Adam was in their memories. He watched as Ariadne lay dying. He stood there watching as an elegant crimson line of blood, tears and rain, that marked the difference between life, death and all the dark things that lurked in the middle, trickled down a crack in the rocks to the sea below. The roaring waves devoured her blood, drop by drop, like monster indulging in its prey. The wind was howling as if expressing its grief at the loss of an innocent life for pure evil. Adam stood there, like he was one of the rocks which were bearing witness to the pain caused by the intensity of the past events.

The rain was pouring now, and seemingly appearing out of nowhere, Jasper was kneeling over his lost love. Adam was lost in thought as to how events such as these simply ripped the very basic feelings of pain, anger, lust and love that make up one's life; or in Jasper's case- one's death. He could feel Jasper go numb, physically and emotionally, his mind set on getting back what was once was his.

Adam could not bear to watch this. How easily the demons could tear apart the threads of existence that joined people together; how devastated Jasper looked; how pale and still Ariadne lay thereā€¦

Just as he was about to move forward and try to comfort Jasper, who was trembling with his eyes squeezed shut, Adam was pulled back into the present. He had gotten so engrossed in Jasper's memory, that he'd forgotten that it was the past. It was just a long, sad chapter of their twisted story.