A Girl and Her Frog

A scientific girl went to a pond, to look for specimens to observe. She read the sign near the pond, not too far off. "Please respect the pond, and do not disrupt the animals." "Well, that's just spectacular." She thought, going onto the pond anyway. The girl sat on her knees, not too far from the bank. "Didn't Mom say there was some kind of superstition about this pond...?" She leaned in to look closer, her pendant with a silver star falling into the water. "No!" the girl interjected into the silence, looking into the pond again. "I remember now...If you find an item that's been lost in the pond, you are lucky." She thought to herself, now busy in her thoughts. "In retrospect, I shouldn't have been so close..." Her head snapped upwards as she heard a gurgling noise from the pond, standing back and preparing to run. What came up was a frog, a lime green, unlike all the frogs she's ever seen. She picked him up, holding the small amphibian in her hands. It was wearing her pendant. "Wow, I guess I am lucky. Where did you transport my necklace from, little one...?" "I'll name you Luck." The girl said to her newfound pet, bringing it home. "Who's the little one?" Her mother asked her, intrigued. "He's cute." "His name is Luck. I found him at the pond," She responded, a smile on her face. "I want to find out all I can about this little guy."

That girl became valedictorian and specialized in amphibian science, and lived in a penthouse. Over the years, at that pond, a statue of a frog was built there, and people threw in coins or little trinkets, for Luck.