But I Try

By Aiden Rose

You know I try but I can't stop running,

Trying to hide from the pain I know is coming for me.

It's already here.

It always has been.

I'm just too weak to feel it anymore.

So I run and I hide,

And while I wear myself down,

It just keeps getting stronger,

The longer I refuse to face it.

And yet knowing these things,

I still run,

I still hide,

But I try.

A/N: This is about many things that I know are going to happen but attempt to ignore in order to avoid the swiftly approaching pain. I was thinking about one thing in particular: my Aunt D's struggle with cancer and the likelihood of it ending soon. If any of you are religious in any way, prayers are needed and greatly appreciated. Reviews and constructive criticism are welcome, as always, but please be considerate.-Aiden