In the above world, a land filled with conformity reigned. A dictator ruled with an iron fist and supremely advanced technology, eyes on all his citizens whatever they may be doing. The sky was grey now; the sun had not appeared for years, not since Beloved Leader Leonard had taken hold and forced his regulations on the world.

Some citizens were taken in the middle of the night if they failed to abide by the rules. If children were noisy, they were taken to correctional facilities where the "noise" was beaten out of them. If babies cried their parents were beaten until they could stop them. The cruelty knew no bounds, but still the people formed pockets of rebellions and paid no heed to the consequences that would ensue.

Many of these rebellions were halted before they caused any serious damages and the revolutionists were killed, but there was a group that every person in the world knew about but stayed silent, for it was just a story. Talk of underground fortresses, and a man dressed in black were dismissed as childish dreams whilst they went to their set jobs in grey outfits but it was a dream they held dear to them.

The world chugged and plodded along like an out-of-tune machine and the people felt weighed down by the lack of freedom. Suicides had skyrocketed and orphans were through the roof, but the Beloved Leaders did not see any reason to change their regulations. Their people lived in squalor while they gorged themselves on lobster dinners and the luxuries that money had to offer.

One day, a young man named Joey Lost-in-Fire was working in a substitute meat factory with a heavy face. His child – Lucy – had been taken from him for speaking out of turn and his wife Colette had been murdered for having revolutionary thoughts. He was alone now as there was no guarantee that his daughter would return and he would be forced to take a new wife and have a child before two years of marriage.

Jody was a local girl who was interested in Joey, mainly for his name, and wanted to be his second wife as she needed to have a child quickly but he did not return her interest, although she was an obvious choice. He mourned his wife and thought about his daughter constantly, in no mood to think about a future family.

"Citizen! Smiles in the workplace," a robotic voice said and a large metallic monster appeared floating in the air, "Beloved Leader wishes to see his citizens happy with his rule."

Without thinking, upset for the loss of his family, Joey Lost-in-Fire replied, "Sod off you metal doorstop," and froze. He felt his heart beat quicken and his palms grow sweaty. The robots eyes became glaring red.

"STOP. BY ORDER OF THE BELOVED LEADER, YOUR IMMEDIATE DEACTIVIATION IS REQUIRED. CITIZEN 110283, PREPARE TO BE DEACTIVIATED," it said in a loud voice. The workers fled the machinery room, ducking for cover as Joey span around to be glaring down the barrel of a laser-gun. He began to pray in his head, hoping for a miracle and shutting his eyes.

What happened next is a mystery. There were loud noises, the sounds of gun fire, and robotic voices screaming at each other, "UNIDENTIFIED CARBON BASED LIFEFORM," whilst firing live rounds into the machinery. Joey fell to the floor without opening his eyes, to him the world was now black and he would never see the light of day again if he did not hide now.

Soon, the noises silenced. No more voices sounded. Joey could feel a breeze hit his face and for some reason, he did not feel afraid anymore. He looked up in his workplace to see broken and destroyed pieces of metal decorating the floor, and a new hole ripped into the wall of Beloved Leaders substitute meat factory.

But he could not stop looking at the hole. A man stood in the middle of it, dressed in all black leather and a cowboy hat. He held a gun customised with skull and crossbones, and adjusted his hat so his black gloves were visible.

"Tell them all," he said with a dark voice, "Tell them all, that Dr. Lost-in-Water, has returned."