Her back was to him. She was angry with him and had been giving him the cold shoulder for the last hour. But she couldn't ignore his presence. It showed in the way her spine straightened ever so slightly then relaxed in less than a fraction of a second. She sat naked in the center of the bed among the mass of tangled ivory sheets.

From his vantage point he could see the cords to her earphones plugged in her ear. His full lips kicked up in a ghost of a smile when his exceptional hearing allowed him to make out the base line of the Linkin Park song she was listening to. Her delicate hand scribbled furiously across the page. Yep, she was pissed.

The dark mass of soft raven hair was pulled over her slim bare shoulder. Even when she was upset with him, watching her was one of his favorite past times. The slender, petite frame of her body was a complete contrast to his large solid one. Smooth, flawless skin like warm maple syrup over muscles toned from years of training and dancing. She loved to dance—for him and with him.

Her breathing was even but he sensed her trepidation—and arousal. She shifted under the scrutiny of his gaze but didn't face him. His heavy gaze was hot on her back—she could feel his heat peeling off of him in waves. She tried to tune him out and continued writing her letter. Her breath hitched when the bed dipped under his weight. She turned her attention back to the notebook in her lap and hummed along with the heavy rock tune blasting against her eardrums.

An arrogant smile crossed his lips when he ran his long callused fingers down the middle of her back and she shivered under his touch. She would always react to him. He moved closer to her, his own arousal roared to life. Her silky skin made his mouth water in anticipation. He loved how her dark syrupy complexion blended so well with is tanned one.

He bent his head over her exposed shoulder and outlined her tattoo with his tongue. She pulled her lower lip between her teeth and failed to suppress the moan the rolled in the back of her throat. His dark chestnut curls brushed her skin as his tongue slid over her again. Liquid heat pooled between her thighs and her womb clenched at the desire that unfurled and expanded in her core. Her grip tightened on the pen and her other hand clenched in the sheets to keep from touching herself.

"Go ahead," his velvet voice growled in her ear. His hand stroked her back and the heat from his touch settled between her thighs. Slowly, she released her death grip on the sheet and slid her hand to her wet center.

He loved watching her. She loved that he loved watching her. He growled low in her ear and nibbled on her shoulder. Ribbons of need laced deep in her womb. Her fingers slid over her slit spreading her cream over her warm lips. Her round perky breasts rose and fell with her deep breaths, her chocolate nipples, stiff peaks that begged for his attention. His hands itched to knead the soft mounds that fit perfectly in his hands, but he resisted. He'd watch her dance for him…for now.

Her fingers disappeared between her damp lips. His heart boomed in his ears and the blood left his head, and shot directly to his groin. The early afternoon sunlight made her dark skin glisten. His hand snaked around her waist and held her slim thighs apart. The scent and sight of her arousal stirred the most primal, carnal urges in him.

The muscles from his jaw ached from his effort to restrain himself. Her head fell back onto his shoulder and she rolled her hips as she rode her own fingers into sexual oblivion. His hand squeezed her quaking thigh reflexively. His rigid flesh pressed against her lower back. The knowledge that he watched invade her own hot channel made her muscles pulse and clamp down around her fingers. His hand slid from her thigh, under hers—calloused fingers pinched her clit, melting her senses and hurtling her head first into carnal nirvana.

Her breathing barely returned to normal when he flipped her over on her back. His large hand clamped down on her wrist. He brought her hand to his lips and sucked the essence from her fingers. He groaned his satisfaction and pressed rubbed the tip of his hard length against her dripping core.

"Mine," he growled and pierced her tight channel with a hard thrust.