The Doctor had postponed the plans to go atop, much to the relief of his people, but warned that the time was drawing nearer with every passing minute. The very thought of battling with the armies of the Beloved Leader's sent chills down their spines, although their faith in their leader did not waver. He would guide them through...that's what they kept telling themselves.

Joey was busy scrubbing the kitchen counters one night, after sending Lucy up to bed, and was contemplating the prospect of a happy life in the Underground. If the fire-type could possible convince the Doctor to abandon his thirst for revenge, and think instead to a happy future, maybe then he could give his daughter the life she really deserved.

However, before he could begin to go into any detail, there was a furious knocking at his door. It was loud, rapid, like a battering ram was hammering against the heavy entrance. For a moment Joey thought about not answering it but he somehow plucked up the courage to unlock it and allow the potential intruder inside.

"Joey! I am glad it was you who answered," the confused fugitive was confronted by his leader, "I would not want young Lucy to know I am here."

"Oh? Why not?" The leather-donned man walked into the house and sat down at the table, looking intently at Joey as he followed. The fire-type cocked his head to one side and followed; what could the Doctor possibly have to say that required such secrecy? Was Lucy making progress? Was her condition worse than they had previously thought?

"Your daughter mentioned to me that you were discussing war plans in front of her. Care to explain? Why would you talk about such delicate, violent plans when your child can hear?" The leader's question knocked his followers guard down. All he could do was splutter nervously and grip his newly washed counters.

Of course, Joey had not realised the inappropriateness. Ever since she had learnt to walk, Lucy had been subject to public executions and the stories of dead princesses and merchants. Why would they change those rules now, when they were safe to speak about them? Was this a new type of censorship?

"I thought you wanted us to talk about it. I thought you did not mind what we talked about – you said that we were safe here. I do not understand why I would be silent on the matter when it involves my daughter as well," he replied. Sighing, the Doctor stood up and drummed his fingers on the hard wooden table with a small tight frown on his face. He looked so young at that point that Joey again questioned just how effective this life-prolonging salve was, and what had possessed him to start taking it.

"I do not mind what you talk about with Felicity," came the explanation, "You are both adults and I cannot control what you do. However when it comes to children you do everything to protect their innocence, which means that you do not speak about war and death and violence. Already she has been forced to watch the people she loves die, and she has been kidnapped from her home, and her young life has seen more than I want to think about, but now is the time that she must be loved. She must be held and told things will be alright, and that you will protect her, so that her progress will be much more rapid. I cannot do everything for you."

Joey reared his head up like he had just been slapped. A fire burned in his eyes and he glared at his leader, snapping before he could stop himself, "You have only provided us with a home! Do you know what we have gone through, what we have seen? Do you know how it hurts to wake up one night and see your wife being torn away from your bed and beaten out in your very garden? Why did you bring me here, if you saw my daughter and I as a burden?"

"You are not a burden! I did not mean that I do everything for you – never would I think that and never do I doubt the horrors you have seen," the Doctor growled, "Remember you have a special place here, and you are one of the most important people! This secret weapon could never be used if it weren't for you, not properly! But war plans are to be kept away from the young; they're already busy thinking about love, and how the upper world will look when they finally see it. Come to see me tomorrow, when the training exercises are being under taken, I want to show you the secret weapon and then, you can see why you are not a burden."

The leader took of his cowboy hat and walked to the door, smiling now, as if he had not just had an argument with one of his people, but when he gripped the doorknob he seemed almost overcome with sadness and lost his composure for a minute.

"And please remember, I have experienced the harsh sting that is losing loved ones, I have a wound that has left me crippled for years," then he opened the door and walked off into the dark dome-like town, heading back to his tower.

Joey stood dumbfounded whilst he watched the Doctor melt away into the night. He imagined how lonely the tower must be when the light dimmed and only silence filled the stone halls, whilst his people curled up in togetherness surrounded by their families. How could he face them every day without becoming green with envy? And this secret weapon he spoke about, what could be so deadly that he had to keep it secret from everyone, and not tell his "most important asset" about it until now?

Suddenly, his pain seemed inferior. He may have lost his beautiful wife, but he had retrieved his daughter and had a chance at normality again, and the leader had nothing. Three dead sons, one monster and a dead wife, whom he never even got to see the body of. Maybe it was closure that he really craved, to put a proper end to his family?

"Father," he turned to see his daughter standing on the stair case, dressed in a little pair of pink wool pyjamas dotted with dog's faces, "Why were you and Doctor Lost-in-Water fighting?"

"Oh," he replied and walked to her, picking up the young girl and cuddling her tightly to him, "We weren't fighting dear. Don't worry...everything will be alright."