Chapter 1


I ran. I ran for my life.

I looked behind me and I saw those eyes. Those blood crimson red eyes that showed many years of being alive. They showed many pain and suffering they had endured throughout those years.

"Come back!" I heard their voices bouncing off the trees and into my ear drums like an echo. I suddenly tripped over my own feet.

I got up, favoring my right wrist. I kept running. Running for my own life that is endanger since midnight.

"It's only for a second!"

I didn't stop. I kept running for my life until I found a safe place, which was a small den that I could actually fit in naturally. I did a baseball slide in actually.

"Where is he?" A seductive voice asked. I could hear her voice starting to pick up in anger and frustration to look for me.

"He could be anywhere!" The other voice was a bit raspy, but full of hunger. I held my breath in fear that they'll find me quickly.

I felt my sweat slide down from my forehead to my cheek. I started to back away against anything an animal put even if it's their own poop.

"No, where to hide kid," the raspy voice one spoke in a very creepy manner, "we can smell fear." It teased.

I began to turn blue. I couldn't hold my breath any longer, but if I let it out then they'll find me by their sensitive smell.

I saw a pair of feet standing in front of where I am. It was wearing heels so it has to be the seductive speaking one in front of me, waiting for me to give up now and surrender to them.

I was beginning to turn purple now. If I don't start breathing now I'll die because of lack of oxygen then these two mummies trapped in one body for who knows how many years now.

I let go of my breath and began breathing deeply. I cursed myself because they probably heard and I waited for the worse. My eyes closed.

"He isn't here anymore." The seductive voice spoke. I sighed in relief.

"Got you." The raspy one said, grabbing me from my hiding place and forcefully getting me out. It took about several minutes with me almost getting my arms out of their place on my body then my neck almost torn off.

I was pinned to the ground with my wrist on the ground. I winced in pain for my right wrist since it was broken after my fall. I looked up trying to struggle free, but the seductive voice speaking women straddled my waist.

"Don't fight," she whispered in my ear softly, "it'll be one little pinch."

I was struggling against her, but it seemed like it was more than two people. I kept trying to fight against all of them, but it was obvious that they were much stronger then I was even if the girl looked about 90 lb.

"Don't fight against her!" the raspy voice man yelled, crushing my right wrist with his weight. I yelled in pain.

My pulse and heart were racing. She sniffed me and snuggled her face into my neck, "Your blood, it smells delicious." She whispered against my neck, licking my neck.

"Bite him already! It's almost morning and we wasted our time chasing this meal for you, mistress!" One of the servants that didn't speak before shouted.

The 'mistress' looked at me with a seductive smile, "Just …one…tiny…pinch.." she whispered, biting into my neck. I felt my blood leaving my body.

I was struggling against her trying to get away while her hand was simply on my shoulder, keeping me down.

"D-Don't.." I whispered, slowly losing energy. I reached for the sky, but my hand came back down hitting me in the face.

I felt a light touch on my cheek before the rustling of leaves and my body being moved. "Goodbye, my sweet puppy." She whispered in my ear before closing my eyes for me.

This is my awakening. My name is Lance Wolfgang.