If you could hide me anywhere
where would you hide me?

In the most beautiful place you can imagine
filled with love and hope and dreams
where the sun shines all day and the moon
always illuminates the stars that shine
on iridescent water.
Where the peace that hums on the shallow breeze
is constant
and the water in the waterfalls…is the only water that does

Would you hide me somewhere like our own world?
With people like you and I
Where there is good and bad
(and the bits in between)
And judgement is judgemental
And love is conditional
But it's like our world

Or would you put me in a secret place
a small and lonesome glade
with trees and flowers
and silence
always silence.
Where even your thoughts stay quiet
and everything is consistent

Are you so afraid or losing me?

Or breaking or misplacing
or something like that

That you put me in one place
and keep the key always.
Close to your heart

It's lonely and dark






I'm safe

I'm sure you'd want what was best for me
the safest
securest place to be

But sometimes

You put things in a safe place

And forget



Put them