(Author's note: idk, I was looking through a notebook and discovered this. I wrote it for my creative writing class near the beginning of the school year, and I kind of like it! Enjoy! ~not Ross)

Sam shivered as he felt his socks soaking through. "Pretty cold," he noted as a snowflake landed squarely in his eye.

Eustace nodded. His mother was off at her weekly sewing circle, and with no one to instruct him how many scarves to wear or whether to remember his hat, he had come woefully unprepared for their yearly ritual. The cold wind had crawled even into his ears, and snowflakes caked his shaggy brown hair like gravy. "Really cold," he agreed.

The two boys stared down at the rest of the world, the world that hid between gusts of snow. From way up here, they could see vague outlines of windows glowing yellow against the storm and trees quivering under the stress of the wind. They might have picked a quieter day to do this, or a warmer place at the very least, but tradition prevented it. November 15th, high noon, right on the peak of the gable over Sam's bedroom. They'd never missed an appointment.

"Are you ready?" Sam asked, jamming a thickly mittened hand into his pocket.

Eustace nodded, too chilled to respond.

Sam produced a Milky Way bar, crushed on one end. The brown wrapper seemed to glisten in his palm. Eustace fumbled with a Snickers bar and also held it out for examination.

Simultaneously, the wrappers crinkled as the candy beneath them emerged. The boys solemnly lifted their hands to their mouths and closed their lips around the chocolate. They watched each other chew. They watched each other swallow.

And there it was. The last of the Halloween candy.