are still happily married, living in a small apartment together on the fourth floor of a building on Earth in San Francisco. Amadora thought that being in a busy city would make it harder for Kennith to find her, if he ever did suspect that she was alive and went looking for her. Still, she made sure to stay as inconspicuous as possible, wearing contacts that changed her eye color to a dark forest green and dying her hair to a pitch black; completely opposite of her blonde hair. She also cut it short, right below her ears. Kelton also assured her every day that he would protect her, that he didn't fear Kennith. Plus, Amadora still sometimes kept in touch with Lukas, and he also assured her that he'd be there for her if anything was to happen. But it wouldn't.

Amadora believed both of them, and tried to live her life as normal as possible. She got a job to help Kelton out, working as a bank teller at the local bank. She could walk to work if she wanted, and most of the time she did. She loved to be outside. After years and years of being married to Kennith, where, unless they were pregnant and lived at the children's house which was constantly indoors and out for the children's sake, he only took his wives out once in awhile to shop, and even then they were watched closely and couldn't even do the things they wanted, she craved the outdoors. Kelton did not keep her confined, and that was just yet another thing that she loved that about him.

She enjoyed sitting out on the roof of the apartment building her and Kelton lived in, tanning on her roof, soaking up the sun. It was quite enjoyable to her, and times like these were when she had time to think to herself. Of course, she didn't always like time alone to think, because most of the time her thoughts would go back to her children that she had with Kennith. She never saw them after their eighteenth birthdays. Little Sarah was her youngest, Mathew was her oldest, and then Jessica was her middle child. All of them were born with brown eyes, but only Jessica and Sarah had dark hair like their father. Mathew had blonde, just like she did, and she always thought he looked just like her. God, how she missed them so much. But for Kelton's sake, she tried not to dwell on her children too much. She wanted to make a new life with Kelton, not drag him down with her old.

But here she was, relaxing on the roof, soaking up the sun as she lay on a lounger in her bikini, a drink on the floor beside her, a wedding band on her left ring finger, and she was thinking about Kennith and her children.

Pushing the sunglasses to the top of her head she sat up on the lounge chair and sighed. She felt bad for thinking, but she couldn't help it. What was a mother to do?

Picking up her glass of cranberry juice she sipped at it. Lukas at one time did tell her that he would help her find her kids, didn't he? But wouldn't that stir up suspicions? What if Kennith found out? She couldn't risk it.

Kelton: he came up to the roof of the apartment and walked over to Amadora. He leaned down and softly kissed her cheek. "Good afternoon, my dear." he whispered to her. "Enjoying your time up here?" he smiled at her.

Amadora: "Just...a little." she replied distractedly, holding her glass with both hands and lowering her eyes to look at it.

Kelton: "Did I disturb you?" he knelt down beside her. He was hiding something behind his back from her.

Amadora: "No." she lifted her eyes to him and gave him a small smile, noticing his arms behind his back, "Are you hiding something from me?" she tried to lean around to see behind his back.

Kelton: he moved so she wouldn't see what it was. "Close your eyes, my love. Please?" he asked her, he gave her that certain smile she loved to see.

Amadora: "Okay fine." she closed her eyes, her lips pulling into a smile, "Though, when my eyes are closed I can't see you smile."

Kelton: he stood up and quietly walked behind her. He then put a necklace on her. He leaned down next to her ear and whispered. "Happy Anniversary, my love." he then kissed her cheek again. He walked back next to her and knelt down beside her again.

Amadora: she opened her eyes after he kissed her cheek, lifting her hand to her neck and placing it lightly on the chain he wrapped around her, trying to look down at her necklace he bought her.

The necklace he bought her was from the Jane Seymour Open Hearts Collection. It was a silver butterfly on a silver chain.

Kelton: he smiled that same smile she loved to see as he watched her.

Amadora: her eyes lit up, "It's a butterfly! With hearts in the wings! It's so pretty!" she looked up at him and smiled as she clutched the necklace in her hand, "Thank you."

Kelton: he smiled more when he saw her smile and her eyes light up. "You are welcome, my dear." he then leaned in and kissed her softly on her lips.

Amadora: she kissed him deeply, sliding off of the lounge chair and onto the floor in front of him, kneeling. She broke the kiss and let go of the necklace, placing her hands on his knees, "Isn't this early though?"

Kelton: "Just a week or two. It's one of the many gifts I'm to give you. Our anniversary, it's going to be extremely special." he told her as he brushed some of her hair behind her ear. "How did I get so lucky finding a gorgeous woman like you?" he asked softly as he smiled at her again.

Amadora: "Because my last husband killed me?" she said tentatively, a corner of her mouth lifting into a small smile. She threw her arms around his neck and hugged him tightly, "I love anniversaries." she never had them when she was married to Kennith. Not after he got his other wives. She's only celebrated six anniversaries with Kennith in her whole life, and she was married to him for a lot longer than that. With Kelton each year she's celebrated one, and now this is their second anniversary together. She was still getting used to celebrating them again.

Kelton: "Mm." he hugged her back. "I love them too. It reminds me of how I can spoil my wonderful wife whenever I want but spoil her even more on those days because they are extra special." he kissed her cheek again. "I love you so much, Amadora." he whispered in her ear.

Amadora: "I like to be spoiled." she did enjoy it, actually. Sure Kennith spoiled his wives, but it wasn't like this. It wasn't personal. "I love you too." she whispered in his ear. She was so happy she met him. All thanks to Lukas. She leaned back and looked at him again, "I want to spoil you too." she knew Kelton wanted a family, and she wanted to give that to him so badly. She felt bad that it was taking longer than expected, and he could see she was worried about it.

Kelton: "Hey. Don't worry, my love. I'm ready when you are ready to have a family. I'm not going to rush you." he looked at her and smiled a bit. "I am a very patient man." he hugged her again. "We'll keep trying if you wish, love." he told her softly. Yes, he wanted a family but he didn't care when or how. If they had to adopt a child or more than one child, he'd be happy about it. He just wanted to see her happy when it came to being a family.

Amadora: she hugged him again, pressing her cheek to his chest, "What if my other kids are still alive and found out? Do you think they'd hate me?"

Kelton: "Do you wish for them to be with you, love?" he asked her softly, looking down at her when he asked.

Amadora: she shrugged a shoulder. "I think about them a lot. I wonder what happened to them, really. They'd be grown up now, if they're even still alive, you know." she kept her eyes on his chest then looked up at his face, "You wouldn't give our kids away would you?"

Kelton: "I would never give our kids away. I'd let them stay with us for as long as they wanted to stay." he told her and he meant it too. "Even after they turn eighteen and they wanted to stay still, they wouldn't have to leave. I wouldn't make them leave. I would love them too much to let them go."

Amadora: "So we'd have thirty year olds living with us?" she giggled.

Kelton: he chuckled. "We might. Would you mind that?" he asked her softly as he leaned down and softly kissed her.

Amadora: she kissed him back softly, "No not at all." she laughed a bit, "So what are you going to do today?"

Kelton: "Well, I was planning on spending my day with this wonderful, gorgeous woman. She has the most gorgeous eyes, the most beautiful and perfect smile that I have ever seen." he told her.

Amadora: she blushed a bit, "Oh really? Where did you meet her?"

Kelton: "Yes. I met her at this party that was for single ladies and single gentleman. She caught my eye right from the start. We danced and talked and had a great time. We then made plans to see each other again. After that day, we dated for a whole year. Then one night, I got down on one knee in front of her and asked her to be my wife."

Amadora: "I bet she couldn't refuse such a wonderful man as yourself." she lifted her hands to his cheeks, gently looking him in the eyes with love in her own, stroking her thumbs on his cheeks as she leaned in and kissed him again gently.

Kelton: he smiled and kissed her back gently. He then pulled her onto his lap as they kissed, holding her around her waist and close to him.

Amadora: she giggled when he held her close, "You just like to hold me this close because I'm in a bikini which is essentially underwear and a bra without any padding or form to it all."

Kelton: "Mm." he smiled. "I never thought of it that way but you are right. I love to hold you close to me in any kind of clothing." he kissed her again.

Amadora: "And without clothing too." she whispered to him against his lips.

Kelton: "And without clothing." he agreed then kissed her deep and passionate.

Amadora: she wrapped her arms around Kelton's neck, kissing him deeply in return. She loved kissing him. She didn't loathe it like she had with Kennith, feeling gross after his touch. She enjoyed everything that Kelton gave to her, because she knew he was hers and only hers. She believed him, because he had never broken a promise to her in their life together so far, and he was just so caring and sweet.

Kelton: he kissed her more, gently leaning her back onto the floor. He leaned over her as they kissed. He loved kissing her too. He never wanted to kiss another woman in his life time. One woman was good enough for him and she was perfect to him. He didn't want anyone else, just her. He gently ran his one hand up and down the side of her.

Amadora: she was wondering if he wanted to try to make a baby, or if he was just in the mood to kiss. She enjoyed this actually, kissing him on roof with the sun beating down on them. It was rather comfortable.

Kelton: "Did you want to try again, my love or just kiss? I'm content with either way." he whispered against her lips before kissing her again.

Amadora: she kissed him, taking in a deep breath through her nose before breaking the kiss to whisper, "So am I. But I am already half naked."

Kelton: he looked over her body then looked up at her face and smiled. "You want to try it here, out in the sun?" he whispered. He wanted to make sure she wanted to do this. He more wanted to please her than himself while trying to make a baby.

Amadora: "I like the sun, if you don't mind it." she leaned up and nuzzled his nose with the tip of her own nose, smiling a bit as she closed her eyes, "I'm not a Snyde that burns in the light. Are you?"

Kelton: he chuckled. "I don't mind it. It feels nice." he smiled then leaned down to her neck. "No, I'm not." he whispered against her neck before he softly kissed it. He was always gentle with her, making sure he didn't hurt her in anyway while they tried.

Amadora: she could hear her heart beat in her ears now. Her blood was pulsing at an excited rate, "Then we should be fine. Making love under the sun sounds good to me." she whispered, her hands grabbing the top of his jeans as he kissed her neck.

Kelton: "It sounds really good to me." he whispered between the kisses he gave her on her neck and down it. He kissed down to her chest then softly down her stomach, teasing her a little. This was the first time that he had ever teased her; he was trying it out, seeing if she liked it or enjoyed it.

Amadora: she giggled softly, "Are you teasing me? This is new." she told him softly. She didn't mind it one bit. It was different. She liked this a lot, actually. Maybe this would be the time she got pregnant, and she would remember that she conceived the baby on the roof of their apartment. It would be something special.


Kelton: he held Amadora close to him while they lay on the roof under the sun. He kissed the top of Amadora's head.

Amadora: she smiled, snuggled up to him, staying like that for a moment before pushing her hand into his chest and making him lay on his back while she leaned over him. She looked down at him with a smile, "I have a good feeling this time."

Kelton: he smiled back at her. "Oh really?" he had her lying down on the roof again. "I'm hoping so." he whispered before he leaned down and kissed her again.

Amadora: she kissed him back softly, "Mhm." she hummed after the kiss. "I'm done tanning baby. Are you hungry? After that I bet you are." she stroked his face gently with the back of her fingers, looking him in the eyes as she lay back on the roof.

Kelton: "Yes, which is why we are going to get dressed and I'm going to take you somewhere." he whispered then smiled.

Amadora: "Oh really? You're sure you don't want me to make you something here?" she was still getting used to going out to eat. For practically her whole life she always made breakfast, lunch, and dinner for her husband. The times Kennith took her out to eat were so rare it was like she never had experienced it before. But with Kelton, he seemed to like eating out a lot. She hoped it wasn't because she was a bad cook.

Kelton: "You could but that would mean I'd have to cancel our lunch cruise date." he kissed the tip of her nose softly.

Amadora: "Cruise? Isn't that where a boat is on the water? I've seen the movie Titanic before." in fact, it was one of the several movies Kennith and his wives had to watch on movie night. They would recycle the same movies over and over again, sometimes. Being out here made her feel behind in the times. "Isn't that dangerous?"

Kelton: "Only if you're not careful. If you don't like boats, I can get the money back and take you out somewhere instead."

Amadora: "I've never been on a cruise boat." she told him. "So I don't know if I will like it or not."

Kelton: "Would you like to go?" he asked her. He wanted to make sure that she wanted to go.

Amadora: "Yes I would." she sat up a bit to kiss his nose softly.

Kelton: he smiled a bit and hugged her. "Alright, my love. Let's get ready then."

Amadora: "If it's on a boat then my bikini should work, right?" she teased with a small smile.

Kelton: "Mm." he smiled a bit. "A nice dress would do as well."

Amadora: "Fancy? Or just a plain dress?"

Kelton: "Either hon."

Amadora: "Do you have a preference of color or anything?"

Kelton: "Surprise me."

Amadora: "Okay." she kissed his cheek and then slid out from under him and stood up, grabbing her drink from beside the lounge chair, "What color are you wearing? We can match."

Kelton: he laughed softly. "Surprises, hon, are to be where we find out." he smiled then kissed her cheek. "What color would you like to wear, dear?"

Amadora: "I don't know yet. I guess we will see after I pick out a dress." she smiled at him, "After you." she motioned to the stairs that led down back into the apartment.

Kelton: "Ladies first."

Amadora: she looked at him and smirked, "You just want to watch me walk away in a bikini." she skipped in front of him and then down the stairs she went.

Kelton: he walked behind her, smiling. "I always love to watch you, love."

Amadora: "I know." she glanced back at him with a sparkle in her eye before walking down the hallway towards their apartment room door. When she got to it she unlocked it and opened it up, going inside and heading into hers and Kelton's bedroom. She left the door open for Kelton to walk in.

Kelton: he walked into the apartment, shutting the door behind him. He waited to be surprised by Amadora. It wouldn't take long for him to get dressed.

Amadora: she came out of the bedroom wearing a knee length dress that was beige and a light mossy blue color. The two colors were sewn together in stripes that went up and down. Two pockets were at each of Amadora's hips, and a large white flower of wrapped beige fabric was sewn in the center of the dress right under her bust. It was a sleeveless dress and low cut in the front, but not too much to be totally revealing. Amadora had pulled her hair back into a curly messy bun and grabbed her clutch purse which she held in her hand as she walked out to Kelton. She was wearing a light mossy blue set of open toed high heel sandals. "How's this?" she asked Kelton, giving him a little spin in the dress. Getting ready took her about a half hour.

Kelton: he watched her with a smile. "You look stunning, my dear." he stood up and walked over to her. He couldn't help but pull her to him and kiss her. He loved her so much. "Now, I have to get ready." he whispered and spun her around in the dress once as he looked over her. "Mm. Sexy." he said, mostly to himself. "I'll be right back." he stated then went into the bedroom to get ready.

Amadora: she smiled when he pulled her close and happily kissed him when he pressed his lips to hers. "Thank you." she whispered to him and giggled when he spun her. "If you wear a light blue shirt we will match!" she told him as he walked away. She took a seat on the couch while she waited.

Kelton: after a few minutes, he came out in a nice dress pants and a light blue dress shirt. It wasn't too dressy and at the same time, it wasn't too casual. He smiled at Amadora when he came out.

Amadora: she hopped to her feet when she saw him come out, "Ooo, and you said I looked sexy. So do you." she smiled at him.

Kelton: he smiled more and held out his arm. "Shall we?" he asked her.

Amadora: "Yes we shall." she took his arm.

Kelton: he walked with her out to his car and helped her inside then drove to where their lunch date was going to be.

Amadora: she kept her eyes out the passenger window throughout the whole drive.

Kelton: "Are you happy, my love?" he asked her and glanced at her.

Amadora: "Yes. I'm trying to figure out where we are going. You know, to learn directions in case I ever get a driver's license."

Kelton: "I can teach you how to drive, if you wish." he told her.

Amadora: she looked over at him and smiled more, "I'd like that. When can we do that? I don't need to learn right away. I mean, I can walk to work."

Kelton: "How about tomorrow? I don't have to work and I really don't have anything planned for tomorrow except to spend it with you."

Amadora: she nodded, "That sounds like it would be fun."

Kelton: "Alright." he smiled and pulled into the parking lot. He parked the car and turned it off. He then got out of the car and walked over to the passenger's side and opened the door. "My dear." he held his hand out to her.

Amadora: she took his hand as she stepped out of the car, looking around her, "Where's it at?" she was very excited. Just like earlier on the roof, this was also something new to her.

Kelton: he shut her door, locked his car then turned her around.

There in the harbor was a cruise ship. It was waiting only for them to get on.

Amadora: her eyes widened, "Woah! It's huge! It is just like the Titanic." she was in awe.

Kelton: he chuckled. "But it's safer." he told her as he led her onto the ship and to where they were going to eat lunch.

Amadora: "How long can we stay on the ship?" she wondered if she could explore around it, if they had time.

Kelton: "We can stay on it all night if you wish." he told her.

Amadora: she nodded eagerly. She'd like to do that. "What all can you do on a cruise?"

Kelton: "Pretty much anything that you want."

Amadora: "Anything? Wow." she stepped onto the dock that led to the stairs onto the ship. She looked up at it. It was almost overpowering to her now that she was so close to it.

Kelton: he watched her with a small smile.

Amadora: "Have you ever been on a ship this large before?"

Kelton: "Bigger." he admitted.

Amadora: "Wow." she started up the stairs.

Kelton: he followed her.

Amadora: when they got onto the ship, she started to look around. The place was magnificent. "It's like a mansion that floats."

Kelton: he nodded and chuckled softly. "Yes."

Amadora: she looked back at him, "Where do we go to eat?"

Kelton: he took her hand gently and led her to the back of the ship on a balcony that looks out onto the water. There was a table there set for two.

Amadora: she glanced at the table but it was the water that caught her attention. Walking over to the balcony she leaned over the edge of it just slightly, looking down at the water and listening to it as it lapped against the boat. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath in with her nose. "I love this." she said softly to herself.

Kelton: he smiled as he watched her.

There was soft music that started in the background, as if it was the background music to the lapping of the water against the boat.

Amadora: she heard the music and straightened up, turning to look at Kelton, "Dance with me, sir?"

Kelton: "It would be an honor, miss." he bowed slightly to her and smiled.

Amadora: she stepped close to him and waited for him to wrap her arms around her before she started to dance with him, "This is wonderful. We have this boat to ourselves?"

Kelton: he danced with her at the pace of the music. "Yes, we have this boat to ourselves."

Amadora: "However did you manage that?"

Kelton: he just smiled.

Amadora: "Fine don't tell me." she was wearing the butterfly necklace he gave her earlier. "I'll remember that." she smirked.

Kelton: he pulled her closer to him so he could whisper in her ear. "I bought...the boat, my love." he then kissed her cheek.

Amadora: she gasped softly against his neck, "You bought the boat? You mean, we own this? You own I can walk around it everywhere, all I want? I can come on here whenever I want, I mean, whenever you let me?" she looked up at him.

Kelton: "This is ours. All ours. You can come on here as much as you want, whenever you want. You don't need to ask or tell me you are going on here because it is yours as well."

Amadora: she felt herself blush, "Well, thank you for sharing with me." she had no idea that Kelton had this kind of money. It came as a shock to her.

Kelton: "You are my wife. I will always share things with you." he hugged her close to him. "Amadora, you know that house that you wanted that someone bought?" he whispered.

Amadora: "Yes?" she laid her cheek against his chest, wrapping her arms around his waist, holding her close to him as they danced.

Kelton: "Well, I was the one that bought it." he admitted. "I just have been trying to get it furnished, but, I can't do that without your input on what should be in our house."

Amadora: "No way!" she leaned back, stopping to look up at him, "You bought it? You mean we are moving from the apartment?"

Kelton: he nodded. "Yes, I wanted it to be a big surprise for you, like it all furnished and everything but like I said, I can't do it without your input."

Amadora: "I don't know if I will be any help at all. I've barely decorated anything in my life. But I will try for you." she promised.

Kelton: he smiled. "I'm not good at decorating things either. I guess we'll see what happens when we both try at once."

Amadora: "Working together I'm sure we can pull it off." she giggled.

Kelton: "I'm sure we can too." he softly kissed her.

Amadora: she gently kissed him back, "Do you think we could go see the house tomorrow, after we practice driving a bit? How far is the house from our apartment?"

Kelton: "We could go see the house tomorrow after the lesson. Just a few miles. Remember?" he started to dance with her again.

Kelton and Amadora danced for about an hour before they finally sat down for lunch. They ate, laughed and Kelton gave Amadora two more presents for the early anniversary surprises. The two presents were a ring that matched her necklace and earrings that matched as well. After the meal was over, they explored the ship together. The captain even let Amadora steer the ship for a little bit. After hours of being out on the water, the ship finally ported back to where it was before. Kelton led Amadora to the car, helped her in, and then drove home with her. Once at home, they watched movies together on the couch while cuddling with each other. Kelton let Amadora fix diner since she really wanted to, and he complimented her on her cooking because it was delicious. They watched one more movie before they both turned in for the night. The next morning, Amadora cooked breakfast for them both, and then after they had both eaten, they went out to the driving lesson. Kelton drove with Amadora to an abandon parking lot. They practiced for three hours then it was time to take a break from driving. While Kelton was teaching Amadora to drive, her cell phone had gone off. Kelton had a hold of it and on silent so it wouldn't distract Amadora.

Amadora: as she was catching a breather from the driving lesson, for it was rather nerve wracking, she took her phone from Kelton and looked at it, seeing there was a missed call from Lukas. "Lukas called me." she told Kelton, looking up at him as she was leaning back against the car.

Lukas had left a voicemail too.

Kelton: "Probably seeing how you are doing." he smiled as he leaned beside her on the car. "You did well for your first time, love." he kissed her cheek.

Amadora: she glanced at him and smiled, "Thank you. I'm going to call and listen to my voicemail. That alright?" she enjoyed having a cell phone. Kelton taught her how to use one when they started dating, for Kennith's wives were never allowed to have electronics so although she knew cell phones existed, because Kennith had one, she didn't know exactly how they worked. She felt she was pretty good at using them now.

Kelton: he nodded and sat inside the car. He turned on the music and listened to it as she listened to her voicemail.

Amadora: she put the phone to her ear after pressing to dial her voicemail, listening to Lukas' message.

"Hey Amadora, this is Lukas. I hope things are going really well for you and Kelton. I have something to tell you it's really important, so when you get this please call me back."

Amadora: she listened to the message and after it was over she hung up from her voicemail and called Lukas' phone number back like he wanted her to do. She waited for him to pick up.

Lukas: he picked up after four rings. "Hello?"

Amadora: she smiled, "Hey Lukas. I'm doing great with Kelton. I was just calling you back. I heard your message. I'm sorry I didn't pick up earlier. Kelton is teaching me how to drive so he had my phone with him and on silent so it wouldn't distract me. We're taking a break now though. So what is this really important thing you need to tell me sir?"

Lukas: "It was about your children." he told her. "I found them."

Amadora: she thought for a moment that her heart stopped beating in her chest. She felt her throat constrict. Lifting a hand to her throat to massage it gently, seeing if that would help, she forced herself to swallow and whisper, "What?" she wasn't sure if she believed Lukas or not. Maybe he was joking with her.

Lukas: "I found your children." he repeated seriously.

Amadora: "Are they...alive?" it was the next question on her mind, the only other really important one.

Lukas: "Yes."

Amadora: "Oh my god." she whispered to herself, "Where are they?" shakily she lowered her hand from her throat and reached behind her to tap the window of the car to get Kelton's attention.

Lukas: "Your girls are in good homes but I cannot say the same for your son." he stated.

Kelton: he looked at the window, turned the music off and poked his head out the window once he rolled it down. "Yes?"

Amadora: when she heard the window roll down she gripped the window ledge as she leaned back against the car, "Mathew? Is he okay?" she swallowed.

Lukas: "He looks to be in some bad shape. He's alive though."

Amadora: "Can I see them? Can we get to them?" she turned her palm up behind her for Kelton to take so she could hold his hand. She needed support right now.

Kelton: he took her hand and held it, wondering what was going on.

Lukas: "I can get to them better than you and Kelton can. I'll get them and bring them to you if that's alright with you and Kelton of course."

Amadora: "How are you going to do that? Won't their...owners, protest your taking the kids from them?"

Lukas: "They won't know they're missing until the next day." he stated.

Amadora: "They can't come to the apartment. Umm," she took a breath and swallowed, "There's a house Kelton and I were going to move into. They could come there."

Lukas: "Alright. I'll try to get your son first unless you want your daughters first."

Amadora: "No, get Mathew first. If the girls are being treated well and Mathew is not, then it's only fair to get Mathew first." she suddenly felt anger in her heart at Kennith for hearing that Mathew was sent to a bad home.

Lukas: "Alright. I'll just need the address of the house to take him to."

Amadora: "Do you need Kelton to come help, or me?"

Lukas: "No, I'll be able to slip in there, get him and get out without being seen."

Amadora: "Alright." she told him the address for hers and Kelton's new house. "When should we expect you?"

Lukas: "The next few days." he stated.

Amadora: "Thank you sir."

Lukas: "You're welcome, Amadora and please, just Lukas."

Amadora: "Thank you Lukas." she corrected herself. "I'll see you soon. You have no idea what this means to me."

Lukas: "I can guess how much." he stated lightly. "I'll see you two soon."

Amadora: she hung up the phone and as she put the phone in her pocket she tried to keep her emotions calm by taking a deep breath and then letting it out slowly. She looked over at Kelton with unshed tears in her eyes.

Kelton: he got out of the car and hugged her. "Hey, it's going to be alright." he told her.

Amadora: she let her emotions go when she felt Kelton's arms around her. Wrapping her arms around his waist she held him close, "Lukas found my kids." she mumbled into his chest.

Kelton: "That's great." she could hear the smile in his voice.

Amadora: "I know." she muttered, "He was going to get them for me, and bring them by our house, not the apartment, in a few days. If that's okay."

Kelton: "Of course it is. They're your children. I would never keep you from them or them from you."

Amadora: "Lukas said Jessica and Sarah are okay, but Mathew is not." she was worried.

Kelton: "What is wrong?" he looked at her.

Amadora: she shook her head, not exactly sure. "I don't know. I just know the home he lives in is not treating him well. That's what Lukas said."

Kelton: "Well, he'll be treated well when he comes home."

Amadora: she looked up at Kelton while she hugged him, "Thank you baby." she was excited yet nervous to see her children. What would they think of her? Would they blame her? What would they look like?

Kelton: "You're welcome, love." he continued to hug her.

Amadora: she lifted a hand to her cheek and brushed the tears off, "Should we go see to things at the house and try to move our things from the apartment over to the house?"

Kelton: "We can. Do you feel up to it though?"

Amadora: "I don't know." she whispered. She didn't want to just sit around and think about it. It was bad enough that Lukas wasn't letting her come with him.

Kelton: "Tell me what you wish to do, hon. We could go to the store and get things for the house or we can move things from the apartment to the house or we can do something that has nothing to do with the house at all. It's up to you." he told her softly and wiped away the few tears that were left.

Amadora: she was quiet for a moment while she thought about it, keeping her eyes on Kelton's chest. Maybe moving things around right now wasn't a good idea. They could do that tomorrow. Maybe calming down would be better today, and she knew what would help with that. "Could we walk on the boat again?" she asked softly.

Kelton: "Of course, love." he kissed the top of her head.

Amadora gratefully went with Kelton to the cruise ship which he had bought for them the other day. She enjoyed being on it just to walk around in its magnificence; listening to the water hitting against the boat, and sometimes pretending she was on the Titanic, surprising as that sounds, and it calmed her down.

After the cruise ship, Amadora was feeling a lot better, but not being able to help Lukas out made her worry, and she went to bed a whole lot earlier tonight then she normally does.

The next day, because she went to bed so early, she woke up earlier than normal too. Since she had some extra time on her hands before starting to make breakfast, she decided to start packing up some things to take over to the house today. If her and Kelton could get everything moved to the new house before Mathew came by, that would be great, and that's what she was hoping.

So for the next two days after Lukas called to inform her he had found her children, she and Kelton moved their things over to the new house, essentially leaving the apartment. She would miss being able to relax on the roof, but she wouldn't miss it too much because the house they were moving into had a back deck with a pool, which was just as nice.

They were in the process of unpacking the last of their items from the boxes they had taken from the apartment into the new house, when the day came that Lukas had told her he would be there with Mathew.

Amadora had been nervous more so than ever this whole day, and her hands were sweaty to the point where it was hard for her to pick items up out of the box and arrange them in the rooms where they went. Kelton helped her, seeing her distress, and tried to get her to calm down. But it was no use. Eventually she just gave up and sat down on the couch in the living room, staring out the window that faced the driveway, her knee bouncing with a nervous twitch as she waited anxiously.

Kelton: he got done with the unpacking and putting things where they needed to be. He walked over to where Amadora was sitting and sat next to her. He watched her a bit before he took her hand in his, telling her that everything is going to be alright and that if she needed him, he was there for her. He watched out the window too but mostly watched Amadora. He knew trying to calm her down was no use but he had to try again anyway. "Amadora, love." he said softly.

Amadora: she turned to look at Kelton with soft eyes as she held his hand with both of hers tightly, "What if he blames me? What if he hates me? What if the people have treated him so badly that I can't help him?" she felt like an awful mom.

Kelton: "He won't blame you or hate you. You weren't the one that took him to that awful place in the first place. He'll let you help him, want to know why?" he brushed some hair back behind her ear. "Because you are his mother and you want him around. He'll see that you love him, as well as your daughters." he told her with a small smile.

Amadora: "You think so?" she asked him softly.

Kelton: "Yes, I do think so." he kissed her cheek. "Everything will be alright, hon."

Amadora: she felt a bit hopeful, "Thank you." she trusted him.

Kelton: "You're welcome, love. I'm here if you need me."

Amadora: "I'll always need you." she promised him, still holding onto his hand.

Kelton: "Then I'll always be here." he promised her back. He looked towards the window when he heard a car door shut. "They're here." he told her.

A few minutes later, there was a knock on the door.

Amadora: she turned her head to the door when she heard a car door shut outside and jumped up to her feet. She stared at the front door and yet was still startled when she heard a knock on it. Turning to Kelton she asked him, "Do I look okay?"

Kelton: he followed her, he smiled at her. "Beautiful." he told her.

Amadora: she let go of his hand and stepped behind him, "You first." she whispered nervously, peeking around his arm.

Kelton: "Wouldn't it be better if the first person that your son sees is you?" he asked her, looking back at her.

Amadora: "I'm scared." she admitted.

Kelton: "Of your son?" he asked her but went to open the door.

Amadora: "I don't know. Of what I might see. What he might look like..." she stepped around to stand beside Kelton and took his hand again.

Kelton: he held her hand in his as he opened the door.

Lukas: "Finally." he said as he stepped inside the house with a boy who looked only to be twenty one. He was mostly carrying the boy.

Mathew: He was skinnier, dirtier and looked weak. His blonde hair was a mess and his brown eyes seemed drained of life. He had marks from where he got beaten by the person he was sold to.

Lukas: "Where should I set him?" he asked once the both of them were inside and the door was shut.

Amadora: she gasped when she saw Mathew in Lukas' arms. Her free hand went to her mouth as she looked between them and lingered on Mathew. Kelton was going to have to answer Lukas because she could not.

Kelton: "Bring him into the living room and set him on the couch." he motioned to the living room. He looked at Amadora. "Love, do you think you can run a bath for him and get him some clean clothes?" he asked her softly. "Unless you want me to do that."

Lukas: he helped Mathew into the living room and onto the couch.

Mathew. "Thank you." he whispered to Lukas. His voice seemed raspy and dried.

Lukas: he nodded. "You're welcome, buddy. Get better, you hear?"

Mathew: he nodded. "I'll try."

Amadora: she nodded, "I can do that. I'll have to get some of your clothes though. Is that alright?" she glanced at Kelton for just a second but still kept her eyes on Mathew as he now laid on the couch.

Kelton: "Of course." he told her.

Mathew: he closed his eyes as he rested on the couch, his breathing soft.

Amadora: she let go of Kelton's hand as soon as he answered and ran to the bathroom on the first floor to run Mathew a bath. She wanted to make the water warm but not too warm, not sure what would be too hot for him and not wanting him to be uncomfortable. When she was sure it was fine, as the water ran, she went up to hers and Kelton's room and got a set of Kelton's clothes out for Mathew to wear. Coming back down to the bathroom she set the change of clothes on the sink counter before walking back out to stand by Kelton. She stopped beside him and looked up at him before back at the living room, hesitantly taking steps towards the couch, glancing from Lukas to Mathew.

Lukas: he excused himself from being beside Mathew to let Amadora see him.

Mathew: he opened his eyes after a moment. He swallowed and looked around the room. He looked at Amadora and smiled a bit. "You remind me of someone." he said softly to her.

Amadora: she glanced at Lukas and nodded when he excused himself, stopping right behind the couch when she got to it. Kneeling down, she rested her arms on the back of the couch, looking at Mathew, "Is that good or bad?" she asked him softly.

Mathew: "Good. She's the reason I'm still here. I hoped to see her again." he told her.

Amadora: "See who again, Mathew, honey?" she rested her chin on her arms, watching him.

Mathew: "My mother." he smiled a bit again. He remembered her with blonde hair, so her hair now was throwing him off. "Even though I'm a little over a hundred years old, I still would like to see her again." he closed his eyes and sighed a bit.

Amadora: "You're not mad at her? You don't hate her?" her stomach clenched with worry at his answer. "Why do you want to see her? To yell at her?"

Mathew: "No, I'm not mad at her and no I don't hate her." he told her. "I want to see her to tell her that I love her and that I've missed her."

Amadora: she looked away from him as she felt a tear roll down her cheek. Quickly she brushed it off and got to her feet, "I ran a bath for you. I better go shut the water off before it over flows." she quickly skipped out of the living room and back to the bathroom and shut off the water. She wasn't sure how to do this. Wasn't sure how to tell him she was his mother. She looked at herself in the mirror and tucked a strand of black hair behind her ear and swallowed. What seemed like a long time, she finally left the bathroom and walked back into the living room and this time sat in front of the couch on the floor, cross legged, watching Mathew.

Mathew: "Want to know who I do hate though?" he asked her when she came back. He looked at her.

Amadora: "Your father?" she guessed.

Mathew: he nodded. "He did this to me." he swallowed. "He took me to that place that sold me to the house I was at."

Amadora: she nodded, "I know baby." she felt more tears coming down her cheeks as she thought of the pain her son had went through and how she hadn't been there to help him like a mother should. Without thinking, she reached out and took his hand with hers, "I hate him too."

Mathew: he watched her and he held his hand with hers, lightly though because of how weak he was.

Kelton: he came into the room. "Amadora, we need to get him cleaned up."

Mathew: he looked at Kelton then back at Amadora. "My mom's name is Amadora." he studied her face, trying to remember everything about her. "You changed your hair." he smiled at her. "It looks nice." he told her then swallowed back tears of his own, or at least tried. "I've missed you so much." he said softly, voice cracking a bit.

Amadora: she glanced up at Kelton when he told her they needed to get Mathew cleaned up, nodding before looking at Mathew when he mentioned that his mom's name was Amadora. Seeing him give her a small smile she couldn't help but smile softly back, more tears falling, "I did." she whispered, kissing the back of his hand, "Thank you baby. I've missed you so much too..." she wanted to hug him but wasn't sure what all he could take right now, "Will you let Kelton carry you into the bathroom and help you get cleaned up?"

Mathew: "He doesn't fully need to carry me, but yes." he nodded and slowly sat up. He then let Kelton help him into the bathroom.

Lukas: "I'll go get your daughters next." he told Amadora after Kelton and Mathew were in the bathroom.

Amadora: she walked over to Lukas and hugged him, "Thank you. For bringing my son back to me."

Lukas: he hugged her back. "You're welcome, Amadora. He's going to need some mother attention for a bit because of how weak he is and all."

Amadora: "I know." she whispered to him and stepped back to look at him, "I'll be sure he gets it. My daughters...when can I expect them to be here?"

Lukas: "Probably in the next few days." he told her. "Depends on how willing they are to leave the place they are at."

Amadora: "Unlike Mathew, who was probably eager to go. He didn't even know you, yet he trusted you to come with you. How did you manage that?"

Lukas: "I just told him that I could get him out of there and he would never have to go back to that life style ever."

Amadora: "When the owners find out he's gone...what then?" she was a bit worried.

Lukas: "Then nothing. They won't be able to find him. I made sure of that."

Amadora: she relaxed a bit, "Good." she took a small breath, "I'd at least like to see my daughters, even if they don't want to leave their home. I'd like to see them. Just once."

Lukas: "With your daughters, I'm sure you could come along for them. Maybe they'll come along more willingly."

Amadora: "I should at least stay a day to watch over Mathew before I leave him though. Shouldn't I?" she wasn't sure.

Lukas: "What does your heart tell you when it comes to Mathew?"

Amadora: "I just got him back. Maybe a day before I go with you to get my girls will be good. The girls are in good hands you've said...right?" if they weren't, she would go now for them.

Lukas: "Yes, they are in really good hands." he told her.

Kelton: he came out with Mathew.

Mathew: he was clean and looked better. He still was skinny and weak. There was life back in his eyes now. He had Kelton just sit him on the couch.

Amadora: "Tomorrow alright?" she asked Lukas.

Lukas: he nodded. "Yes."

Amadora: "Thank you." she looked over at Mathew and smiled softly, seeing him cleaned up now and looking better. She wondered if he was hungry.

Lukas: he nodded. "I'm going to go, so I'll see you tomorrow." he nodded to both Amadora and Kelton before he left.

Kelton: he was headed towards the kitchen.

Mathew: he sat on the couch.

Amadora: she walked over to the couch and standing in front of it, asked Mathew gently, "Are you hungry?"

Mathew: he looked up at Amadora. "Yes." he admitted softly. "Not too much though. I have to start small otherwise I'll get sick."

Amadora: "They didn't feed you much did they?"

Mathew: he shook his head no.

Amadora: "How often?"

Mathew: "Once every week, if that."

Amadora: "Maybe soup would be good, to start you out with. Soup and some buttered bread?"

Mathew: he nodded. "Sounds good." he chuckled softly. "But yet, anything would sound good to eat to a person in my position."

Amadora: she allowed herself to smile but for only a moment, "I wish it had been me and not you." sure Kennith had his punishments, but they were nothing compared to what it looked like Mathew went through.

Mathew: he shook his head no. "I don't. I rather it was the same as it was. I would never wish what happened onto anyone, especially my own mother." he stated.

Amadora: "What did happen to you?" she whispered, stepping forward to take a seat beside him on the couch, wanting to hear his story but then remembering his food. She looked towards the kitchen, "Hold on baby. I'll be back with your soup and bread and then we can talk."

She was gone for ten minutes, getting a can of soup heated up in a bowl for him, buttering a piece of bread and then getting a glass of milk of which she set all of it on a tray and brought it back out to the living room, setting it on the coffee table in front of the couch as she sat down beside Mathew.

Mathew: "Thank you." he replied to her as she brought him some food. "A lot of things, mom. After I was sold there, I was put straight to work. I worked outside in the fields then slept in what seemed to be slave corridors or slaves sheds. At first I didn't think it was too bad then the beatings happened. He would beat us men for no reason and would force the girls, well most of them, to be with him at night. Sometimes, he had his wives sleep with the men that worked there. If they got pregnant with the workers child and not his, once the child was born, he'd kill the child. I made a mistake once. I tried to stop him from killing a child." he looked down at his food. "The little bit of food he gave us was taken away from me for two months and I was put in solitude then beaten when I couldn't perform all my duties. He tried to get me to sleep with one of his wives, I couldn't do it. I sat up all night with the girl and just talked to her, she enjoyed it as did I. Years went by, no word from my father, not even to see how I was doing. At that point, I realized he really didn't care about me as much as he said and acted like he did otherwise he would of stopped what was going on and save me from that horrible place. Nothing. No call. No letter. Nothing. I hate him so much." he sighed.

Amadora: "You know," she said softly, looking down at her lap, "For the longest time I thought he had done what he said he was going to do, and had taken you and your sisters to live in apartments, to be on your own, when you turned eighteen. I only started to suspect something was wrong after two years, when I hadn't heard anything from you kids and I wasn't allowed to contact you in anyway. I didn't know anything about the auctions until many years later. Kennith's wives weren't supposed to know at all about them, because then it would mess up his system of waiting for the kids to turn eighteen before taking them, with the mothers thinking he was taking them to live in a home on their own."

Mathew: he nodded. "I wanted to contact you, I tried. Nothing worked. I'm sorry, mom." he had set his food down. He then leaned over to her and lightly hugged her. "I've missed you and, I love you." he told her. "So, who's he?" he asked afterwards. He meant Kelton.

Amadora: when Mathew hugged her she hugged him back lightly, not wanting to hurt him, but she had wanted to hug him for the longest time. She couldn't believe she had her son back. "Oh Mathew." she whispered, tenderly kissing his neck, "I love you too. I've missed you and your sisters so much. After I was able to get away from Kennith was I able to look for you, and I did, with the help of Lukas, the man who brought you out of that wretched home you were just in." she leaned back to look at him with soft eyes, placing her hands on his cheeks lightly, "I never forgot about you or your sisters. Kelton is my new husband now."

Mathew: he smiled at her. "You seem happier with him. I'm glad you are." he told her. "You're getting the girls too?" he seemed happy to hear that. All of them could be a great big family.

Amadora: she nodded, "I am. Kelton makes me happy in ways that, well," she blushed, "In ways that your father used to but never did, anymore. Not after he changed. But yes, I am getting your sisters. How long has it been since you've seen them? Since Kennith took you to the auction?" she guessed, sounding sad.

Mathew: "I'm happy for you, mom." he told her when he saw her blush. "Yes, since the auction."

Amadora: "So you're in the same boat as me when it comes to seeing your sisters. However, I heard they've been sold off to a good home."

Mathew: "That's good they are in a good home." he nodded.

Amadora: she took Mathews hand again, "I just wish you had been in a good home too." she wanted to know all about his life, but from what he told her so far there was nothing good. "Where was this place you were at?"

Mathew: "It was out in Virginia." he held Amadora's hand as he talked.

Amadora: "Somewhere hidden amongst hills or mountains or trees so people wouldn't find out, I'm guessing. Because they had more than just you for a worker."

Mathew: he nodded. "It was a plantation hidden among thick trees."

Amadora: "There's so much of that out there, so much hidden, all of this going on that no one knows about." she felt bad about it, "And all those people still there. The children they've killed?" she squeezed his hand for a moment, "I'm very proud of you for trying, my son."

Mathew: he shook his head a bit. "I tried to stop him for one reason and one reason only." he whispered.

Amadora: "What was that reason?"

Mathew: he looked down at his lap, he then closed his eyes.

Amadora: "If you don't want to talk that's fine. I understand."

Mathew: "It's just...hard about it." he looked up at her; sadness could be seen in his eyes.

Amadora: "What is wrong about trying to save a child?" she could see nothing wrong with that.

Mathew: "The child was mine." he admitted in a whisper. "The child was as beautiful as her mother was and he killed her right in front of me."

Amadora: "You had a daughter?" she sounded shocked, "I thought you didn't sleep with any of the wives?"

Mathew: "After the punishment I didn't." he told her.

Amadora: "So you never slept with her after your daughter was killed." she said softly, "Does she love you?"

Mathew: "She wasn't allowed to and she said she loved me but this was years ago."

Amadora: "Why would he give his wives to others to sleep with if he was to kill the children after, and if he didn't want them to fall in love with the ones they slept with? Did you ever see her again, after she got pregnant and the baby was killed?"

Mathew: "To show us what happens if something like that happens. I got to see her once afterwards then I haven't seen her for over twenty years." he sighed.

Amadora: she nodded. Maybe Lukas would know what to do about that. "You should eat honey. Before it gets cold. I should let you rest, too. I've set up a bedroom for you." she looked to the side, "I can't believe I had a granddaughter." she could imagine what pain Mathew went through at losing his child. She had lost her children, but she only thought they had been dead. Mathew went through worse, actually seeing his child killed in front of him.

Mathew: "Thank you." he picked up his food and started to eat it again.

Amadora: "Excuse me." she got up and went to find Kelton.

Mathew: he nodded and continued to eat.

Kelton: he was eating a small sandwich.

Amadora: she walked up to Kelton and hugged him, "We had a granddaughter." she told him softly.

Kelton: he hugged her back. "Really?" he kissed the top of her head.

Amadora: "Mathew had a daughter and they killed her right in front of him." she murmured.

Kelton: he frowned. "That's not right." he stated and held her to him. "I thought I'd give you two some time alone." he told her.

Amadora: "Thank you." she stated with a sigh, enjoying being close to him because it was a comfort to her. "I'm glad I have you with me."

Kelton: "You're welcome hon."

Amadora: "Tomorrow I wanted to go with Lukas to get my daughters. Is that alright? Will you be alright with watching over Mathew?"

Kelton: "Yes, I'll be alright."

Amadora: "Okay. I'll go get him to bed so he can rest." she stole a kiss from Kelton before she walked back into the living room to see if Mathew was done with the food.

Mathew: he was done with the food. He was actually looking better than he was before.

Amadora: "Tired?" she asked him.

Mathew: "A little."

Amadora: "You're looking better." she complimented, reaching for the tray where the empty bowl that once held soup, the empty glass which once held milk, and the empty spot where a piece of buttered bread once sat.

Mathew: "Thank you. It was really good." he smiled.

Amadora: "If you don't feel like sleeping, you could watch television or something. The place isn't all that greatly decorated yet, and I apologize for that. Kelton and I just moved in here. But it has its basics."

Mathew: "It's alright. I think I'll try to get some rest."

Amadora: "Let me take this to the kitchen and then I'll help you to your room, alright?"

Mathew: "Alright but you don't have to mom. I can make it to the bedroom."

Amadora: "If you insist. I'd just like to follow you, in case." she didn't want him falling or anything, not wanting him to be hurt anymore than he already was.

Mathew: "Alright." he just didn't want to be a problem.

Amadora: she left the living room to put the tray and empty dishes into the sink to be washed, "He's going to get some rest." she told Kelton.

Kelton: "Alright. Need me to help?"

Amadora: "No." she leaned back against the sink to look up at Kelton, "Mathew seems to want to do some things on his own, which is a typical boy for you, I guess." she couldn't help but smile a bit at that. "I'm barely even allowed to help. He's looking better even after just the bath and the small bit of food."

Kelton: "Alright. If you need help just called me."

Amadora: "I will." she told him as she headed out of the kitchen back into the living room. "Your rooms on the first floor, so you don't have to climb stairs or anything. It was going to be an office for Kelton but, we wanted it as a room for you for now."

Mathew: "Thank you." he slowly started to get up. He used the walls and other things to help keep himself up.

Amadora: she stepped up close behind him, her hand out to catch him if he started to slip, or to support him if he allowed her to.

Mathew: he made it into to bedroom and to the bed.

Amadora: she walked over to him, wanting to help him in bed and to tuck him in, but she stopped short, just standing by the bed, her hands folded in front of her. He was a grown man, after all, and he probably wouldn't like to be babied. "You made it." she gave him a small smile.

Mathew: he laughed softly. "I did."

Amadora: she smiled at him and walked over to him, kissing his forehead gently, "I'm sorry about my hair, sweetheart. I would have kept it how you remembered it if I could have."

Mathew: "It's alright. I like it actually." he told her with a smile.

Amadora: "Thank you." she tucked some hair behind her ear and felt her cheeks flush. Kneeling down beside his bed she whispered, "Sometimes I think Kelton likes it longer better, though. It was longer when he first met me. But all he ever tells me is that he likes what I like. Sometimes it frustrates me, because I want to make him happy and I don't know how exactly. He just says he's happy as long as I'm happy."

Mathew: "Maybe what he says is true. He is happy when you are happy." he lay back onto the bed and covered up.

Amadora: "What makes you happy?" she asked him.

Mathew: "Family." he closed his eyes. "The last time I slept in a bed this comfortable was when I was eighteen." he whispered sleepily.

Amadora: "Well, you'll sleep in this bed for as long as you want now." she promised him. "Kelton and I are not going to kick you out."

Mathew: "Sounds good." he mumbled softly.

Amadora: "Sleep well, Mathew. You're safe here." she whispered to him, just staying there to watch him sleep.

Mathew: he slept peacefully for a while.

Amadora: she sat back, watching him as she slept, not able to take her eyes off of him and not believing he was here. She was planning on staying up all night just to watch and make sure he didn't need anything.

Mathew: he slept for another hour then woke with a startle. "Amy." he looked over beside him then realized it was a dream. He sighed and just looked at the ceiling.

Amadora: "Is Amy the mother of your daughter you lost, or your daughter herself?" she whispered softly, still sitting on the floor watching him. She hoped she didn't startle him too much.

Mathew: he looked at Amadora. "She's the mother of my daughter." he whispered then sighed again.

Amadora: she nodded, "You dream of her a lot then? Though it's been so long since you've seen her."

Mathew: "Every night." he stated and closed his eyes again. "I can't get her out of my head."

Amadora: "I'll try to get her for you, Mathew." she promised him.

Mathew: "Mm. It'll be nice to be with her again." soon he fell back to sleep.

Amadora: when she heard the even breaths of Mathew in sleep, she got to her feet and silently left the bedroom, shutting the door behind her so that it was open just a crack. She walked back out into the kitchen and picked up the house phone and called Lukas' cell phone number.

Lukas: "Hello?"

Amadora: "Hey Lukas," she said softly into the phone, "It's me, Amadora."

Lukas: "Hey. Something wrong?"

Amadora: "No, well, maybe. I just you remember a girl named Amy, at the place in Virginia you found Mathew at?"

Lukas: "There was a girl there named that, yes...but she was killed by her husband ten years ago." he told her.

Amadora: she sucked in a sharp breath, her hand going to her throat and resting. Unable to find words for a good few seconds, when she finally did her voice was a whisper. "I'm guessing Mathew doesn't know."

Lukas: "Did he ask for her or something?"

Amadora: "Yes." she said softly, "Apparently he and Amy had a daughter together that Amy's husband killed almost as soon as she was born."

Lukas: he softly growled. "That is one thing that I can't tolerate at all. The killing of a woman I can't tolerate either. This guy needs to be killed or reported to the club."

Amadora: her eyes widened, "You can't. What if Kennith remembers Mathew is there and when they go to collect the other women and men who had been under the man's power, and he's not there...what will he think?" there was a hint of fear in her voice, but she was also disappointed. She knew she agreed that the man needed to be killed for how he treated the others.

Lukas: "I'll wait a few years." he promised. "But I will kill him." he told her.

Amadora: "What if others are killed in the mean time?"

Lukas: "I'll warn him then if he continues to do it, I'll have to report him Amadora."

Amadora: "I understand." she said softly, "What should I do, Lukas? Overtime, you've come more of a friend and mentor to me, and so I wonder, if you were me, would you tell Mathew Amy was dead?"

Lukas: "I would but I would tell him as easily as possible."

Amadora: "No one wants to know if they're first love is dead, Lukas." she said softly. Even her, as much as she hated Kennith, wasn't sure how she could handle hearing he had died. She had Kelton to help her through it, of course. But Mathew didn't have anyone besides her and Kelton.

Lukas: "I know, Amadora. I know. One of my wives has shown me that and I had to help her through it. After a year, for her, she seemed better. I do not know if that will be for Mathew though."

Amadora: "I don't and can't and won't lie to him though." she said softly, "So I'll find a way to tell him." she was quiet again for a moment, "I'll see you tomorrow, Lukas."

Lukas: "Alright. See you tomorrow."

Amadora: she hung up the phone, stifling a yawn as she walked over to the sink to wash up the dishes in it. As she did, she tried to think of how to tell Mathew, but she couldn't mentally form the right words. Anyway she said it, it would still be hard on him. She swallowed back tears as she thought about it, then even thinking about Kennith. God, she was turning into a softy. A small smile tugged at her lips. She wondered if part of it was because of Kelton, how he brought out the best in her. She just remembered with Kennith, and even with Lukas, she was as stubborn as a mule. She laughed quietly and put a hand to her mouth, her laugh stopping short. She felt bad that she was laughing after just hearing about Amy dying. Biting her cheek she put her hands back into the sink water and continued to wash up the dishes.

Kelton: he came up behind her and wrapped his arms around her waist as she washed the dishes. He softly kissed her neck then rested his chin lightly against her shoulder. "How's my love doing?" he asked her softly.

Amadora: "Good," she smiled a bit as she felt his arms around her waist and his kiss on her neck, her smile softly fading after a moment, "And bad, I guess. Both." her hands didn't stop with the dishes.

Kelton: "Oh, how come?" he asked her as he lightly brushed his nose against her skin.

Amadora: "Lukas just told me over the phone that the girl Mathew had a daughter with, is dead." she whispered, making sure only her and Kelton could hear it. She finished rinsing off the dishes and set them on the other side of the sink to dry.

Kelton: he stopped what he was doing. "That's horrible." he whispered. "Is he positive that it is her though? Like did the descriptions match and everything?" he asked her.

Amadora: "I asked about a girl named Amy. That's all the information Mathew had given to me, and that's all Lukas told me was the girl's name was Amy." she turned the water off and looked over at Kelton, "Do you think it might be a mistake?" a little bit of hope blossomed inside her.

Kelton: "It could be. I mean, the guy could have more than one Amy so it's possible. See if you can get Mathew to describe what she looks like and how she acts. It might help."

Amadora: she nodded and gave Kelton a smile as she put her hands on his cheeks, "You're a very smart man, you know that?" she planted a kiss on his lips, not realizing she hadn't dried her hands off after doing the dishes so they were still wet, until she pulled back from the kiss. She blushed and dropped her hands and quickly grabbed the towel and lifted it to his cheeks and patted them dry, "Sorry." she almost giggled. Yes, Kelton had changed her a lot. She liked it, yet she wondered if he knew her stubborn streak if he'd still love her. Kennith couldn't handle it, and neither could Lukas. With how tender hearted Kelton was, it would probably give him a heart attack. Sympathy was present in her eyes as she thought about it, drying her own hands off with the towel as she did so, watching Kelton. But being with him she was like her old self. She had missed that a lot.

Kelton: he chuckled softly. "Why are you sorry, love?" when he asked her, he took some water and splashed it at her playfully. He then laughed a bit. He couldn't help be this way around her. He always wanted to hear her laugh or see her smile. It made him happy. He was still in their honeymoon stage, you could say. He always wanted to be around her, be with her, and have her…but he limited himself. Now that her son was back, he gave her space to be with him and he'll do the same thing when her daughters get here but he'd be there if Amadora ever needed him. He was a bit afraid though, What if her children didn't like him? Or think that he is trying to replace their real father? He would never do that to them.

Amadora: she laughed when he splashed her, "Hey!" she started to wipe the water off of her with the towel in her hand, "No fair!" she giggled and set the towel down and looked at him, leaning in to kiss him on the lips softly, "I love you." she whispered to him. Besides her children, to her, Kelton was the greatest thing to happen to her.

Kelton: he smiled and kissed her back when she kissed him. "I love you too, love." he whispered back to him.

Amadora: "Are you ready for bed?" she asked him.

Kelton: he nodded. "Yes." he replied.

Amadora: "Okay." she took his hand and led him from the kitchen, shutting the light off as she did so.

Kelton: he followed after her, since she was leading him.

Amadora: she walked up the stairs quietly with him, looking back at him with a small smile, "We could try again." she whispered to him. "In our new house."

Kelton: "Is that what you want, my love?" he asked her in a whisper.

Amadora: "Why wouldn't I want it?"

Kelton: "I don't know, love. I'm just making sure." he then picked her up and carried her the rest of the way to their bedroom. He closed the door once they were in the room. He softly kissed her as he walked over to the bed and laid her down on it, leaning over her.

Amadora: she squealed softly and giggled with delight when he scooped her up into his arms, holding onto him with her arms around his neck. When he brought her into the bedroom and shut the door behind them, setting her on the bed, she looked up at him and found herself blushing.

Kelton: he smiled and brushed her cheeks with his thumb. "You are so beautiful."

Amadora: "You tell me that all the time." she replied softly, turning to kiss his hand, "Thank you for the compliment."

Kelton: "That's because it's true." he told her before he leaned down and kissed her, first softly then more passionate.

Amadora: she kissed him back just as passionately, placing her hands on his cheeks.


Amadora: she was humming softly as she made breakfast for the three of them; her and Kelton and Mathew. She would ask Lukas today about Amy.

Mathew: he was sitting at the table with Kelton, talking to him. He looked better than the day before. He was better rested and had more color in his face and his eyes had life in them now. He still looked weak but not as much.

Amadora: when breakfast was ready she set it on the table before each of them and then one before the place where she sat down. She smiled at all of them and then looked at Mathew, "Did you sleep okay? After you woke up."

Mathew: he nodded. "Yes. Thank you." he waited to eat though.

Kelton: he waited until Amadora was seated.

Amadora: "You can eat. Don't worry about finishing it all if you can't. I hope you like it." she started to eat her own food.

Kelton: he started to eat too.

Mathew: "I'm sure I will." he started to eat as well. He ate small bites of his food. He did like it.

Amadora: "So, what do you boys plan on doing today while I'm gone?"

Mathew: "You're not going to be home today?" he asked softly and looked up at her.

Kelton: "She's going with Lukas to get your sisters." he explained.

Mathew: "Oh." he replied. "Well, I don't know really what we'll be doing."

Amadora: "Do you want me to stay?" she asked Mathew, "If you need me here, tell me." she felt bad now about going. "Lukas can go alone."

Mathew: he shook his head no. "No, it's alright. I'm sure Kelton and I can fine something to do." he gave her a small smile.

Amadora: "I won't be gone long." she promised, "And you can get to know Kelton better. You'll love him." she looked over at Kelton and smiled, "I do."

Mathew: he looked at Kelton before he started to eat again.

Kelton: he smiled back at Amadora before he took a few more bites.

Amadora: after breakfast was over she cleaned up the kitchen and then went and got dressed for the day before she waited on Lukas to come.

Mathew: he sat with Kelton at the table talking with him Amadora got ready.

Lukas: he pulled into the driveway.

Amadora: when she heard Lukas pull into the driveway she jumped up and walked over to Kelton and kissed his cheek and then kissed Mathew's cheek, "See you both later."

Kelton: "See you later, love." he smiled at her.

Mathew: "Bye mom. Be careful." he gave her a small smile.

Lukas: he knocked on the door.

Amadora: "I will." she promised before she went to the front door and opened it, "Hey," she stepped outside with Lukas and shut the door behind her.

Lukas: "Hey, all ready I'm assuming."

Amadora: "Yes. We need to talk." she grabbed his arm and started to pull, somewhat dragging him, back to his car.

Lukas: "You know, all you had to do was ask if we could go to my car and talk." he said as he walked with Amadora.

Amadora: she glanced at him and then stopped walking, "Either way works, right?"

Lukas: "Yeah." he stopped too then walked over to the passenger's side and opened it for her.

Amadora: "Thank you." she got into the car after looking at him for a moment.

Lukas: he nodded then shut the door. He then walked over to the driver's side of the car and got in. He started the car and backed out of the drive onto the road then drove towards where Amadora's daughters are going to be. "So, what is it that you want to talk to me about?"

Amadora: "Kelton has this idea that maybe the Amy you are thinking about is different than the one I am."

Lukas: "It might be. I would have to have a description of the Amy that you are thinking of to compare it to the one I am thinking of."

Amadora: she sighed with frustration and leaned her head back on the chair, "I forgot to ask."

Lukas: "You could always call and ask. That's what cell phones are for." he pointed out.

Amadora: "He would wonder why I was asking."

Lukas: "Just say you were wondering. You are wondering what she looks like, aren't you?"

Amadora: "Well yes, but...I mean I could." she looked out the windshield confused, "We're driving all the way to Virginia?"

Lukas: "You're daughters don't live in Virginia. They don't live that far from where I live, to be honest. I know their husband."

Amadora: "Who is he?" she looked at him, "Anyone I know? If you know their husband, how did you not know of my daughters earlier than now?"

Lukas: "I never saw his wives." he admitted. "He told me where he lived but we'd never get together there." he shrugged. "I didn't know until I looked it up." he glanced over at her before looking back at the road. "His name is Renzo. He's from Romania."

Amadora: "So he married my daughters. He didn't make them into slaves or maids to work for him, like Mathew's owners did?"

Lukas: he shook his head no. "He's more of a husband that likes to spoil his wives and make sure they are happy. Plus, he does not force them to have children with him. So, if they don't want to have kids, he won't force them. He also doesn't do what Kennith does if they cannot or will not bear children. He loves them all the same but, if one of his wives get deathly ill, he won't let them suffer. He'll ask them first, if they want to die from the illness or if they want to die by his hand and happy. They always choose by his hand and happy." he explained. "He's never punished his wives but yet, they respect him and listen to him."

Amadora: "How can they die from his hand and happy?" she looked over at Lukas, "You're sure he's that good to them?" she felt bad about thinking of taking them away from someone they love.

Lukas: "I can't tell you that because I honestly don't know. I only know what he tells me when it comes to his wives." he glanced at her again. "No one has had any complaints from him and none of them had ever returned to the auctions. I'm guessing he's that good."

Amadora: she nodded curtly, "I'll have to see by asking my daughters and seeing his place. I'll judge it for my own eyes." but she guessed getting her daughters to leave that place if he was so good, would not be what was right. Maybe now that she knew they were here, she could visit them.

Lukas: he nodded. "Alright." he turned down his road. "By the way, he doesn't have as many wives as Kennith or I do. He has about twenty total. He won't go more than that."

Amadora: "They have a nice house?" she asked.

Lukas: "Yes. He lives there with his twenty wives. He doesn't like the idea of splitting up his wives."

Amadora: "Does he have many children? Is his place well furnished and taken care of?"

Lukas: "He has a few children that I know of. Amadora, I can't answer any questions that deal with his house."

Amadora: "That's right. I forgot." she said softly, "Sorry. How much longer till we are there?" she wondered if any of the children were her grandchildren.

Lukas: "We are actually there." he turned into a long driveway.

Amadora: looking more alert, she kept her eyes ahead of her, trying to spot the house when it came up, and taking all the details in.

The house came into sight after a few more minutes. It looked to be a house from 1864. It was white and had four tall white pillars in the front of the house to hold up the roof for the porch area. The house was two floors and had large windows.

Lukas: he pulled up to the side of the circle of the driveway that went up to the door and around back to exit out. He stopped the car and shut it off. "I forgot to mention. He's really old fashion." he opened his door and got out, shut it then was over at her door and opened it.

A guy with dark black hair came outside and stood on the porch. He smiled a bit when he saw Lukas. He had a dark complexion for a Romanian. His golden eyes were gentle and soft. He was dressed in a somewhat old fashion suit and stood with his hands in front of him.

Amadora: "That's not always a bad thing, right?" she asked Lukas softly as she stepped out of the car when he opened the door for her. She glanced from Lukas to the house, seeing a man in the doorway, "What's his name?"

Lukas: "Lorenzo but he likes to go by Renzo." he shut her door once she was out of the car. He then walked with her to the door.

Renzo: he smiled. "Lukas, this is a surprise to see you. A surprise visit. It's been a while since we seen each other." he looked over at Amadora. "And who might this lovely lady be?" he asked as he bowed slightly to her and smiled at her.

Amadora: she nodded to him, "My name is..." she wasn't sure if she should tell him her real name, and looked at Lukas for guidance on that part.

Lukas: "Is Yelena." he stepped in. "She's one of my wives. I promised her that I would spend the day with her."

Renzo: he gentle took Amadora's hand. "It is a pleasure to meet you, Yelena." he softly kissed her hand. "Please, come inside. The both of you." he looked at them both and motioned them inside. "Ladies first, my dear."

Lukas: "Thank you, Renzo."

Amadora: to her own credit she blushed softly when Lorenzo kissed her hand, "Pleasure to meet you too sir." she stepped inside, looking around at the place, folding her hands in front of her.

Renzo: he smiled more when he saw her blush. He let Lukas in next before he went inside. "It is not much but it is home." he stated when he saw her look around.

The place was decorated as it would in the year 1864.

Amadora: "It's exquisite." she complimented. She tried to see if she could spot any of his wives, or better yet, her daughters, from where she stood.

Renzo: "Thank you." he replied. "My first wife decorated the place, god rest her. We can visit in the living room as you guys would call it now a days." he walked down toward what would be the living room. His wives were everywhere in the house.

Amadora: "You let them decorate the place too?" she kept her eye out for anyone who might look like Jessica or Sarah as she followed Renzo into the living room. "That's very sweet of you." she told him politely.

Renzo: "Yes, I let my wives decorate their rooms and certain parts of the house. I like to keep some things the same, in the memory of my first wife." he looked back at her and smiled. "Why, thank you." he motioned to the couch for Lukas and Amadora. "Please, sit. I'll see if I can get some tea or coffee in here." he walked over to the doorway and looked around for one of his wives. "Ah, Jessica do you think you could bring some tea or coffee in here for our guests?" he asked her gently.

Jessica: she looked up from where she sat on the floor against the wall, curled up with a book on her lap, her skirts tucked neatly around her. Her hair was in a long braid down her back. As she closed the book she got to her feet, eyes on Renzo again, "How many guests? Do you want some too?" she smiled back at him, "Would you prefer tea or coffee?" she asked him gently, speaking to him like he spoke to her.

Amadora: she took a seat on the couch that Renzo motioned for her and Lukas to sit at. She kept looking at the pictures on the walls. It really was a nice place. She liked what she'd seen so far, she hated to admit that.

Renzo: "Two guests and yes, please." he looked back at Amadora and Lukas. "Tea or coffee?"

Lukas: "Either is fine." he told Renzo as he sat next to Amadora.

Amadora: "Tea please." she answered, looking up at Lorenzo.

Jessica: "I'll go make some. You don't have a preference on what you'd like to drink, Renzo?"

Renzo: "Tea is fine my dear." he kissed her cheek. "Thank you."

Jessica: she gave him a small smile before putting her book in the pocket of her dress and heading into the kitchen to get them their tea.

Renzo: he watched her walk into the kitchen with a smile before turning back to Lukas and Amadora. He walked over to a chair and sat down. "So, what is the reason for this surprise visit?"

Amadora: "My fr...husband, Lukas, was telling me about two wives you have here named Jessica and Sarah. He thought we could be good friends maybe." she tried to keep her voice calm and her eyes on Renzo as she spoke. Would he get mad that she was looking him in the eye?

Renzo: "Oh, yes. Jessica is the one that will be bringing in the tea for us. Sarah is shy. She doesn't really talk to strangers and doesn't really like being around them mostly. But, I can see if she'll talk to you two after I explain who you are."

Amadora: she looked a bit concerned, "Did something happen to Sarah to make her that shy?"

Renzo: "She's been like that really for the time she's been here. She has warmed up to me and my other wives though."

Amadora: "That's good to hear. You must be really sweet to your women then."

Jessica: she walked into the room carrying a tray with three tea cups on it and a pot of tea in the center. A little sugar cube dish was on the side of the tray and a small pitcher of milk sat beside the sugar cube dish. She set the tray on the coffee table and picked up one of the tea cups and filled it with tea and fixed the tea the way she knew Renzo liked it and handed it to him before looking at Lukas next. "How do you like your tea, sir?"

Renzo: "Yes." he looked at Jessica. "Thank you, my dear." he looks to the door. "Will you excuse me, please?" he set his cup down and stood. He went to the door.

Lukas: "One sugar cube and it'll be good, thank you." he told her. "You must be Jessica." he watched her.

Jessica: she nodded, "I am." placing the cube in the tea cup she handed it to Lukas, looking up, "May I ask your name sir?"

Amadora: she turned her attention to Jessica, just watching her, trying to keep calm. Jessica looked beautiful and in good health. A small smile formed on her lips about that.

Lukas: "Lukas." he took the cup. "Thank you. you remember a girl named Amadora?" he asked her before taking a drink of tea.

Jessica: "My dad too?" her eyes lit up, "How is she?" she asked with a smile. In her eyes her dad had kept his promise, giving her a good home with Renzo.

Lukas: "No. You're dad isn't with her anymore." he told her. "But she wants you, your sister and your brother together. Mathew is with her now though."

Jessica: "Mathew? I haven't seen him forever!" she exclaimed, "How is he? He went to live with another family separate from me and Sarah."

Lukas: "He's getting better." he told her. "His family wasn't as good to him as Renzo is to you and your sister."

Jessica: "Oh no." she said softly, "If dad knew he wouldn't have allowed that. Does mom and dad know?"

Lukas: "Your mother knows, but your father doesn't."

Jessica: "Someone should tell him then. Where is mom if she's not with him?" she looked over at Amadora, "I'm sorry I'm talking and not getting you some tea. How would you like it miss?" she didn't recognize her at all.

Amadora: she swallowed, "Just one cube and a bit of milk please."

Jessica: nodding, she got Amadora her tea as Lukas answered her.

Lukas: "She's actually here." he stated. "But she has changed a bit."

Jessica: her head snapped up to look at Lukas, "Renzo married her?" she felt a bit weird thinking that. "No," she calmed down, "My dad wouldn't divorce her."

Lukas: "Your dad thinks your mom is dead, Jessica but she's very much alive. She's living her own life now with another guy and she's really happy with this guy too. She's just changed her appearance. Her hair color. She wants you kids back so all of you can be a family, Jessica. You, Sarah, Mathew, her and her new husband."

Jessica: she crinkled her nose at what Lukas told her, "No offense, sir, but we wouldn't be a family if my father wasn't there. Mom should go back to him."

Lukas: "Jessica, if you don't believe me, you should ask your mother yourself."

Jessica: "Believe you about what? I believe you, I just don't think it's right. I love my dad, and I love Renzo. I'd love to see Mathew and my mom both but I am not leaving Renzo." she handed Amadora her tea; "Here you are miss." she tried to keep her voice calm but was getting upset at the things Lukas said.

Lukas: "Would you like to see what your brother looks like, because of your father?"

Jessica: she looked at Lukas, "You just said my father knew nothing about it. It's not his fault. It's the ones who had taken him under their care who should be blamed. Maybe my mother because you did say she knew too." her brown eyes were hard and cold as she looked at Lukas.

Amadora: her hands shook as she held the tea. Carefully she set it on the table, her eyes on the cup. She didn't want to drop it. She was nervous. This conversation was not going well.

Lukas: "Your brother would have never looked like he does if your father never took him and you girls to the auction. Your mother didn't know until after he was with her again so she cannot be blamed for it." he pulled out his phone and showed her the picture of Mathew that he took of him. "Your brother would have never looked like that if it wasn't for your father taking him to the auction." he growled softly, getting frustrated. He watched Jessica.

Jessica: she glanced at the photo and her eyes watered up before she looked away, "Dad thought he'd go live somewhere safe. Like Sarah and I did."

Lukas: "Let me ask you something. Has your father contacted you since you've started to live here? Has he come to visit you?" he put his phone away.

Jessica: "Has my mom? Have I asked to see them? No. I'm sure Renzo would have let me see them if I asked. But now since my mom's left my dad..." she shook her head in disappointment and stepped back.

Lukas: "Your mother has been looking for you for years now. Years." He emphasized, "She knows where you are at now so she might start coming around. Would you want to stay with Renzo if you didn't love him and only got to be with him only when he wanted to be with you?"

Jessica: "I don't..." she was confused, "I don't know. That's not how it is for me. If my parents want to see me I'd love that. I just didn't think they had time to see me with how busy my father always was and my mom with kids. Sarah and I both understood."

Lukas: "Your father is too busy finding women to become his wives to care about his children after they turn 18." he stated and rolled his eyes a bit. "Your mother though, would like for you to come live with her and her new husband...that's if you really want to." he glanced at Amadora, waiting to see if she had anything to add.

Amadora: she had nothing to say. Lukas had pretty much said it all. She could guess what Jessica was going to say even before she said it.

Jessica: she answered a firm, "No." she started to walk away, "Renzo!" she called, sounding helpless.

Renzo: he was on the phone in his office. He seemed frustrated.

Jessica: not hearing Renzo answer she just crossed her arms and then looked back at Amadora and Lukas a moment before leaving the room.

Lukas: he looked at Amadora.

Amadora: when Jessica left she looked at Lukas with a sad expression, "I wanted to tell her who I was but I got the feeling if I did..." her voice trembled as she whispered, "She'd tell Renzo, or Kennith would hear somehow."

Lukas: "I know. I tried Amadora." he whispered to her.

Amadora: "Should we wait for Renzo to get back before we leave?"

Lukas: he nodded. "Yes. We should."

Amadora: "I really wish to see Sarah though."

Lukas: "I know. I don't know what to do in order for you to see her."

Amadora: "Perhaps just ask?"

Lukas: "We could."


Renzo: he came out after a few minutes.

Jessica: "Renzo?" she looked up at him.

Renzo: "Yes?" he looked at her.

Jessica: "I don't like your guests." she hugged him, pressing her face to his chest, "They're trying to get me to leave you."

Renzo: "Jessica, you're going to have to deal with my guest because they're my friends." he pulled back and looked at her.

Jessica: "But they're trying to get me to leave with them." she pouted, clutching her hands to her chest when he pulled back.

Renzo: "I don't have time for this." he walked away from her and into the living room.


Renzo: he walked into the living room, "Sorry about that. I had an important call."

Lukas: "It is alright. Things happen."

Amadora: "Jessica is lovely, though I don't think she likes me much." she commented softly when Renzo came back into the living room.

Jessica: she walked up to the doorway of the living room, placing her hand on the paneling as she watched Lukas and Amadora and Renzo with a sad expression.

Renzo: he ignored Jessica. "So. Where were we?" he asked Amadora and Lukas.

Jessica: her heart sank to her stomach as she wondered why Renzo was ignoring her. He never did that before. Maybe it was because they were his guests. Still, when he ignored her it hurt her feelings. Didn't he care if she was taken away?

Amadora: "I am not sure." she glanced at Jessica. When she saw how sad she looked her stomach twisted with sympathy.

Renzo: "How's the tea?" he asked them.

Lukas: "Very good, thank you. Um, Renzo, I think my...wife and I will be leaving here."

Renzo: "You sure? I could show you around and you can meet my other wives."

Lukas: he glanced at Amadora then nodded. "Alright we can stay long enough for that I guess then we really must go."

Renzo: "Very well." he stood and waited on them.

Jessica: she always had a bit of her mother's temper and stubbornness. If Renzo had nothing to say about keeping her, maybe she would leave. Taking a step into the living room she crossed her arms over her chest and looked pointedly at Lukas, "When you leave I'll come with you." she held her head up, ignoring Renzo. If he could ignore her she would ignore him.

Lukas: he glanced at Jessica and nodded a bit.

Amadora: she had nodded to Lukas and as Jessica came into the living room she couldn't help but smile at seeing her stubbornness and being reminded of herself.

Jessica: she turned to Renzo once she saw Lukas nod to her, "I guess if you don't care of me warning you that they want to take me, I'll just go." and with that she left to her room to pack a bag to take with her.

Renzo: he heard what Jessica said but said nothing in front of Lukas and Amadora. He'll talk to Jessica later.

Amadora: "Um, that tour?" she asked nervously.

Renzo: "Oh yes. Do you mind if one of my wives show you around? I need to talk to one of my wives." he followed after Jessica.

Lukas: he watched Renzo then looked at Amadora. "I have a bad feeling." he followed after Renzo.

Amadora: "Sure." she nodded to Renzo before he left. Once he was gone she looked at Lukas as he voiced her own thoughts, "So do I." she said softly, "But didn't you say he doesn't hurt his wives?"

Lukas: "He tells me that. Has Kennith ever told anyone that he punishes his wives like he does? I haven't heard him say it but I know someone that knows and they told me." he replied to her as he followed Renzo.

Amadora: "He shows a few when he has public showings of how to use whips in his stage room, but other than that he just told others that he punishes his wives and they know he uses whips. I mean do you tell people how you punish your wives? You're like him in that way." she remembered from her own experience with Lukas.

Renzo: he walked into Jessica's room and shut the door behind him.

Lukas: "Yes, I do." he admitted honestly.

Amadora: "Where'd he go?" she stopped and looked for Renzo.

Lukas: "In Jessica's room."

Amadora: "We wait here then?"

Lukas: "I guess so."

A wife walked up to Amadora and Lukas, "May I help you?" she asked them, wondering why they were walking around Renzo's house.

Lukas: "Renzo said we could have a tour of the house." he stated to her.

Amadora: she nodded, "We were trying to find a wife to give us the tour. Would you be willing to do that for us?"

The wife smiled, "Yes. Follow me." she motioned for Lukas and Amadora to follow her as she walked away. She'd do anything that would please Renzo.

Lukas: he followed the wife.


Jessica: she had a bag on her bed and was at her dresser, back turned to the door as she rifled through it. When she heard someone come in she smiled, feeling a bit relieved he came after her, guessing it was Renzo. He did care. She turned to face him with a smile on her face; "You came!" she walked towards him, leaving her dresser drawer open.

Renzo: "What do you think you're doing?" he asked her. He didn't sound or look happy.

Jessica: she stopped a few steps in front of him, "Seeing if you cared enough to stop me from leaving. I told you they want to take me from you. Apparently my mom's looking for me and my sister Sarah."

Renzo: "Lukas would never try and take another man's wife. He knows the rules of the club. You need to quite this Jessica." he told her. "Unpack your things, now." he ordered her.

Jessica: "Why don't you test it and see?" she crossed her arms, "Then you can see I wouldn't lie to you. I don't want them to take me from you. It just scared me. That's all. I hadn't really planned on packing anything anyways. My bag's empty." she assured him.

Renzo: "I said quit it." he said sternly. "I've known Lukas before I even married you and your sister. I've known him since my first wife. Lukas would never take another man's' wife unless he was trading wives. He's never traded any of his wives with anyone except with Kennith and he's only done that once" Jessica was really trying his patients. He wasn't in a good mood before this and her stubbornness wasn't helping any.

Jessica: "Alright." she said softly, taking a step towards him and lightly placed her fingertips on his chest, saying softly, "I don't want to lose you. I love you." what she'd done was almost a test for him.

Renzo: he grabbed her hand and turned it a bit too hard. "I make sure you have a nice house and everything that you want. I don't make you bare my children if you don't want to. I don't force you into anything and you pull what you did. You never embarrass me in front of guests like that. Do you understand me?"

Jessica: she sucked in a breath from the bit of pain that shot through her arm when Renzo grabbed her wrist a bit too hard. "Yes sir." she said softly, "I do apologize."

Renzo: "Good. Now I want you to apologize to our guests for acting like you did." he let go of her wrist. "I never want to hear you say anything in that realm of leaving or being taken. Is that understood?"

Jessica: "But...if you could prevent it, why wouldn't you want to know?" she asked softly, pulling her wrist back and rubbing it with her hand. "I will gladly apologize to them sir."

Renzo: "Do not question me on my decision, Jessica." he somewhat snapped at her. "Good and you better mean it."

Jessica: she nodded, "Yes sir. I didn't mean to anger you so. I just don't like you ignoring me. That's not like you." she looked down.

Renzo: "When I ignore you, it means to drop the subject we were talking about." he opened her door and motioned her out.

Jessica: "Alright." she didn't understand why he didn't want an upper hand on things planned behind his back. Perhaps it was because it was a friend of his and Renzo did not like to hear anything bad about his friends. She could respect that. She looked up when she heard the door open and stepped over to Renzo, stopping beside him and leaning over to kiss his cheek softly, hoping it would help his bad mood.

Renzo: after she kissed his cheek, he sighed then pulled her to him and hugged her. "Did I hurt you when I grabbed your wrist?" he asked her softly.

Jessica: she shook her head no, "Just a bit, but you didn't mean it. I made you mad."

Renzo: he hugged her again. He didn't know what to believe at the moment. Another friend of his just called him and told him that one of his men had disappeared but didn't know if he was taken or ran away. He was frustrated to hear that then Jessica's stubbornness just pushed him almost over the edge.

Jessica: "I love you." she told him softly. She didn't want to leave him. Not now and not ever. She was part afraid she'd be taken.

Renzo: "I love you too." he whispered back. He hugged her for another minute before he let go of her. "Now go and apologize to our guests." he patted her butt as she walked away, watching her for a few minutes before he followed after her.

Jessica: she glanced back at him when he patted her butt and smiled, "Where are they?" she kept walking down the hall headed towards the living room again.

Renzo: "Somewhere around here. I let them take a tour of the house."

Jessica: "After I apologize to them may I go back to reading my book?" she didn't feel like being around them.

Renzo: "Yes you may." He started to flirt with another wife of his that he passed in the hallway.

Jessica: she nodded and replied, "Thank you," and walked to another wife, asking if she saw where the guests were. When she pointed, Jessica headed that way.


The wife that was giving Lukas and Amadora a tour of the house was also introducing them to each of the wives.

Walking up to a girl who sat on the porch when she made her way outside, she introduced the girl as Sarah.

Sarah: she looked up at Amadora and Lukas with soft brown eyes that showed a bit of fear in them. "Hello." she managed in a soft whisper, not wanting to be rude, her cheeks flushing red as she spoke. She looked away after a second.

Lukas: "Hello Sarah. No need to be scared. We're not going to hurt you, dear. Renzo has said a lot of nice things about you." he told her gently.

Sarah: she nodded, not saying anything in response though.

Amadora: "You're almost the complete opposite of your sister." Kneeling down beside where she sat on the porch. She didn't remember Sarah being this shy before she left with Kennith. Part of her worried.

"Shall we move on?" the wife who was giving them the tour asked. "Sarah doesn't like talking much. Especially to strangers."

Amadora: "I'm not a stranger though." she found herself whispering. "She's known me awhile."

Sarah: she found herself lifting her head enough to look at Amadora's face, watching her intently.

Lukas: he looked at the wife who was giving them the tour. "Um, do you think I could have a bottle of water or something to drink? I am a little thirsty." he was trying to distract the wife mostly.

Jessica: she walked outside onto the porch, "Didn't you just have tea?" she asked Lukas, hearing him ask for water.

Lukas: he looked at Jessica. "Yes, but water keeps me from drinking something else." he told her. "Something I'm sure Renzo wouldn't really enjoy me drinking from."

Amadora: she reached her arm behind her as she kept her eyes on Sarah, grabbing Lukas leg and squeezing it firmly as a warning for him to be quiet. He was scaring Sarah. She could tell by her eyes.

Jessica: "I see." she let out a breath, "I wanted to apologize to you both." she glanced down at Amadora.

The other wife went into the house to get Lukas a bottle of water like he asked for.

Lukas: he looked down at Amadora then shut up. He then looked up at Jessica. "Apologize for what?" he asked Jessica.

Amadora: she dropped her hand.

Jessica: "For my disrespect I showed earlier towards my husband. In case I offended either of you in anyway. It was not right of me to act in such a manner. Please forgive me." her words sounded sincere.

Lukas: "You know, you wouldn't have to apologize like you are if you lived with your mother." he glanced down towards Sarah before looking at Jessica again. "I mean, your mother has been looking for you for a long time and would love to have you and your sister back with Mathew. But, I respect your decisions to stay with your husband. I guess I'll just have to tell her that you rather stay with him."

Jessica: "Thank you for respecting my decisions. There is nothing wrong with apologizing. It is just good manners."

Amadora: she looked up at Jessica and said softly, "You are forgiven."

Sarah: she glanced from Lukas back to Amadora, her eyes widening when recognition hit them. "Mom!" she exclaimed in a voice that for her was unusually loud, so it caught the attention of a few of the wives and the children who were outside.

Amadora: she turned her head back to look at Sarah just as Sarah climbed off of the chair and into her mother's arms and onto her lap like a child, hugging her tightly.

Jessica: her eyes were wide. There was no way her sister would do that unless it was truly their mother.

Amadora: she kissed Sarah's head softly before getting to her feet, tugging Sarah with her, who looked up at her face with big puppy dog eyes.

Lukas: he looked around at the wives and children. He leaned down to Amadora and Sarah. "The other wives are looking. We need to take this reunion somewhere else." he whispered to them. He watched the others carefully. He then looked at Jessica.

Amadora: she knew Lukas was right, so she started to walk inside with Sarah but Jessica blocked the doorway. "Jessica." she looked at her older daughter.

Jessica: "Lukas is not our father." she looked upset.

The girl who had went inside the house to get Lukas his water was behind Jessica, holding the glass of ice water in her hand but unable to step out of the house to hand it to Lukas because of Jessica in the doorway.

Lukas: "We're coming inside if Jessica moves out of the way." he told the girl with the water. "I'll get it when I get in there." he looked at Jessica. "Do I have to get Renzo down here? I'm sure he would be highly upset to see what you are doing." he then leaned next to her ear. "I told you about your father plus, I'm not your mother's new husband. Her new husband is at her house taking care of your brother. Which I remind you, you're father didn't make sure he got into a good home like you and your sister did."

Jessica: she looked at Lukas and after hesitating a moment she stepped aside, letting Amadora walk in with Sarah but her eyes still on Lukas. She'd already upset Renzo enough today she did not want to upset him even more.

Lukas: he stepped inside after Amadora and Sarah. "Thank you." he said to the girl that got him some water. He took a drink of it as he followed Amadora and Sarah to where they were going.

The girl nodded to Lukas after he took the water glass from her. "You're welcome sir."

Jessica: curiosity got the better of her and she followed after Lukas.

Lukas: once they got into the living room, where they were more or less alone, he sat down in a chair. He let Amadora and Sarah sit on the couch if they wanted to. He watched Jessica though, waiting for her to go get Renzo or something.

Jessica: "What?" she almost snapped at Lukas when she caught him staring at her, "Stop being creepy."

Lukas: "I'm just waiting on you to go run to Renzo or do something like you did earlier, that's all." he took another drink of the water.

Sarah: she held on tightly to her mother's hand as she took a seat on the couch with her. Silent tears rolled down her cheeks. "Mom, I want to come with you." she whispered to her with a shaky voice.

Jessica: "Heck no!" she exclaimed, hearing what her sister said and stepping closer to the couch, her attention from Lukas now broken and focused on Sarah and her mom. "You better not take her!"

Lukas: he then looked over at Amadora and Sarah. "She wants to come home with her mother. That's all. I can't stop her from leaving with her. It is actually her parental right to be able to take her child if she thinks that the child is unhappy at the place that the child is at." he told Jessica.

Jessica: she turned to glare at Lukas, "After getting married it is the right of the husband. No. I am not going to run to Renzo. He told me not to tell him if any of his wives were being taken. He doesn't believe me. So I won't bother to say anything." she crossed her arms, upset at that thought, sort of glad it was going to bite him in the butt if they did take Sarah. But she did not want Sarah to go. She looked back at Amadora and then glared at Sarah.

Lukas: he looked at Sarah. "Sarah, dear, are you unhappy here?" he asked her softly, trying not to scare her.

Sarah: she looked up at Lukas and shook her head no softly, and then once she shook it yes, as if she was unsure. "I just miss my mom." she whispered softly.

Amadora: she kept her eyes on Sarah, only a few times glancing at Jessica and Lukas.

Sarah: she looked up at Lukas and shook her head no softly, and then once she shook it yes, as if she was unsure. "I just miss my mom." she whispered softly.

Lukas: "You have a choice, Sarah. You can go home with your mom or you can stay here. It's your choice. You don't have to decide right now though. Think it over, alright?" he took something out of his pocket. It was a card with one number on it. It had no name or anything on it just a number. "If you decide to go home to your mom and your brother Mathew, just call that number. Alright?" he handed it to her.

Sarah: she eyed the card for a moment before slowly lifting her hand to take it from Lukas, her eyes going to her mom, "You have Mathew?" she missed him so much.

Amadora: she nodded, "I do." she gave Sarah a small smile.

Sarah: "Will Renzo let me come with you?" she looked from her mom to Lukas.

Lukas: "No, he won't let me just take you, hon." he told her, gently. "Like I said, think about it, if you decide that you want to be with your mom, just call that number."

Jessica: "You guys should go before Renzo comes in." she told them, tapping her foot.

Amadora: she hugged Sarah tightly and kissed her cheek before pulling back to look at her, "I'll come back to visit soon if you don't call." she promised her before getting up and walking over to Jessica. She looked at her.

Jessica: she gave her mom a once over, "Yea, I guess you do look a lot like our mom. Sarah would know. She's been holding onto the hope of seeing you, unlike me."

Sarah: "Is dad with you?"

Amadora: "No sweetie." she told Sarah as she kept her eyes on Jessica, "Can I get a hug at least?"

Jessica: she sighed and nodded. One hug would be okay.

Amadora: she hugged Jessica tightly, "I love you honey." she whispered to her before letting her go.

Sarah: she almost let out a sigh of relief to hear that Amadora wasn't with Kennith anymore.

Lukas: "Tell Renzo that we said goodbye." he then headed out the door with Amadora and out to his car. "Hopefully Sarah will be able to convince Jessica to come with her if Sarah decides to come to you." he told Amadora as he opened the car door for her.

Amadora: she nodded to what Lukas said as she followed him out to the car, "Yes, hopefully. It would be nice to have both of them back. But I am not so sure about Jessica. She does really love Renzo." Or she thinks she loves him. Either way, that girl was stubborn and she wouldn't leave him even if he wanted her to. She slid into the car when Lukas opened the door for her.

Lukas: he shut the door once she was in then he got in himself. He started his car then drove back towards Amadora's house.

Amadora: "Thank you for coming with me. Or letting me come with you. Either way."

Lukas: "You're welcome." he glanced at her and gave her a small smile.

Amadora: when Lukas dropped her off at home, she filled Kelton and Mathew in on everything that had happened while she was at Renzo's place. She hoped that Jessica would come around, but if she didn't, she couldn't blame her.


After dinner, Sarah went into the sitting room and waited up for when Renzo made his rounds around the house to make sure everyone was asleep. When he would see her awake, maybe she could have a chance to talk to him.

Renzo: he came to the sitting room and saw Sarah there. He walked over to her. "Sarah, my dear, is there something wrong?" he asked her softly as he sat next to her. He watched her.

Sarah: she shook her head no, folding her hands on her lap when she heard Renzo come into the room. She was nervous, having to go out of her way to talk to someone. But she wanted to know. She then slowly shook her head yes and sighed, keeping her eyes on her hands.

Renzo: he gently placed a hand on hers. "My love, what is it?"

Sarah: she lifted her eyes to his for a split second before wrapping her hands around his. She wasn't exactly sure how to say it, but she guessed the most direct way would be best. "Renzo, would you let me see my mother?"

Renzo: "If that is what you want, yes."

Sarah: "Would you let me visit her for awhile?"

Renzo: "How long do you consider as awhile, love?"

Sarah: she shrugged her shoulders. She wasn't sure. She was thinking maybe a month or something. She didn't want to stay away from Renzo forever, but she did want to be with her mom and brother.

Renzo: he watched her, waiting for her to answer on how long.

Sarah: "A month or so." she whispered.

Renzo: "No." he stated simple.

Sarah: she didn't say anything. She did wonder how long he would let her stay for a visit however. She waited in case he would say something about how long he would prefer it.

Renzo: "I would let you see her for the day but then you would have to come back. No longer." he stated.

Sarah: "One day a week?"

Renzo: "Once a week? Perhaps."

Sarah: "I haven't seen her since I've been with you." she told him softly. She didn't think it was too much to ask, considering she never left the house much anyways, if at all. He wouldn't really notice her gone, would he?

Renzo: "Usually when a child leaves the house of their parents and goes to the auctions, they don't see their parents at all." he told her.

Sarah: "I didn't ask to go to the auctions." she had been frightened to death when she was taken there.

Renzo: "It is the father's choice to take the child to the auction or not. Not the child's."

Sarah: she felt like in a way she had been kidnapped though, and even though she'd grown a fondness for Renzo and he was very kind, she had never deeply loved him. "Why do you want to keep me so badly?"

Renzo: "Because I love you, Sarah. I've told you this each time you've asked me." he brushed some hair behind her ear gently.

Sarah: she was used to his touch over the years she'd been with him. She finally lifted her eyes to look at him, "So you'd miss me if I were gone? You wouldn't be able to replace me?"

Renzo: "Yes, I would miss you." he stated but he didn't answer her other question. He acted as if she didn't even ask it.

Sarah: she looked away from him again, understanding when he didn't answer her other question. He could have at least lied to her, but it was alright. She had never even brought herself to ever tell him the three words, 'I love you.' Sure she responded sometimes when he told her he loved her, with the words, 'Me too.' or 'Same here.' But that was it. "I guess once a week is doable." she replied. "Or whenever you let me."

Renzo: he leaned over and kissed her cheek. "Alright, love. It's time for bed, I'll walk you to your room if you want." he watched her.

Sarah: "I can go myself, thank you." she gave his hand a squeeze before getting to her feet and walking out of the sitting room without a look back at him, heading to her room.

Jessica: she jumped out of the shadows in the hallway. She was wearing her nightgown, hair down and loose as she walked beside her sister.

Sarah: she jumped a bit when she saw motion from beside her, but then noticing it was her sister she calmed down.

Jessica: "You're not leaving me." she told Sarah. "You're going to stay here. Final." she then turned and went back down the hall and into her bedroom before Sarah could answer. As she walked away she had taken the card with the number on it out of Sarah's back pocket without Sarah noticing. When she reached her room she ripped the card in half and threw it in the trash, hiding it under some other garbage before she got into bed and fell asleep peacefully.

Sarah: when she got to her room she shut the door softly, tiptoeing over to her bed and opening her jewelry box. Feeling in her back pocket for the card she knew she wouldn't find, she rolled her eyes. She knew Jessica would take it from her. Her sister was horrid when she didn't get her way. That's why she had planted a fake card in her pocket when she put the real one in her jewelry box. Now she could use the phone without Jessica hovering over her like a maniac. Looking at the card now, she wondered if this was the right choice she was making. Why couldn't Renzo just have agreed to her visiting her mom for one month? This was his own fault, really.


In the morning, real early before anyone had time to even eat breakfast, the telephone rang from the phone number Lukas had given to Sarah the day before as she made the call.

A guy picked up.

Julius: "Hello?" he said, a bit sleepily. He yawned softly.

Sarah: she was suddenly struck with nervousness when the phone was picked up on the other end. Though she didn't hang up the phone, she gripped it tighter in her hand. She couldn't bring herself to say anything, however. It was as if a lump had formed in her throat and blocked her voice. She guessed the guy could hear her breathing though.

Julius: "Hello?" he repeated himself.

Sarah: fear gripped her throat. She thought for sure that she was calling Lukas. She had prepared herself to talk to him, but whoever this was on the phone did not have Lukas' voice. She didn't notice but as she thought about it in her mind, a worried sound like a small whimper escaped her lips, which surely the guy heard.

Julius: "I'm going to assume that this is Sarah. Lukas told me you might call. All you'll have to say is one word. Do you want to go to your mother's and live with her and your brother? Just answer yes or no."

Sarah: she sighed when he started talking, relieved that he knew who she was. She at first nodded her head yes, but then realizing he couldn't see that, she manage to swallow the lump in her throat enough so she could force a small whisper out with the word, "Yes." and with that, she quickly hung up the phone and ran back to her room before anyone else in the house woke up.

A guy was in her room when she got up there. "Do not be afraid, I'm here to take you to my home where Lukas will pick you up and take you to your mother. Get your things together." his voice was gentler and kinder than the one on the phone. He looked to be only 17 years old.

Sarah: her eyes widened when she saw the man in her room. Pressing her lips together to keep from yelling on accident, she just nodded, trying to calm herself down. She wasn't exactly sure if she trusted him. What if Renzo had sent someone to trick her, and like her father was taking her someplace horrid like the auctions?

Julius: "Lukas will come and get you from where I'm taking you. It's not the auction. I would never take anyone to that dreadful place." he was being serious.

Sarah: she swallowed and licked her lips before taking in a soft breath, "You're not here because Renzo sent you?" she asked softly, her eyes still on the man. She could barely hear her own words because her heart pounded so loudly.

Julius: "Here because of whom?" he didn't know anyone by that name.

Sarah: she studied him to make sure he was telling the truth, and when he acted like he didn't know who Renzo was, she believed him. Relaxing a little she finally was able to notice what the boy looked like. He looked about the same age as she and Jessica did, give or take a year, but she couldn't be sure really how old he was because everyone around here was immortal. She and Jessica had stopped aging after they turned 18, even though the years continued to pass by.

As she watched the boy she tucked some of her dark brown, almost black, hair behind her ear and just watched him with her dark brown eyes a moment longer before making her feet move towards her dresser. Quietly she opened the drawer, her head still turned towards the boy. She wondered who he was and what his name was, and if he worked for Lukas, since he was here instead of Lukas.

Julius: he sat next to the window, keeping his distance so he wouldn't scare her anymore than she already was.

Sarah: "What's your name? Seems highly unfair you know my name but I don't know yours." she said softly, slowly turning her head to the dress as she grabbed a few articles of clothing.

Julius: "My name is Julius." he replied to her.

Sarah: she nodded and continued to pack a small bag of clothes. She didn't want to take much, and besides a few clothes and jewelry, she didn't really have a lot to choose from. She worked silently, not wanting to talk, and she worked quickly, not wanting to get caught. Soon, her bag was packed and she looked at Julius.

Julius: "All ready?" he asked her and stood. He held out a hand to her.

Sarah: she nodded again, not reaching out for his hand. She just held onto her bags a bit tighter and glanced over her shoulder to her bedroom door. She wondered if she should at least say good bye to Jessica. Would she be able to see her again once she left?

Julius: "There is a note for your sister." he stated softly. "If we don't go now, we can't go at all." he told her gently.

Sarah: she looked back at Julius, "Where's the note?" she wondered who wrote it and what it said.

Julius: "In her room."

Sarah: again she nodded, still not going to take his hand. She hadn't been that close to another man in a long time. The only man since she was a teenager had been her husband.

Julius: "I'm not going to hurt you." he assured her as he watched her. His green eyes showed kindness and gentleness.

Sarah: she nodded again, not going to push him away but not going to reach out for him either. "I'm just not use to it." she whispered.

Julius: "I need to touch you in order for us to leave. Is it alright if I touch you? It won't be for long." he told her softly.

Sarah: "Yes." she stated softly. She closed her eyes. Part of her feared if he teleported them out, or however he got in here in the first place and was now going to have her leave with him in the same manner, that they would appear in the auctions, or somewhere else just as bad. It was part of the reason why she didn't like strangers. They couldn't be trusted.

Julius: he stepped up to her and gently touched her shoulder. Soon they were out of her room and her house. They appeared at another house, it was clean and well taken care of. He took his hand off her and stepped back. "You can open your eyes now. You have nothing to fear." he said gently.

Sarah: when Julius touched her shoulder she flinched, but it was a normal reaction to people touching her. She had trained herself to feel no fear when Renzo touched her so that she would not jump, and after being with him as long as she was she was comfortable with him because to a small degree she trusted him. When Julius told her she could open her eyes, she obeyed and opened her eyes slowly, glancing around the room. Suddenly the realization hit her about how she was no longer in Renzo's house, but she was gone away from him, and her sister, and somewhere new. Despite Julius telling her she had nothing to fear, she was still scared, and her heart picked up speed in her chest because of it. Renzo would find her and then he would be mad.

Lukas: he stepped into the light. He smiled a bit at Sarah. "Sarah, you ready to go home to your mother?" he asked her.

Julius: he had walked into a different room once Lukas came into view.

Sarah: she looked at Lukas and felt a bit better. "Yes sir." she said softly, looking at him. She didn't even notice Julius had left the room. She wondered where she was right now. Was this Lukas' house?

Lukas: "Well, come on. I'll take you to her." he was sure to speak kind, soft and gentle towards her.

Sarah: she stepped closer to him, "Where are we?"

Lukas: "You're at a friend of mines house." he said to her. He stretched out his hand to her, seeing if she would take it.

Sarah: "Julius?" she guessed, glancing at his hand.

Lukas: he lowered his hand when she didn't take it. "Julius is his son."

Sarah: "Who's?"

Lukas: "He prefers that I don't give out his name. If he was here, he would tell you himself."

Sarah: "Oh." she said softly. She was curious, but didn't ask. She just nodded in understanding.

Lukas: "Ready to go then?" he asked her.

Sarah: "I have to let Julius know I am thankful for him getting me." and he didn't lie when he said he wouldn't take her someplace horrible.

Lukas: he nodded. "He went in there." he pointed to the room Julius went into.

Sarah: she glanced to the room that Lukas pointed to and then slowly headed that way, cautiously. When she stepped into the room she stopped and just looked at Julius.

Julius: he was sitting on the couch that was in there drinking some juice. It helped with the cravings that he had. He didn't notice Sarah there at first. He then looked over to her. He smiled a bit at her. "Hello again, Sarah." he said, just as kind as the first time.

Sarah: when he looked at her, she told him in her soft voice, "Thank you for giving me the chance to see my mother and brother." she then bowed her head low to him in thanks.

Julius: he nodded. "You are very welcome, Miss Sarah." he bowed his head back to her.

Sarah: lifting her head to look at him, she managed a small smile to him before she left the room and walked back up to Lukas. She was ready to go.

Julius: he watched her leave then went back to drinking his juice.

Lukas: he waited patiently for her. He gave her a small smile when she returned. "Ready?"

Sarah: "Yes sir." she held her own hand out to him this time.

Lukas: he gently took it and walked out the door and out to his car with her. "Front seat or back seat, my dear?" he asked her.

Sarah: she hated the backseats of cars. They brought back bad memories. "Front please."

Lukas: he nodded and opened the front seat of the passenger side to the car. He helped her inside the car then shut the door. He then got in his side of the car and closed the door. "I need you blind folded hon. I can't have you knowing the way there from his house."

Sarah: she looked at him, seeing the blindfold in his hand and started to breathe quicker, "I won't tell anyone. I swear." she meant it with her whole heart. She would do anything to not be blindfolded. Last time she was blindfolded, bad things happened. If she was blindfolded again she'd relive those thoughts even worse than she was doing now.

Lukas: "Hey, nothing is going to happen to you. I'll protect you." he meant it too.

Sarah: "I'll let Julius teleport me. Please? Anything but a blindfold." tears stung her eyes from the fear inside her that bubbled forth with just the mention of a blindfold.

Lukas: he set the blindfold down and gently wiped away tears that fell from her eyes. "Hey, hey." he said softly. "It's alright. I'm not going to hurt you or take you any place except to your mom. Alright? Would you feel safer if two people were here to protect you?" he asked her softly.

Sarah: she closed her eyes tightly when he touched her face, trying to hold still and not pull back. His words comforted her just a small bit, until he asked if she wanted two people to protect her. Her chest clenched as she opened her eyes slowly, "Renzo's coming after me?" she needed that much protection from him? It was that bad?

Lukas: "No, he's not coming after you. He doesn't even know you're missing yet. Once he does, he'll have no place to look or what to do. I meant protection from whatever you are afraid of, hon." he dropped his hands and watched her.

Sarah: "Jessie will tell him. He knows she knows but told her not to tell him but when he sees me gone, she'll be the first he'll ask and he'll know to come after you and my mom." she whispered, watching him, "Protection won't help me." She was handling things fine on her own.

Lukas: "But see, once he comes and looks at my houses and doesn't find you. He'll give up. He won't know where your mother is so it's alright." he sighed a bit. "Would you like for Julius to come with us?" he finally asked her.

Sarah: "I don't know Julius." she brushed her hand over her cheek to get the rest of the fallen tears off of her cheek, "My mom doesn't live with you?"

Lukas: he shook his head no. "Her and I are really good friends. I'm the one that helped her get away from your father." he told her.

Sarah: "Thank you for that." she whispered to herself and sighed again, finally looking away.

Lukas: "Of course." he said softly then started the car. He then took off towards where Kelton, Amadora and now Mathew lived.

Sarah: "You're leaving Julius." she mentioned softly.

Lukas: "I thought you didn't want him to come." he glanced over towards her.

Sarah: "I never answered you either way." she said honestly.

Lukas: "Did you want him to come with us?" he asked her.

Sarah: "What would he do if he did come?"

Lukas: "Just hang out I guess." he shrugged a bit.

Sarah: "That doesn't sound too appealing." she said softly with a sigh. She'd hung out at Renzo's house mostly, and although it'd turned into a routine comfort for her, she didn't enjoy it as much as she pretended to.

Lukas: "He'd talk to you if you wanted him to. He's a really good kid. Kind and gentle but he can be very rough when it comes to protecting people and making sure they're safe."

Sarah: "I'm not good with making conversation anymore." she mentioned.

Lukas: "You're making conversation with me." he pointed out.

Sarah: she pressed her lips together into a tight line as she considered. Lukas was right; she was making conversation with him. "But I trust you." she finally replied.

Lukas: "You can trust Julius; he's like me but minus the marrying of many wives. He would only get married to one and that was it."

Sarah: "Being married is overrated." she looked out the passenger window as she spoke softly, her hands folded together on her lap, "Warn him."

Lukas: he chuckled. "I'm curious, how is it overrated?"

Sarah: "I learned at a young age that it's just a trap designed by men to keep women in a luxury prison is all it is, really. Not even the children can escape it." she propped her arm up on the window ledge and rested her chin on her hand as she kept her eyes out of the window, "Once you're in, you can't get out, unless you're dead."

Lukas: "That's not true." he slowed down the car. "The man that your mother is married to now is a good respectable man. He would let your mother leave him if she really wanted to. It's how life is supposed to go, but to men like me and your father, we can't just have one woman as our wife. We want to please all women." he turned into a driveway and parked the car.

Sarah: she ignored Lukas' laugh when he chuckled. She hadn't laughed since the auctions, and aside from a small smile here and there, she tried to keep it that way. The point Lukas made was a good one, but she wasn't sure how it would go for herself. "But they're replaceable." she remembered how Renzo, who loved his wives like Kennith and Lukas do, didn't even acknowledge that he loved them enough to never be able to replace them.

Lukas: "Well, we're here." he stated and looked at her.

Sarah: she opened the door, "Thank you." she managed to reply to Lukas before stepping out of the car with her bag, fully aware that just like Renzo, Lukas hadn't denied the fact that women are replaceable. So force them to stay with one man the rest of their lives, while the man is with hundreds of women, and then when the woman dies just get a new one after a period of mourning after her death. Love did not really exist, at least not the same type of love like in the story books where the man and woman were bound to each other so deeply that if one was hurt the other would feel pain and if one died the other couldn't stand to live without them. The love where the man would do anything for his wife and his wife would do anything for her husband. Her own personal experience proved that to her. She never loved anyone, and how old was she? She didn't care, she told herself. Love, like marriage, was a trap of hopelessness. Her mouth screwed up with disgust as she shut the car door behind her a bit too hard. Glancing at the car she blushed, hoping Lukas didn't notice that, before heading towards the house Lukas said was her mothers. It was a cute place, she noticed, and it reminded her of her father's house and Renzo's place. Just because it looked good on the outside did not mean that's how it was on the inside.

Lukas: he rolled down his window. "Hey Sarah." he called to her, his head poked out the window. He didn't hear her at first about the women being replaceable then realized what she said.

Sarah: she stopped walking, letting him know she was listening even if she didn't turn to look at him. She didn't want to.

Lukas: "When my wives die, I do replace them but after long period of time. Three years afterwards. I keep the things that they had and store them for my own personal uses. After I spend a day with my wives that are still alive, I take those things out that were my previous wives and look over them. Pictures, their favorite outfit, things that was theirs personally. I don't EVER forget any of my wives. I do admit, I miss them. Every one of them that I have lost. If my wives don't want to be with me, I do what I did with your mother. I gave them a chance to live a normal life, to live a life where they could find their own happiness and love. Someone that they want to be with. Your mother found someone. Maybe now that you are free like your mother is, maybe you'll give it a try later."

Sarah: she looked over at Lukas after he finished talking. "What about your children?"

Lukas: "My children, I give a choice. To live their own life, work for or with me or I take them to the auction. They know what the auction is like; I take them there at least once so they know what it is like. Most choose to live their own life, I let them have it. I help them get their own place and set them up with a job interview. I check on them twice a month at least. They know that they can call me whenever they need help, want to talk to their mothers, make a day to spend with their mothers or spend it with me and talk to me."

Sarah: "Have any chosen the auctions?"

Lukas: "Out of all my children that I've had, no. I don't force them either."

Sarah: "I suppose people love in different ways." she said softly. She wasn't sure what she felt after hearing that, but she appreciated Lukas for what he did. "Renzo is a good man." she wished she did love him. She felt bad that she didn't. She tried hard to change her feelings but it never worked.

Lukas: "He is." he agreed.

Sarah: "If he let me visit my mom...I'd stay with him. But I suppose it's not fair to him."

Lukas: "How so?"

Sarah: "He loves me, or he tells me he does, but I never return the sentiment."

Lukas: "Sometimes things don't work out like that." he stated. "I know some of the women that I married were like that. I let them have their own life, find someone that they can love."

Sarah: "I feel bad; after all he's done for me. I didn't want to leave him, really." she didn't want to even think about it right now. "I just wanted to visit my mom."

Lukas: "Do you want to go back?" he asked her.

Sarah: "I don't know." she said softly, "If I went back after visiting my mom, he probably wouldn't take me back and already have me replaced. Or he'd be angry with me." and she did not want to see what his anger would be like.

Lukas: "I'll wait here for when you want to answer." he told her.

Sarah: "You'll be waiting for a month."

Lukas: he chuckled. "Alright. Amadora and Kelton have my number if you ever want to go back to Renzo's."

Sarah: "We'll see after a month." she nodded, "Thank you again." she then turned and walked up to the house.

Lukas: Once Sarah was inside the house, he drove off to his own house.

When Amadora heard a knock at the door she was the first to open it, knowing who it would be. "Sarah!" she smiled, hugging her daughter tightly, "You came."

Sarah: "Yes mom I did." she dropped her bag at her feet so that she could hug her mom more tightly.

Amadora: "Just you?" she wondered if Jessica was here or not.

Sarah: "Just me." she confirmed.

Amadora: she hugged her daughter another moment before stepping back and reaching down to pick up Sarah's bag. "You must meet Kelton." she told her daughter, happy she was here.

Sarah: "I will." she said softly, though she wasn't looking forward to it. Her mom had some weird taste in the men she married. She used her father to back up that example. "May I see Mathew first though?"

Amadora: "Of course." she inclined her head towards the living room and walked that way with Sarah following.

Mathew: he was sitting on the couch, reading a book. He looked up when he heard footsteps coming into the living room.

Sarah: she put a hand over her heart when Mathew looked up and she saw him. He looked so skinny. "Mathew?" she said softly, hurrying over to him, brushing past her mom.

Mathew: "Sarah?" he looked at her. "Sarah!" he stood up, as quickly as he could and walked over to her, closing the space between them. He hugged her once he was close enough to her.

Sarah: she flung her arms around him in a tight hug, realizing he was just skin and bones, "Oh Mathew. Mom said you were here." she felt tears in her eyes as they were closed, "I missed you so much, and're so skinny."

Mathew: "Owe, careful, Sarah." he said while they were hugging. "I missed you so much too and I know. I didn't get in a good home like you and Jessica did."

Sarah: as soon as he exclaimed with pain, she dropped her arms and put them behind her back and forced herself to step back from him, feeling awful that she hurt him. "I'm sorry." she said softly. She was apologizing for hurting him but also for him not getting into a good home like she and Jessica did. She lowered her eyes to look at their feet.

Mathew: he hugged her again. "Little sis, it's alright. We're together now, that's all that matters." he kissed the top of her head. "When I get healthier, you can hug me like that. I wouldn't mind getting a hug like that again." he then tickled her, like he used to when they were little.

Sarah: she wrapped her arms around him again when he hugged her, but as soon as he started to tickle her, she scrunched up her face and pushed him back away from her, easily enough because of how weak he was. "No," she said firmly, rejecting the idea of being tickled. She stepped back away from him. "Please don't." she said softly.

Mathew: he stopped as soon as she pulled away. "Alright Sarah." he said softly. He looked back at the couch and walked over there, sitting down on it. He over did himself a little.

Sarah: she glanced back at her mom who was taking her bag back to a bedroom. "Mom?" she said softly.

Amadora: "I'm putting it in the room beside Mathews," she answered her, disappearing down the hallway.

Sarah: she looked back at Mathew and walked over to him, sitting on the couch at the opposite end he was sitting at. She curled up against the arm of the couch, watching Mathew, wanting to give him space.

Mathew: he looked at her. "Are you afraid of me, Sarah?" he asked her softly.

Sarah: "No? Why would I be afraid of my brother? You're so weak right now anyways, I could probably get the upper hand in a wrestling match, unlike when we lived with Dad." she attempted a small smile at him.

Mathew: he nodded a bit. He gave her a small smile back then looked down a bit.

Sarah: "I was just giving you space. I just didn't want to be tickled." she explained.

Mathew: "It's alright, Sarah. You don't need to explain."

Sarah: she moved over on the couch slowly, getting closer to him so she wasn't so far away. She reached out to take his hand and held it in her own. She missed her brother more than words could say, just like she missed her mother. But not her dad. Definitely not him.

Mathew: he pulled her over to him and held her against him in a light hug, like he use to when they were little. He missed her so much too.

Sarah: "Jessica's not coming." she told him softly.

Mathew: "What? Why?" he looked at her.

Sarah: "She loves Renzo. She loves her husband."

Mathew: "Oh. Well, she's happy. Right? I guess that's all good that she is."

Sarah: she nodded, "Yes she is." she said softly. No matter how hard she had tried though, she wasn't. That's why she left. She felt guilty about it too. "Where were you at?"

Mathew: "I was in Virginia." he told her softly.

Sarah: "Can you tell me about it sometime, and I'll tell you about life?" she looked up at him.

Mathew: "How about now?"

Sarah: "If you're up for it. That's fine with me. I'm up for anything." she rested her head on his chest as she looked ahead at the television in front of the couch.

Mathew: he told her about his life, all but how he had a daughter and about Amy.

Sarah: she listened to Mathew's story, tears in her eyes by how badly he was treated. She blamed their father. If he hadn't done that, Mathew would have never gone through something so horrible. She held onto Mathew's hand tighter, wanting to comfort him but not sure how, and part of her thought how maybe what she went through was not worth being fearful over, because Mathew had gone through so much worse.

Mathew: he told her about his owner and what he did to his wives and to babies that weren't the owners. He got choked up a bit when he talked about that though.

Sarah: "That's horrible." she whispered, "That's worse than dad."

Mathew: "I know." he whispered back.

Sarah: "Renzo was never like that. him." she tried to figure out how she could put it. "I mean, how could I not?"

Mathew: "I understand. You like him because he treated you good but not enough where you'd love him. Am I right?"

Sarah: "Yes." she said softly.

Mathew: he nodded a bit then was quiet.

Sarah: she sighed a bit, "Do you remember the day dad took us to the auctions?"

Mathew: "No. I try not to think of our father." he admitted softly. "He's the one to blame for how I am right now." he sighed. "But at the same time, I kind of have to thank him a bit." he was going to tell her about Amy and his child that was murdered in front of him.

Sarah: "Why thank him?" she asked softly.

Mathew: "If he didn't take me there, I would have never gone to where I was at and I would of never met Amy." he looked at her.

Sarah: "Amy? Who is that?"

Mathew: "She was one of the women that were married to my owner. Her and I slept together when she came out to my guess you could call it. She was the most beautiful girl that I've seen in years." he smiled a bit as he thought about her but then it slowly faded.

Sarah: "Is she still there?" she leaned back, her hand on Mathew's chest as she looked at his face with a mix of emotions she felt inside of her. Seeing her brother smile and then his smile fade made her wonder, "What is it?"

Mathew: "I don't know if she is or not. The last time I saw her was the night of the killing." he looked at Sarah. "She had a child. My child." he whispered. "A daughter to be exact." he looked towards the floor of the house. "She was only alive for a few minutes." he barely whispered before he closed his eyes tightly, just thinking about his murdered daughter hurt him inside.

Sarah: "Oh my god," she whispered, feeling more tears in her eyes to the point that when she blinked, a few fell down her cheeks, "Mathew I'm so sorry. I had no idea." she hugged him close again.

Mathew: he hugged her back. "He tried to get me to sleep with his other wives. I didn't do it. I couldn't do it. I just talked to them through the night. I haven't seen her in years."

Sarah: "Maybe Julius can get her for you."

Mathew: "Who's Julius?" he asked her, looking at her now.

Sarah: "The boy, or man, who brought me here. He looks like a boy but I am not sure how old he is."

Mathew: "Oh. Maybe. I don't even know if she is still alive. If she is, she's probably in the same state as I'm in or worse." he sighed. "I'd give anything to be able to be with her again." he whispered.

Sarah: "Lukas said Julius was the one to get you and me out of the houses. You don't remember him?" she pulled back to look at him, "You love her?"

Mathew: "I don't remember much of the day that I came here. All I remember honestly is being in a car, Lukas helping me to the couch, Mom talking to me a bit, eating something then going to bed. I woke with mom at the side of the bed when I woke from a dream." he looked at her and nodded. "I do love her."

Sarah: "I understand." she sighed, "Does she love you back?" she still did not understand the concept of love.

Mathew: he nodded. "It was a secret love. She and I kept it a secret for years, and then he sent her to my spot. We had a whole night together. It was..." he sighed and closed his eyes, remembering it. He smiled at the memories. "She's so beautiful. You would love her sis, if you met her." he whispered.

Sarah: "At least you had her around, you know?" she gave her brother a small smile, "I'd love to meet her, for you." if Mathew liked her, she could too. "Have you met this Kelton guy?"

Mathew: he opened his eyes and looked at her. "Yeah, she made the day's bearable." he gave her a small smile back. "Yes, I have. He's extremely nice and won't push you to talk to him or be around him. He lets you warm up to him on your own. He's nothing like father is. He actually loves mom, you can see the difference from when mom was with dad and now. She's happier."

Sarah: she sighed, "Overrated." she rested against Mathew again, "But he does seem like he will be nice, letting us stay here with them and all."

Mathew: "You won't think it's overrated when it hits you, Sarah. It comes out of nowhere sometimes. Amy and I's love did." he hugged her. "He is nice. We each have our own rooms. Mom and Kelton have theirs."

Sarah: "I still have to see my room." she paused, "How long were you able to see her, because I guess after the baby was killed you weren't allowed to see her anymore. Or did you catch glimpses of her? How long did you go without her after that, before mom got you and brought you here?"

Mathew: "I've seen her once after our daughter was killed in front of us. I lost count of how many years it has been since I've last seen her, but I do believe it has been over twenty years." he told her.

Sarah: "How many years after you met did she get pregnant?"

Mathew: "I think ten years." he said, a bit unsure.

Sarah: "If you still are waiting for her, then maybe you really are in love."

Mathew: he nodded. "Yeah. I miss her so much. I can't stand this." he put one of his arms over his eyes.

Sarah: she felt bad for her brother, thinking his yearning for Amy was worse than her yearning for her brother and mother had been, which was bad enough for her. "Like I said, maybe you can be together again soon." she hoped for his sake. "Don't worry too much my brother. I'll help you anyway I can. I'm just glad to be here, almost a family again."

Mathew: "Almost." he smiled a bit at her.

Amadora: she walked into the living room carrying a tray with two plates of food on it for brunch, "Are you guys hungry?"

Sarah: she looked over at her mom and slowly sat up, "A bit." she said softly, thinking that about now would be the time Renzo noticed she was missing from the breakfast table as everyone sat around it to eat.

Mathew: "You already know the answer for me, mom." he chuckled.

Amadora: "Whether you're hungry or not honey, you should eat. You need to build your strength up." she walked over and kissed his head and then gave a plate to Mathew and one to Sarah, "Sorry about missing breakfast. With Sarah coming and all," she explained, "I was out of it. But I brought this, between lunch and breakfast, so it is brunch." she smiled at them.

Sarah: "Thank you mom. Where's this Kelton of yours?"

Amadora: "In the kitchen eating. I was going to eat in there with him, leave you two eat out here. I can go get him though and we can all eat out here together." she suggested.

Mathew: "I was planning on eating anyway. I'm hungry but, of course, I'm always hungry right now." he started to eat. "Thank you." he said after he swallowed. His appetite was picking up, which was a good sign. "I wouldn't mind eating with Kelton. I kind of like him." he stated then looked at Sarah to see what she thought.

Sarah: she glanced at Mathew and then looked back at her mom. She shrugged. She wanted to meet him.

Amadora: "I'll go get him." she smiled, skipping back to the kitchen.

Sarah: "How long do you think it will be before Renzo comes looking for me? Do you think your master is looking for you?" she asked Mathew when Amadora left.

Mathew: "He'll just complain then go replace me. He's done that a few times." he shrugged. "As for Renzo, I don't know. He might come look for you. Then again, he might not."

Kelton: he was sitting at the table, slowly eating his brunch as he read the newspaper.

Amadora: "Kelton, let's eat in there with the kids." she paused, "The adults...I mean, Mathew and Sarah." she was eager, picking up her plate from the table as she spoke.

Sarah: "You mean he replaced others that disappeared? There have been others that have run off?" she looked at Mathew, "Renzo will look for me if the words he told me, that he loved me, are true." either way she did not care.

Kelton: he looked up at her and smiled after he swallowed the food in his mouth. "Alright. I can read the paper later." he stood and picked up his plate. He walked with Amadora back to the living room.

Mathew: he nodded. "They ran away and got away. He complained about it then just replaced them." he nodded. "If he loves you, he'll look for you."

Sarah: "Why didn't you run with them?" she asked softly. "If the place was so bad to you, you could have run off to something better."

Amadora: she walked with Kelton back into the living room, just catching the end of Mathew and Sarah's conversation. She would wait for Kelton to sit down first before she took a seat.

Mathew: "I couldn't leave Amy." he stated simply.

Kelton: he sat down in the chair he always sat in. He took another bite of his food.

Sarah: she nodded as she understood, looking over at Kelton, she assumed it was him, as he took a seat in the chair in the living room.

Amadora: she sat down beside Sarah on the couch.

Kelton: he set his food down and swallowed. He cleared his throat to speak. "I'm Kelton, you must be Sarah." he gave her a small smile. "It is pleasure to have you here. You're mom has spoke only good things about you and your siblings." he stated. "Your mother has told me how shy you are and how you don't like strangers so, I will let you do as you wish to feel comfortable around the house and, hopefully, around me. I will not force you to be around me or anything. I'll let you warm up to me or get to know me on your own terms." he told her kindly and he spoke softly. He didn't say anymore than that.

Mathew: he looked over at his mom. "This is good mom." he complimented her.

Amadora: "Thank you Mathew." though she couldn't help but think someone in Mathew's state might think any food was good. However, no one else was complaining so surely Mathew was being honest.

Sarah: she couldn't help but smile a bit at him. Mathew was right. She could tell by the way he spoke that he was nice, and she could see why her mom liked him- still unable to think the word love. "Thank you sir." she looked down at her plate of food and started to eat. She was beginning to think she would like it here.

Amadora: "How about, we talk? Just get to know each other a bit better. Does that sound alright? I mean, I know all there is to know of you two when you were eighteen and younger, but so much has happened since then in all of our lives. We could try to catch up. Talk about our likes and dislikes."

Mathew: "I'm up for that." he said after he finished swallowing.

Kelton: he nodded. So was he.

Sarah: she did not mind the idea. So just like Kelton, she nodded in approval.


Quality time had done well for Sarah and Kelton and Mathew and Amadora. Sarah opened up a bit more with Kelton, and she found reasons to back the thought that he was nice. In the course of three days, she also could tell how Kelton and her mother's relationship was different; better than the one with Kennith and her mother. She was happy for her, and supposed, deep within herself, that Kelton did love her, and her mother loved him, but she never brought herself to admit it. She enjoyed being with her mother and brother very much, and still could not believe how great everything was. Mathew was getting better by the day, and besides being skinny and still needing a little meat on his bones, Mathew looked almost like himself on the third day.

Amadora had taken time off of work to be with her children, and she enjoyed every second of it. She still missed Jessica, and wish she could come, but one phone call to Lukas reminded her that even visiting Jessica would not be a good idea. She already seemed to want to alert Renzo to everything while they were there with the idea of bringing her here, before they had done anything at all. Now that Sarah was missing, surely Jessica informed him that she thought she left with us, although no one knew where she lived, which was a good thing. Just visiting Jessica, however, might set her off and then she would lose her daughter Sarah again. She would not risk it no matter how much she wanted to see Jessica.

The day after Sarah had got to her house, she remembered to ask Mathew what Amy looked like. After getting a good description of her, she called up Lukas and told him. Now she was just waiting on a reply as to whether the Amy that Lukas said was dead was Mathew's Amy or not. She hoped, for Mathew's sake, that it was not. But she still hadn't heard a word from Lukas yet.

The phone rings in the afternoon.

Amadora: she hurries over to the phone in the kitchen and picks it up, "Hello?" she says into the receiver.

Lukas: "Hey, Amadora. It's Lukas. I found about that Amy girl. It's the wrong Amy. Mathew's Amy is still alive. She's not looking too well though. I'm going to try to get her out of that house though."

Kelton: he walked over to the door when he heard a knock on it. "Hello?" he said as he opened the door.

Amadora: she glanced at the door when she heard a knock on it, listening to Lukas. When she heard that Mathew's Amy was still very much alive, she was relieved and yet excited. "That is great! That would be wonderful if you could get her out of the house and bring her here. Oh thank goodness."

Jessica: "Hello. Kelton, I assume?" she gave him a soft smile, "Renzo got in touch with Lukas one day and when he stopped by for a visit, well, I told him I decided to come live with you both. A boy named Julius dropped me off. May I come in?" she motioned into the house with one hand, her bag in her other hand.

Kelton: "You must be Jessica, of course, come in." he moved out of the way to let her in. "Amadora, Jessica is here!" he called and looked into the house as he shut the door to the house.

Lukas: "I shall have her there as soon as possible." he told her. "I must go now. I'll talk to you more later or when I have Amy." he then hung up the phone.

Amadora: "Thank you." she hung up the phone and hurried out to Kelton when she heard him say Jessica was here. "What?" she didn't believe it until she saw Jessica. "Jessica!" she was surprised to see her. "I didn't think you wanted to come."

Jessica: she blushed softly, "I missed my sister, of course. I can't live with Renzo without her." she looked into the house, "Sarah!" she called.

Kelton: "She's in Mathew's room right now." he stated as he put his arm around Amadora with a small smile.

Mathew: he had poked his head out of his bedroom door when he heard Jessica's voice. He was much stronger than he was before but he still was skinny.

Jessica: she didn't noticed Mathew looking out because she had turned her attention back to Kelton, "Oh I see." she nodded.

Amadora: she glanced at Kelton with a smile before looking at Jessica, "I can take you back there if you'd like." she stepped over to her daughter and hugged her tightly, "I'm so glad you're here." she stepped back and took her daughters hand, "Come on." she then led Jessica down the hallway.

Jessica: she looked down the hallway as she walked with her mother, and finally spotted Mathew as he looked out of the room, "Mathew?" she smiled at him, "Is that you? Why aren't you handsome!" she exclaimed.

Sarah: she stepped out enough to see around Mathew, smiling widely when she saw Jessica; "You came!" she was excited her sister was here, stepping into the hallway to meet her.

Jessica: "Yes." she let go of her mother's hand and hugged her sister, "I missed you too much. I couldn't take it." she kept her eyes on Mathew from over Sarah's shoulder as she hugged her.

Amadora: she just stopped and stood in the hallway, a smile on her face. This was great. Her children were together again, with her.

Mathew: he stepped out too and watched his sister then hugged them both at the same time. "Both of my little sisters are here. My life is almost complete." he smiled and let go of the hug. He looked around at everyone there. He finally had his family back. Kelton made a better father than Kennith did.

Jessica: she smiled as she hugged her brother, seeming genuinely happy to be here. No one knew the truth though, except for her. But they were about to find out.

Amadora: she felt tears of happiness in her eyes as she saw her three children together. Little did Mathew know that soon his life would be whole when Lukas brought Amy by. But she wanted that to be a surprise for him, so she wasn't going to mention anything to him about it beforehand. She reached over to take Kelton's hand in hers as she stood against the hallway wall, watching her children. She glanced at her husband as she held his hand and walked over to him, hugging him around the waist with her eyes still on Sarah, Jessica, and Mathew. "I can't believe they're all here." she owed everything to Lukas. He had no idea what this meant to her. Looking up at Kelton, she kissed his chin softly. She had to thank him too, for letting her children stay here. Mathew and Sarah seemed to be warming up to him. They were like a family. She just hoped one day she could also give Kelton a child of his own. That would make her life complete, just as getting Amy back would make Mathew's life complete. She'd say it would be getting his child back that would also make his life whole, but, there is nothing that can be done for the dead. It was a bitter thought, but perhaps with Amy here and making a new life with Mathew, she and he could have more children of their own; children to raise as she raised her own children. Children to love and keep. Not send away at the first opportunity, but to keep in their lives forever, as she wished to do with her children now.

Sarah: keeping one arm wrapped around Mathew's body she turned to look at Amadora and Kelton, smiling at them softly.

Jessica: she kept her eyes on Mathew, glancing him over, "You don't look as bad as that picture that Lukas showed me on his phone. I bet that picture was edited."

Sarah: she looked over at Jessica, "You didn't see him when he first got here. It's been three days, you know. Of course he looks better. Kelton and mom are great caretakers."

Suddenly there was the sound of someone clapping as he walked closer to the hallway.

All at once, Kelton, Amadora, Mathew, Sarah, and Jessica, all turned their attention to the sound, and with shocked faces and wide eyes, they knew who it was as soon as the source of the clapping came into view.


Sarah: she hugged Mathew tighter out of nervousness. 'Please don't let him take us away. Please don't let him take us away,' she kept chanting over and over in her head, fighting the urge to turn her head away and hide it in the crook of Mathew's arm.

Finally, Kennith spoke, folding his arms over his chest. He glanced between the children and then looked at Amadora and Kelton, "I don't know what you've done to make the kids so afraid of me, Amadora." he frowned, obviously hurt at the idea. He was wearing light jean pants with a dark blue t-shirt and a black leather jacket over the t-shirt. The tails of the leather jacket came down to his thighs, and he looked almost like the Matrix man. Almost.

Amadora: she was so nervous she couldn't talk. How in the world had Kennith found her? Lukas assured her he wouldn't find her, and here he was, standing in her house. Had she slipped up in taking the children? She couldn't think of anything that could have possibly led to Kennith finding her. They'd look for Lukas, of course, but she was still hidden. It made no sense.

Kennith: "Why are you so nervous? You knew this would all be found out eventually."

Jessica: she gave Mathew a quick kiss on the cheek before glancing again at Sarah, and stepping away from the two of them, hurrying towards Kennith and walking past him.

Sarah: "Jessica!" she called, not sure where her sister was going, reaching out to her as if to stop her.

Amadora: the fact that Kennith let Jessica walk past him without so much of a glance made her suspicious and her stomach twisted. "Jessica brought you here." she assumed in a whisper mixed with fear and hate. It was not a voice that Kelton had ever heard Amadora use.

Kennith: he shrugged a shoulder, "In a way, I guess. At least some of my children know the value of the things I do for them and are grateful to keep it that way." he turned his attention back on Sarah and Mathew, pointedly letting them know they were two of the ungrateful ones, with his eyes.

Amadora: "How?" she managed to get the question out.

Kennith: "Simple." he looked back at Amadora, a smug look on his face. "The day after Sarah left Renzo, Renzo asked Jessica where she had gone. Informing him that Lukas had something to do with it, Jessica herself came up with the idea of tricking Lukas into letting him think she wanted to come live with you and Kelton because her sister Sarah was here now, and Jessica missed Sarah dearly. Lukas was easily fooled by Jessica's words when he came to visit Renzo the next day. After Lukas left, Renzo visited the Gentleman's Club and alerted us to what was going on. Since Jessica and Sarah were my children, I was suspicious as to why Lukas wanted them to come with him, at least, until Renzo mentioned what Jessica had said about their mother. At first I didn't believe it. You're dead, Amadora. I buried you. I still visit your grave once a month. Yet here you stand," he motioned to her, "Alive and well, proving Jessica's words true and giving reason to why Lukas was kidnapping my children. I've come to terms that weird things can happen, so this does not shock me as much as you think it might. I am just...hurt, that you would go to such extreme measures to be rid of me." with a sigh, he crossed his arms again and continued, "Anyways, it was all too simple. When Jessica was taken and brought here, we followed her- we as in Renzo and I. I suppose that's who Jessica ran back to be with, since he's outside right now. She never intended on staying here. She at least is thankful and appreciates the new life she's been given because of what I've done for her." shaking his head, he added, "I thought Lukas was my friend, too. So much betrayal going on these days."

Sarah: her jaw dropped. She couldn't believe Jessica had turned on them like that. She looked up at Mathew with sadness and pain in her eyes.

Amadora: she narrowed her eyes at Kennith, suddenly upset by everything. She was mad at Jessica, and mad at Kennith, and it just made everything worse, "Just leave us alone!" she growled, sternness in her voice.

Kennith: "Tisk, tisk, my dear. Please don't talk to me like that. Is that any way to treat a guest?"

Amadora: "You are not welcome." she spit out angrily.

Kennith: he sighed, "You're still in this stubborn, disobedient streak with me aren't you? I've just come to take you back, Amadora. Renzo doesn't care to have Sarah back, and I would not send Mathew back to his home," he looked at Mathew then, "That man, your old owner, is being taken care of by the club. Do not worry about him, son. I had no idea you were placed in such a bad home. The people at the auctions are supposed to be well standing citizens."

Sarah: "No well standing citizen would go to such a place!" she exclaimed at her father.

Kennith: he looked at Sarah, not acknowledging what she said, before looking back at Mathew, "I am very sorry for what you've been through. I had no idea, otherwise I would have stopped it." he sounded truly sorry for it all.

Amadora: "It's your fault he was there in the first place!" she yelled, getting Kennith's attention back on her again.

Kennith: "Amadora, it's time for us to go home. Let's go." he held his hand out to her.

Amadora: she held onto Kelton's hand tighter, "No." she told Kennith through clenched teeth.

Kennith: his jaw clenched as he just kept his eyes on Amadora, holding his hand out to her, waiting for her to take it, "Please?"

Amadora: she did not say anything to him. She just stood there, glaring at him

Kennith: "Amadora, please understand that you are technically still my wife."

Amadora: "Death broke that bond. I'm married to Kelton now, and this is my home. Not anywhere with you."

Kennith: he looked hurt, dropping his hand slowly back to his side, his eyes flitting to Kelton, "How could you do this to me?" he asked Kelton in a soft, accusing tone, "You turned my wife against me."

Kelton: "I did nothing. I met Amadora at a party for singles years ago." he told him and that is all he said.

Kennith: "A party for singles!" he exclaimed, looking over at Amadora, "Were you even EVER dead? Did you ever take into consideration the heartache I went through, losing you!" he yelled at her.

Amadora: she felt her emotions being swayed to what Kennith said. He was making her feel bad. She did not reply to him though. She felt it was best if she kept her mouth shut.

Mathew: he listened to Kennith the whole time. He looked down at Sarah then let go of her for time being. "It's alright. I'll be right back." he whispered to only where she could hear. He then silently went into his room. He came out a minute later, holding something in his hand.

Julius: he appeared into the house, next to Sarah, not meaning to scare her if she happened to turn all of a sudden.

Mathew: "Father." he stated.

Sarah: she nodded to Mathew when he said he would be right back, looking back at Kennith when Mathew walked away. When she felt a presence beside her again she assumed it was Mathew and went to hug him again, and it wasn't until she put her arm around him that she looked over and realized it wasn't Mathew, but it was Julius. She jumped and dropped her arms and stepped back, blushing a deep red from embarrassment. Then she heard her brother step up towards Kennith, when he said father, and she looked over at him, trying to keep her eyes off of Julius because of her embarrassment. She wrapped her arms around herself as she watched.

Julius: he glanced at Sarah after she hugged him. He knew it was an accident so he just looked back to Kennith.

Kennith: he looked over at Mathew when he heard his name, "What!" he was mad at his wife and accidently snapped at Mathew because of it. His eyes burned with pain and indignation.

Kelton: he tried to comfort Amadora as he stood beside her by gently rubbing his hand over her back.

Mathew: he just walked over to Kennith and hugged him. "It's good to see you and I'm sorry that I disappointed you. I couldn't stand being there anymore. I would have starved if I stayed any longer." he stated. "Please forgive me." he asked Kennith softly.

Amadora: although Kelton comforted her, she still kept her eyes on Kennith. She was as surprised as Kennith looked when Mathew walked up to him and hugged him.

Kennith: he wasn't sure what to do for a moment, as if he feared it was a trap, but after a second when nothing happened, he just sighed and wrapped his arms around Mathew, hugging him, "It's good to see you too, son. I'm glad you were able to get out of there." he told him honestly. "What is there to forgive?" he was surprised that Mathew was asking to be forgiven. Normally his children expected Kennith to be the one begging for forgiveness.

Mathew: "There is this." he said softly and in one motion, he stabbed Kennith in the chest, right over his heart, with a piece of sharp wood that he had been holding in his hand. "My life was heck because of what you did." he told him before he used his strength that he had to make the stake go deeper into Kennith's chest. He then stepped back, watching Kennith now. He stepped back beside Sarah.

Amadora and Sarah both let out a gasp when Mathew stabbed Kennith like he did. Sarah clamped her hand over her mouth in an effort to keep from screaming, and Amadora broke free from Kelton to step closer to Kennith just as Mathew stepped back.

Kennith: it shocked him, what Mathew did, but he knew it shouldn't have. His eyes were cold and hard as he stared at Mathew, blood coming out of his mouth and running down his chin. His breathing had hitched as soon as Mathew stabbed him, his arms relaxing as life started to drain from him. When Mathew stepped back, he swayed, and he would have completely fallen if it wasn't for Amadora who reached out to try to catch him. But she was too weak, and he was too heavy, a dead weight in her arms, so it brought them both down.

Amadora: she fell to her knees with her arms around Kennith's body, holding him up enough so he rested on her legs and not the floor, his head cradled in her arms. Tears rolled down her cheeks and she found herself crying. She hadn't expected this to end with Kennith dying, and unlike her own death, she knew Kennith's would be irreversible, which made her heart ache even more. Deep down she knew that what Mathew did had to be done, because Kennith would not have left until Amadora agreed to follow him, and that was not going to happen. She also knew that he would have forced Sarah to go back to Renzo, and there was no way she wanted her daughter taken from her again. So she cried from the sadness that it had come to this, blaming herself for the death of her first love.

Kennith: all he could do was lift a hand, using all that was left of his strength to make it to Amadora's cheek, resting his hand there heavily as he looked up at her. He knew that one day his life would be claimed by a child of his, and he knew he deserved it. Deep down he knew, and he was surprised he had avoided his death for so long. The last thought that rolled through his head was how he would miss his wives, and he wondered if they would miss him too, when they found out about his death. But he knew Nakul, the one he had left everything to in his will, would take good care of them.

His hand slid from Amadora's cheek as his eyes rolled back into his head, the last breath of life leaving his lips as he lay limp in Amadora's arms.

Amadora: "No," she whispered, wishing she could scream that word but she was crying to hard and her throat was too raw for any of her voice to be louder than a whisper, "I'm so sorry. I didn't mean for it to come down to this." but she knew he couldn't hear her, and soon, she couldn't feel him as Kennith's body suddenly disintegrated into a pile of dust in her arms, on her lap, and scattered on the floor. All that was left around her was his clothes, and clutching the shirt he wore on the last moments of his life in her hands she lowered her head and just cried, the pain consuming her body.

Sarah: she turned into Mathew and pressed her face into his chest, sobbing, yet at the same time wanting to be near Mathew. Though she knew he had been the one to deal Kennith's death blow, she wanted to comfort him, to let him know he had been able to do what she guessed most of Kennith's other children had not. It was right, but at the same time it was wrong. And although everyone got what they wanted, it would be Mathew who had to live with the memory of killing their father and the pain that followed in the wake of it to haunt him. She felt sorry for him just thinking about it, and wanted to take that from him. But she knew she could not.

Mathew: he watched Kennith and Amadora then held Sarah when she came close to him. The realization of what he just did hasn't hit him just yet.

Kelton: he watched Amadora then looked down. He would never be able to measure up to Kennith, at least not in the way of how Amadora loved Kennith.

Julius: he just stood there, waiting for Amadora. He needed to speak with her.

Amadora: she needed Kelton right now. All she could think about was having him near to comfort her. To pull her away from where she knelt in Kennith's dust and hold her close, telling her it would be alright.

Kelton: he knelt down beside her and pulled her to him. "Hey." her whispered. "Come on, we can't stay on the floor." he told her softly.

Amadora: she sniffled from her tears, "Kelton," she whispered, keeping her eyes down, "Kennith's dead. I didn't think it'd come to him being dead." she sobbed again and turned to Kelton and just cried against his chest, her whole body shaking.

Kelton: "It's going to be alright." he said softly as he wrapped his arms around her then stood, picking her up in the process. He took her to their room, lying on their bed together.

Amadora: "I'm sorry." she whispered to him as he carried her. Surely Kelton was annoyed at the tears she shed for an ex-husband of hers, but she couldn't help it.

Sarah: she looked up at Mathew after a few moments. "That was brave of you." she told him softly.

Jessica: she walked back into the house, "Where's dad? This is taking too long." she crossed her arms looking at Julius and then to Mathew and Sarah.

Kelton: "It's alright, love. You loved him." he looked down at her.

Mathew: "At first, I didn't think I could go through with it but I did." he looked at Jessica then to the pile of ash on the floor.

Sarah: she looked over at Jessica.

Jessica: seeing where Mathew looked she gasped when she saw the dust and looked back up at Mathew, "He died! How?" she did not look sad or anything, for since the auctions she's learned to forget her parents, separating her feelings from them.

Amadora: "No," she said softly, holding onto Kelton's shirt. "I used to love him. I think...I'm crying mostly because I keep thinking about what I used to love about him. But I need to remind myself he changed, that he wasn't like that now." she looked up at Kelton and sniffled, "I love you, no one else." she told him softly.

Kelton: "I believe you." he hugged her close to him as they lay on their bed together.

Mathew: "Stab through the heart with a stake."

Jessica: "By whom?" she was shocked.

Amadora: she snuggled up to Kelton and after awhile, the tears she had cried exhausted her enough to where she fell asleep beside him.

Kelton: he held her and fell asleep with her.

Mathew: "I did." he told her.

Jessica: "Very nice." she looked over at Sarah, "You really aren't coming back with me, are you?" she asked her.

Sarah: she shook her head no, her tears stopped now and just the remainder of them were left to dry upon her cheeks.

Jessica: "I'll miss you." she told Sarah, "I love you, but I love Renzo more. He's letting you go to live the life you want, he said. You don't have to worry about him coming after you, or anything. He also promised to have your marriage to him absolved after today, if you decided not to return to him."

Sarah: she couldn't help but feel a deep sense of attachment to Renzo, not because she loved him, but because he cared so much. She guessed the choice she made now would decide her, and she would no longer have one month to decide like she told Lukas she would take. Her choice was to be made now, whether or not she was going back to Renzo or not. But she shook her head no, deciding that after so long of people telling her what to do and how to live and who to marry, she wanted a chance to live her own life, and now, finally, was her chance to do it. "I'll miss you too, Jessica, but I'm not going back. Renzo is a good man, and I will miss him too. Please tell him I said thank you, for everything he's done for me."

Jessica: she sighed, knowing deep down that her sister was going to choose to stay with her mother all along. She just had to try to get her back. "I'll tell him. I'm sorry I couldn't let you leave me so easily. Maybe Renzo will let you visit or us keep in touch somehow." she didn't mind not seeing her mother, but Sarah she would miss. Stepping over the pile of dust she walked up to her sister and hugged her, kissing her cheek.

Sarah: she kissed Jessica's cheek in return, "Thank you. I love you too." she also hoped Renzo would let them keep in touch. Knowing how caring Renzo was, and how much he adored Jessica, she figured he would.

Jessica: she looked over at Mathew and gave him a hug, "It was nice to see you again, Mathew. Can you tell mom I said good bye, too? I mean she knows where I live and all of that, so as long as she's not trying to take me from Renzo, I'm sure she can also visit."

Mathew: he nodded. "Of course. I'll tell her. It was good to see you again, Jessica." he hugged her back.

Julius: he was sitting in the living room, just hanging out there.

Jessica: "I had nothing to do with dad dying, by the way. Not that I care, but he's the one who was so intent on coming here with Renzo and I. I just wanted to come here for a chance to get Sarah back. You understand, right?" she didn't want to be made out to be a traitor or something hateful like that. She was just doing what her husband wanted her to do. That was all. She wanted to be a good wife to please her husband.

Mathew: "It's alright, Jessica. I understand." he told her.

Jessica: "Alright, well," she smiled at them both, "See you around then." she flicked her hair over her shoulder and then left the house, going back outside where Renzo waited on her to tell him about Kennith getting himself killed.

Sarah: she sighed after Jessica was gone, "After the auctions there was so much indifference inside of her that she harbored." she looked back at Mathew, "She never hated our parents, like some kids do, she actually was grateful for dad because what he did allowed her to find Renzo. I just don't think she really cares about anything anymore unless it's directly affecting her, you know?" she looked down at the pile of dust, wondering if she should clean it up right now or not. She certainly did not want to be breathing in Kennith's remains if they mixed with the air.

Mathew: "Sometimes things that happened to a person changes them." he started to walk towards where the vacuum cleaner was.

Sarah: she followed Mathew, and as she did she glanced into the living room as they passed it, noticing Julius sitting there. After taking a double glance she walked up to Mathew and whispered to him, "Why is he here?"

Mathew: he shrugged. "I don't know. Maybe you should ask him. I'll clean up."

Sarah: "I can't." she whispered, "I don't know him. I don't want to really talk to him. I don't like talking to people I don't know." besides, she had just got done crying. Her nose and eyes were probably red and she doubted she looked very nice.

Mathew: "He can't be all bad to talk to." he looked at her.

Sarah: "I thought that about a lot of people." she said seriously. "And then they prove that idea wrong."

Mathew: "I bet he wouldn't be one of those people."

Sarah: she looked at Mathew nervously, "I'll wait and talk to him with you."

Mathew: "Come on Sarah. You can do it. I believe in you."

Sarah: she shook her head no and stepped back against the closet door after Mathew got the vacuum out. She just waited there.

Mathew: "Why not?" he asked her.

Sarah: "Scared." she said softly.

Mathew: "Of what?"

Sarah: "I don't like people that I don't know. Okay?"

Mathew: "Why?"

Sarah: she just looked at him. He had told her about his life but she hadn't told him anything about hers.

Mathew: he waited.

Sarah: she walked away from Mathew and towards the living room.

Mathew: he watched her with a small smile.

Julius: he was just sitting on the couch, thinking to himself.

Sarah: she walked into the living room, her steps slowing down more and more, the closer she got to where Julius sat.

Julius: he heard footsteps coming towards him and looked over. He gave Sarah that same kind and gentle smile he gave her before.

Sarah: she sat down on the couch, watching Julius. She gave him a soft smile back, "What brings you here?" she asked after a long moment.

Julius: "I'm here to talk to your mom. It's dealing with a girl named Amy."

Sarah: she suddenly gave Julius more attention when he mentioned Amy's name. Her voice lowered to whisper so Julius was the only one to hear her, of course with the vacuum Mathew had that just started going, that helped to drown out her voice from anyone's ears besides Julius anyways. "Mathew's Amy?" she asked him softly with widened eyes.

Julius: he nodded a bit. "Yes."

Sarah: "What about her?"

Julius: "She is going to be coming here later."

Sarah: she smiled, a big smile this time, "Really?" she whispered.

Julius: he smiled back. "Yes."

Sarah: "When? Don't tell him. It'll be a surprise. And if you're waiting to talk to my mom you might be waiting awhile."

Julius: "I won't tell him." he promised. "I can wait."

Sarah: she nodded, watching him. She wondered what that drink was that she noticed he was drinking. Was he a Snyde? She wondered if she could tell his species by looking at him.

Julius: he took a drink of his drink. It didn't have any red liquid in the mixture at all.

Sarah: she sat back on the couch, bringing her legs up to her chest and wrapping her arms around them, still watching him. She just waited for Mathew to get in here.

Julius: "Trying to figure out what I am?" he asked her.

Sarah: she blushed and looked away, but nodded a yes.

Julius: "You could ask if you really want to know."

Sarah: "I just saw you drinking something, at your house. I wondered if you were like me." she mumbled.

Julius: "Like you?" he asked her.

Sarah: she had tried to mention it as softly as possible but it had failed to keep the memories out of her mind. Flashes of the auction, being taken there by Kennith as a human. While Mathew had been born Snyde, she and Jessica had not. They for some reason missed the gene, being born as humans. Kennith never changed his human children over into Snydes. At first she thought it was because whatever age he changed them at, they would be frozen in time right there, never getting bigger. But after he took her to the auctions, she realized he never changed his human children over because they got more money when being sold. They were more valuable and sold faster than Snyde children. Renzo bought them as humans, but before he let them be taken home to him, he had them changed. After the money exchange between Kennith and Renzo, her and Jessica were blindfolded and dragged back to an inner room in the auction house. Despite her screams for her father, he acted like he hadn't heard them. As if they weren't even there. That was the last time she saw her father, and the last time she was human. The blindfold was taken off of her just as fast as it was put on, and a man, too horrifying to keep her eyes on, had smiled down at her. Whiskers on his chin and cheeks, as if he'd not shaved for days. He was missing a few teeth, and where they were supposed to be, gold filled the spaces of them. He grabbed her arms and pushed her against a wall and quickly, she looked around for her sister, fear overtaking her and her heart beating faster to prove it. Her breathing was deep and shaky, but just as she tried to call out for Jessica, the man chuckled and extended his fangs. Of all the teeth he had missed it had not been those. No. His fangs were in perfect condition.

The next thing she knew, the man had bit into her neck, hard, injecting venom into her bloodstream. She only felt a moment of pain before the man thumped his hand against the side of her head and knocked her out.

The next time she woke up, she was in a comfortable bed in a nice home, and Renzo, the man who had bought her, was there beside her, brushing the hair from her face and stroking her cheek, holding her hand lightly in his as he whispered to her, "Hi sweetie. I'll help you with the transition process. I have all of my wives changed over if they already aren't a Snyde. It's for protection measures, I hope you know." but he was so sweet, she couldn't hate him for what had happened to her. He did not know how she was changed, just that it had happened. "I'll be here with you, if you need anything, let me know." and he was right. He was there for her, and overtime, she grew to care about him like he seemed to care about her. She was grateful for him, but what had happened to her scarred her for life.

Sighing, she rested her chin on her knees and finally came out of her memories and spoke to Julius. "Mhm." she hummed, "A Snyde."

Julius: "Ah." he nodded. "Yea, I'm not like you." he softly. "I'm something else."

Sarah: "Oh." she said softly, not sure what else to say.

Julius: "I'm not Snyde. I'm what humans call mythical. I'll have to show you some time."

Sarah: she nodded, "Fair enough. Excuse me." she got up and walked out into the hallway, seeing it cleaned up of their father's remains. Sad thing was, he didn't even get a proper burial. She wondered what Mathew did with Kennith's clothes. "Mathew?" she called.

Mathew: he was outside burning Kennith's clothes.

Sarah: she saw Mathew through the window, and went outside to see him. After she was close enough, she told him, "Julius is here to see mom. But he might be waiting awhile. Maybe Kelton will let him spend the night so he can talk to her tomorrow."

Mathew: he nodded. "Maybe." he looked over at Sarah.

Sarah: "So how's it feel, brother, to be starting a new life?" she tucked some hair behind her ear, "One that you want."

Mathew: "It feels good." he smiled and looked at her.


Amadora: when the sun rose and she remember everything that had happened the day before, and how she had fallen asleep from exhaustion of crying, she told herself that was it. She was done crying over Kennith. One day was enough for her and she was moving on. It would be hard, yes, but she had Kelton to help her through it.

Kissing Kelton's sleeping form on the cheek before she went downstairs, she noticed Julius asleep on the couch. Kelton must have told him he could spend the night, which was fine with her. She just wondered why he was here.

She headed into the kitchen to make breakfast for everyone, noticing on the way that the dust from Kennith's body was cleaned up, and there was no evidence that he had ever even been here. She silently thanked whoever did that, so she wouldn't have to clean it up.

Mathew: he was sitting in the kitchen when Amadora walked in. He looked like he barely slept.

Amadora: "Mathew," she gave him a small smile when she saw him, but then looked worried when she noticed he hadn't slept, "What's wrong honey?" she took a seat at the kitchen table beside him.

Mathew: "I couldn't sleep last night." he whispered. "" it finally hit him in the middle of the night.

Amadora: she frowned and reached out to take Mathew's hand, "Baby, no one is mad at you for it. It needed to be done or else we would have been separated again." she told him softly.

Mathew: "The look on his face when I did it though." he shook his head.

Amadora: she frowned and nodded, understanding how he felt. Like the touch he gave her on her cheek before he died. It would haunt her forever. Amadora just leaned forward and hugged Mathew, "It will be okay." she told him softly.

Mathew: he hugged her back. "I don't know how my life could get any worse." he whispered.

Amadora: "Well, for one," she whispered with the hint of some teasing, "You could be living back with your old master and not here with your mom and sister."

Mathew: "True." he stated softly.

Amadora: "Unless it's that bad, living here with me." she leaned back and looked at him.

Mathew: "No. I love it here." he admitted.

Amadora: she gave him a small smile, "You think you could eat something?"

Mathew: "I can try."

Julius: he knocked on the door paneling of the kitchen.

Amadora: she looked up and over towards the sound and smiled at Julius, "Hey." she stood, "Did you sleep well?"

Julius: "Yes, thank you. May I talk to you, Mrs. Amadora?"

Amadora: "Certainly." she looked back at Mathew and smiled at him before letting go of his hand and walking over to Julius.

Julius: "Privately?" he glanced at Mathew then back at Amadora.

Amadora: "Will the living room work?" she started to walk into the living room.

Julius: "Yes ma'am." he followed her.

Amadora: stepping into the living room she stopped by the couch and turned to face Julius. "What brings you here, Julius? I'm sorry you came last night with everything that went on."

Julius: "It is alright, ma'am. What brings me here is Amy."

Amadora: "What about her?"

Julius: "I am just wondering if you are ready for her to arrive."

Amadora: she nodded, "Yes, anytime you wish to bring her over, feel free. I actually think now would be better, as Mathew is so low after what happened, Amy might be the one to cheer him up." she remembered she was in her pajama's still and added, "Let me get dressed first." she paused, "Unless we let Mathew answer the door."

Julius: "If it is to cheer him up, then he should answer the door ma'am."

Amadora: "Will Lukas be carrying her in?" she remembered how weak Mathew was.

Julius: "She is actually in a better shape than Mathew was. She can walk on her own and that but, she's skinnier than normal."

Amadora: "Alright." she nodded, "Then you can get her. I'll head upstairs to change, and while I'm upstairs she can knock on the door so Mathew will answer it." she was excited.

Julius: "Yes ma'am. I'll do so right away." he then vanished.

Amadora: she smiled and then ran upstairs back to her bedroom. She listened for someone to knock at the front door.

Mathew: he was wondering what was going on now. He was curious.

There was a soft knock on the door.

Mathew: he got up when he heard the knock and went to the door. He opened it. "Hello?"

Amy: she was standing there in a cotton white dress that came to her knees. Her bright red hair was pulled back into a loose pony tail at her neck, and she looked up at Mathew with soft gray eyes. She gave him a smile. "Remember me?"

Mathew: his breath caught when he looked at Amy. She looked just a beautiful as the last time that he saw her. He hugged her. "Of course I remember you. I think about you every day." he whispered to her as he hugged her tightly but not too tight where he's hurt her. He closed his eyes tightly, holding back tears.

Julius: he leaned against the railing on the porch, watching.

Amy: she wrapped her arms around him, "I missed you." she said softly to him as they hugged. "I think about you every day too."

Mathew: "I missed you too." he pulled back to look at her, he was smiling. He hasn't been as happy as he was now in a long time. He was with his family and now the love of his life was here standing right in front of him. "You're just as beautiful as the last time I saw you." he whispered then hugged her again before inviting her inside, along with Julius.

Amy: she took his hand and came inside with him, "And you're just as handsome as I remember you." she blushed at his complement.

Amadora: she looked down the stairs to see if it was time for her to come down or not, or if she should give Mathew and Amy some more time to themselves.

Mathew: he held her hand as he walked with her into his room, he wanted some privacy for them to catch up and be alone together for so long.

Julius: he came inside and shut the door. He was invited in this time but he didn't know why he was invited in. He was thinking about leaving now that his job was done.

Amadora: she came down the stairs, but wasn't going to bother Mathew and Amy, "Julius, stay for breakfast?" she asked him. "It's the least I can do."

Julius: he looked at Amadora. "I couldn't intrude on your family time, ma'am. It would be rude of me to. Plus, it was nothing. Sir Lukas made sure I got my share for helping him." he smiled a bit at her.

Amadora: "You wouldn't be intruding. You're welcome here, anytime." she assured him. "Which reminds me, I must called Lukas to thank him." she went into the kitchen to call Lukas.

Sarah: she came out of her bedroom, walking down the hallway and spotted Julius. She wondered if he lived here now or something.

Julius: he nodded a bit. "Thank you, ma'am. It is very kind of you." he replied softly then slowly headed towards the door. He needed to get his drink from the car. He didn't notice Sarah spot him.

Sarah: she walked into the kitchen when Julius left the house, going to help her mother make breakfast. Just as she walked into the kitchen, Amadora was hanging up the phone.


Amadora: she was sitting in the kitchen after breakfast, with Kelton, talking to him. She was waiting for Mathew to come into the kitchen with Amy. She not only wanted to meet the girl, but she had something to tell Mathew that she and Kelton had just discussed.

Mathew: he walked into the kitchen with Amy. He seemed a lot happier than he was earlier. He was holding Amy's hand.

Kelton: he turned around when they walked in.

Mathew: "Mom? Kelton? I would like for you to meet Amy, the girl that I love."

Kelton: he stood and softly kissed her hand, being polite. "Welcome to the family, Amy." he smiled at her then looked at Amadora before he walked over to her.

Amadora: she stood and smiled, "Amy, pleasure to meet you." she walked over to Amy and gave her a hug.

Amy: "Thank you." she told both Kelton and Amadora, hugging Amadora.

Amadora: she looked at Mathew, "So did you like the surprise?"

Mathew: he looked at Amy and smiled again. "It was the best surprise that I've ever had." he stated.

Amy: she smiled back at him, still holding his hand.

Amadora: "Then this one will be right up there." she took Mathew's hand and handed him a key, "It's to mine and Kelton's old apartment." she told him softly with a smile.

Mathew: he looked down at the key then looked up at Amadora. "You're giving me an apartment?"

Kelton: he nodded. "It's all done and paid for too. You don't have to worry about rent at all."

Mathew: he looked at Amy and smiled. "We have our own place, Amy."

Amy: she looked from Amadora and Kelton, wondering if this was the truth or just a joke, but when she saw the smiles on their faces and the key in Mathew's hand, she couldn't help but feel excited, "Wow." she'd never had her own place before, and now she got to enjoy it with the man she loved. "Thank you so much!" she hugged Amadora again.

Amadora: she smiled, "You're welcome."

Sarah: she came into the kitchen, "What?" she asked with wide eyes, "You're moving out already?"

Mathew: he nodded. "But I'm sure we'll visit as much as we can." he told Sarah. "Oh, Sarah this is the girl I told you about. This is Amy. Amy, this is my littlest sister Sarah." he introduced them.

Sarah: she looked at Amy and nodded.

Amy: "Of course we will visit." she smiled at Sarah, "Pleasure to meet you."

Sarah: "Same here. I've heard a lot about you from Mathew."

Amy: "Good things?"

Sarah: "Yes, of course." she assured her before looking at Amadora and Kelton.

Amadora: "Oh!" she told Mathew and Amy, "The apartment is furnished so you don't have to worry about that, but what you will need is to decorate it. Kelton was able to get you, Mathew, a job where he works, so you can support a family. We can help you move whenever you'd like. There's no rush at all though."

Mathew: "Mom, Kelton. I don't know what to say." he said honestly. "The only thing that I can think of is...thank you."

Kelton: "You're welcome, Mathew." he gave him a small smile.


Kelton and Amadora had helped Amy and Mathew move into their new place. Amadora, no matter how much she wanted her kids with her, knew that since Mathew was eighteen, having his own placed had been something that was promised to him, and she wanted to give it to him now; especially since he had a girlfriend who she was sure was going to be his wife one day. She enjoyed being able to give Mathew what he wanted, and was thankful to Kelton for helping her do so.

Now with just her and Kelton and Sarah left in the house, things were a bit quieter, but it was peaceful. Amadora dyed her hair back to blonde and grew it out long again now that she no longer had to hide. She never wore her colored contacts again, although she did keep them in case she was dressing up for something, now only wearing them for fun. She could rest easier now knowing that her children were safe and well and that she was safe and free.

Sarah didn't like the idea of Mathew moving out, so soon since she'd seen him, but she understood. She didn't think she'd be like that though, because she never expected to ever find love. She didn't believe in it. The more she saw her mother with Kelton, however, she figured in some cases that it did exist.

After calling Lukas to tell him not to come pick her up, because it had been a month and she was afraid he would remember the last conversation he had with her and see if she wanted to leave, she decided to go for a walk. The day was a bit chilly, so she threw on a jacket and zipped it up, stepping outside and taking a stroll down the sidewalk- hands in her jacket as she kept her head down, watching her feet as she walked. She'd seen Julius a couple times during the past month, but that was it. She guessed he had his own things he needed to do. He never did come back to tell her what his species was, and she was still curious. The wind picked up some and gently blew her brown hair around her face. She tucked it behind her ears over and over again.

Julius: he had his hood up on his coat, to keep the wind from blowing against his skin. He wasn't really watching where he was going and accident bumped into Sarah. "I'm sorry, miss. I didn't mean to bump into you." he looked up and saw it was Sarah. "Hi, Miss Sarah. I was just coming to visit you." he put his hands in his pockets.

Sarah: she stepped back when Julius bumped into her, "It's okay." she gave him a small smile, "Visit me? Why?"

Julius: "I made a promise to you. Didn't I?" he gave her a small smile back.

Sarah: "I don't...I don't know..." she tried to remember and then it hit her. The same thing she was just thinking about, "Your species."

Julius: he nodded. "Yeah. You still want to see it?" he asked her.

Sarah: "Of course I do." she answered. She'd been waiting for it.

Julius: "May I?" he asked as he held his hand out to her, remembering last time.

Sarah: she looked at him and then to his hand. Last time, she didn't take his hand, but this time around, she knew him better. She guessed it would be okay and slowly, reached her hand out to his and took it in her own.

Julius: he gently gripped her hand then vanished with her from the sidewalk then appearing in a large opening. "You sure want to see what I am?" he asked her, making sure.

Sarah: she barely had time to register what had happened, when Julius teleported them. It happened so quickly she didn't even have time to freak out, and when she noticed they were now in a large opening rather than on the sidewalk, her eyes widened and she stared at Julius, unable to register that he had asked her a question. She pulled her hand back to herself, almost too quickly, "Where are we?"

Julius: "Just an open field not too far from where you live." he stated. "Don't worry, I'm not going to hurt you." he walked in front of her. "Are you absolutely positive that you want to see what I am?" he asked again.

Sarah: she took in a deep breath and nodded, trying to keep calm. She kept her eyes on him.

Julius: he glanced back at her right when she was nodding. "Alright." he started off in a jog then a run. He jumped up and the next thing Sarah knew was that he was flying in the air with big white wings. He flew in the air for a few minutes before he came to the ground and landed. He wasn't in a human form at all. He looked like a white tiger but bigger, taller and with wings. He lay down, folding his wings back. He was showing her that he meant her no harm.

Sarah: she watched Julius as he ran and gasped when she saw him change into a flying tiger. She just watched him as he flew around and then landed before her, lying down on the grass and folding his wings back. She took a slow step forward, "What are you called?" she asked softly. He was very beautiful in that form of his. She'd never seen anything like it.

Julius: he stayed where he was at. He'd answer her question in a bit. The only thing that moved was his tail, which only the tip flicked back and forth.

Sarah: she knelt down on the grass in front of him, watching him. She wondered what his fur felt like, but for some reason was afraid he'd bite her or something if she moved too suddenly.

Julius: he watched her back with his big blue eyes of his. He slowly laid his head down, trying not to scare her or frighten her.

Sarah: "If I pet you, will that be okay? Or will that be weird?"

Julius: he shook his head no with one big movement before he laid his head back down on the ground.

Sarah: she reached out and gently placed her hand on the top of Julius' head, pressing her fingers through his fur. She smiled. It was as soft as she thought it would be.

Julius: he closed his eyes, feeling her fingers through his fur. He started to purr softly, as a regular cat would. It felt nice to him.

Sarah: the motion was so silly to her, and she pictured Julius purring, that for the first time in a long time she giggled. As soon as she heard the noise out of her throat she pulled her hand back and moved back on the grass, further away from him, as if something would happen because she laughed.

Julius: he opened his eyes and just looked at her, wondering why she stopped.

Sarah: "I laughed." she murmured, "Or almost did."

Julius: he shook his head a bit, showing her that he didn't care.

Sarah: "So what are you?" she asked him softly again.

Julius: he turned back into his human form. "I'm a Whitigol." he told her.

Sarah: "That is very cool." she gave him a small smile again as she watched him, her arms wrapped around her legs as she pulled her knees to her chest, "I've never met one of those before. What's it like to fly?"

Julius: "Do you want to fly?" he asked her. "I can give you a ride. I'm big enough to carry you." he told her.

Sarah: she shook her head no. That idea seemed too scary to her. "I just want to know what it's like from your experience."

Julius: "Have you ever swung on a swing, leaned back and closed your eyes when you were little?"

Sarah: "Yes I have." she nodded. Growing up with Kennith she had everything. She enjoyed playing outside as a child. The playground was the best.

Julius: "It's like that." he told her.

Sarah: she smiled again, "Sounds lovely."

Julius: he nodded.

Sarah: "Thank you for showing me." she told him.

Julius: "You're welcome, Miss Sarah." he replied to her. He was quiet for a moment. "Do you think that you and I could be friends?" he asked her softly as he looked up at the sky.

Sarah: "Friends? Why?" she asked softly. She never had any friends aside from her family. She kept her eyes on him.

Julius: "To have someone to hang out with, to go places with..." he shrugged. "I'll understand if you say no. I just figured you'd want someone around now that you're brother has moved out."

Sarah: she was quiet as she thought about that, and then she figured she liked the idea. She nodded, "I'd enjoy that." she told him. From what she knew of Julius, she trusted him, and so she wouldn't mind being his friend. "Maybe one day I'll trust you enough for that flying ride." she gave him a small smile.

Julius: he looked at her and gave her a small smile back. "Maybe."

Sarah: she thought to herself, she may not be able to ever love, but friendship...friendship she could do. That sounded quite enjoyable to her.


Amadora: she came running down the stairs and into the living room, "Kelton! Kelton!" she was holding a pregnancy test in her hand.

Kelton: he stood up, hearing his name being called urgently. "Babe, what's wrong?" he stopped when he saw she was holding a pregnancy test. He looked at it in her hand before looking up at her.

Amadora: she stopped right in front of him and smiled widely, holding it out so he could see that the bar on the pregnancy test read the word, "Yes" on it.

Kelton: he looked down at it then looked up at her. He pulled her into a hug. "We're going to have a child." he whispered. He was extremely happy.

Amadora: "Yes!" she was giddy with excitement as she wrapped her arms around him and hugged him tightly. "A child of our own, finally. After all of that hard work." she giggled.

Kelton: he chuckled. "I think it was because of all the stress you were under which was the reason why you couldn't get pregnant." he told her as he hugged her. "Even though it was hard work, it was fun." he then kissed her.

Amadora: "Maybe." she said softly, "But now, everything is just perfect." she kissed him back softly, "Yes," she agreed, "I always have fun with you." she looked up at him with a soft look in her eyes, her arms still around him, "And I always will." she assured him gently. "Happy belated anniversary."