"They say love lasts a life time, but does it really? How can it be when you are being taken away from me?" Orville whispered sadly, tears dropping onto their intertwined hands. The candlelight flickered in the wind caused by the open window, making shadows dance across Wilbur's face. What was healthy a month earlier, was now gaunt and pale. His brothers irregular breaths was the only noise in the room now, combined with the quiet breaths from Orville. Sighing tiredly, for he had been by his brothers bedside since that morning, he pushed back in the chair he was sitting in, not once letting go of Wilbur's hand. Without warning, the hand went slack. He looked at Wilbur's face. A chill seemed to settle in the room. Wilburs chest didn't move up and down, is breaths gone. Solemnly, trying not to shed anymore tears, he gently pulled his hand free. Rising up from the chair, he stumbled out of the room.