A few weeks have gone by since my initial encounter with Sahirah, and I can say a lot has changed. For example, after having dinner with Sahirah she offered to drive me home because it was already cold and late. I've never felt ashamed of my home even though it was a rat hole but for some reason having my benefactress come with me made me feel otherwise. Let just say the moment Sahirah saw my house she decided I would not live there any longer. She took the little clothes I had and my parents' photo and said I was coming home with her. I guess she didn't she like my humble abode or more the fact it was actually, literally a rat hole. To more of my surprise, they lived on the outskirts of East White Oak. This only meant they were extremely wealthy. I've never envied or wondered how someone felt for having more things than I or more money.

The first time I saw the Abarroan House more like castle, I wondered how it'd feel like growing up and living here. I bet the child I would bear would live a grand life with these people. The driving up to this wonderful place, it looked magical. We drove almost half an hour from the outskirts of White Oak, I was starting to get scared, my mind started to believe that I was actually being kidnapped and was going to get chopped into millions of pieces and fed to the fishies. I'm telling sometimes my mind gets too carried away, even if it's for no reason. We kept driving until I saw this hidden path between tallest oak trees I've ever seen, but maybe they weren't that tall since I've never been anywhere else but here. Driving down this hidden road I could see a white shining light at the end of the road but I couldn't see where it was coming from. As we drove closer the light was coming from the mansion before they called home. If I could compare this home to anything it would be the castle you see in Beauty in the Beast but more modern, don't laugh growing up I had watched many Disney movies and Beauty and the Beast was one of my favorites. Now I would have to enter and meet the Beast.

Sahirah grabbed my belonging and to told the driver that would be all for tonight. We walked towards the large double door entrance that lead to what would be my new home for the next two years. If you can say I was surprised when I first saw their home, my eyes almost popped out when I saw the inside. The place was all white. There were white sofas, white curtains, white staircase, white marbled floor and oh and white large piano. Oh yeah I definitely would fit here. NOT.

"Well, let me show you to your room, hopefully you like it. It's a little plain since it was only a guest room till a few minutes ago." Sahirah said while she led me towards the staircase.

We walked up the beautiful staircase that parted the house in half, as we walked she explain where everything was. She told me as we headed to the left side out the house that this side was where all the guest rooms were, she said one of them would become the baby's room. We walked down the corridor and there were four doors, two my left and two my right, she told me I could choose whichever one to be my room. Naturally I choose the last one on the left because I wanted to have the most privacy. Walking into the room I knew the bathroom itself without even looking at it was bigger than my entire apartment. The room was simple and plain with a large queen sized bed against the wall that faces the bathroom door. It was perfect; I've never been one to indulge in the material things since I could never afford them.

"If you don't like it my dear, we can go shopping tomorrow for some new things, Sahirah whispered confusing my quietness.

"No it's perfect, thank you," I whispered. I didn't know what else to say. If I said anymore I think I would cry. And I don't cry. Ever.

"Well, I bid you good night and sleep well, it has been an emotional day and it's time for us to rest. I will see you in the morning." Sahirah said while she walked towards the door.

Someone pinch me. If someone would have told me this morning that I was going to be having a child for the Drakian race that now inhabited this world and I would move into one of their homes to live with them, I would have called them crazy. But here I am, in their home and not feeling any disgust to be under same roof. Things have really changed, and I just hope the best.

Who said adjusting to this new life would be a walk in the park because I might just have to shoot them. Oh wait, nobody did. I think one of the hardest things I had to adapt to was having everything at one's will. I didn't like that the servants would make my food, clean my room, and make my bed. So I had to compromise, I told the Sahirah that I would like to cook and clean at least one of the days of the week. I would have told Mr. Abarroan but the mister was out on business since the day I arrived so he didn't even know I was living here, oh boy isn't that going to be a surprise. I also had to accept the fact Sahirah wanted to go shopping every day to buy new things for me and the baby. I wasn't even pregnant yet and she was already buying things. I wouldn't rain on her parade, she had the money and she could do anything she wanted with it. Ugh, I just wish she would buy me so many clothes. How much clothes does a girl need?

Two weeks after I moved in, I heard the servants running around all over the place. I walked out and saw a maid cleaning all the furniture and the paintings in the corridor.

"What's going one? Why is everyone in a frenzy?"

"The master of the house arrives today, Miss. And he hates to see the house dirty so it needs to be spotless."

So what do I decide to do, well I decide to grab and mop and a broom and decide to help. Little did I know that this would lead me to hear something I already suspected. As I was sweeping and moping the hallway towards the right side of the house. I heard the door slam, and could hear some arguing towards the front of the house.

"… But Emillian you didn't see where she lived. I could smell death from the outside."

"Okay, but I don't understand why she had to come here. You could have just rented her an apartment."

So I see he didn't like me being here. I kind of thought that since every time I spoke to Sahirah, she would avoid the subject. Well, I had plan B. I really liked Sahirah and I loved living with her. In the past two weeks she had easily become my best friend. She even knew the story behind me being living in a foster home. I told one of the maids if she had an extra uniform I could borrow and if anyone asked for me, that they should tell them I went out and haven't come back.

When I was working at the bakery, my boss told me the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. Well, I hope she was right because that was plan B. I had studied many recipes that only the Drakits could eat so I began practicing and I hope one of them will win me a small part in the "master's" heart. I headed straight to the kitchen.

As I was almost ready to begin serving the food, I asked the head cook to announce dinner was ready. And if anybody asked who made the food to tell them the new cook in the kitchen had offered to make it. So I waited in the kitchen while the maids served the food and the cook went with them. This was my plan and it was go big or go home plan, literally.

I think I may have fallen asleep in the kitchen, because next thing I knew the cook was nudging me to wake up and make myself presentable because the master wanted to meet the cook that made the best authentic Drakian food he has ever tasted on Earth. My inner little girl was mentally giving me a high five. I put on my best dress and pulled my long brown into a pony tail, and walked out the kitchen. To say the least he was surprised to see me walking out the kitchen doors and into the dining room. Sahirah had a small knowing gleam in her eyes that made her smirk when I walked in, she knew about my plan and she never told me. Looking at her just made more confident as I walked towards him.

"Master, you called for me?" I said with my head bowed. Sahirah giggled at my cheekiness. I wanted to laugh as well but for this to work for me, I needed him to accept me not hate me.

"You do not need to call me that, you are not part of my serving workforce." He said in a deep English accent.

"Did you make this food?"

"Yes sir," I answered.

"Why did you do it?"

"Because I would like to work for allowing me to stay here. I do not like to receive anything for free or charity. And If I am allowed to stay here, I will work for it." I honestly answered.

"How did you learn to cook this type of food? "

I knew it, some way somehow; I knew that was my acceptance. "I truly don't know, I look at the recipes and then I just started to cook. It comes naturally and it something I truly love to do."

"Well then, if you are going to stay here you will need to teach my cooks and you will have to learn new recipes I would like to try. I hold a high expectation so do not disappoint me, Ezlie." He said as he stood up from his chair.

He walked out of the dining room before Sahirah attacked me into a bear hug.

"I just knew you would come up with a way to win him over, I just didn't know you would use his pallid against him. Come on lets go celebrate!" she said laughing.

"Celebrate? Where?" I confusingly asked.

"It's a surprise, so come on," she said as she pulled me by my hand towards the back door. Who knew this five foot nothing woman had so much strength in her. As she dragged me outside the house towards the backyard, I started to become confused. I thought we were going somewhere.

"Where are we going Sahirah? I thought we were going somewhere to celebrate?" I asked.

"Just hold on it's a surprise dear. Here hold this," she said as she gave me a saddle.

"Are we going to ride horses? I didn't know you guys had horses?"

"We don't," she said in the dark.

Her eyes were the only things I could see in the darkness. They seemed to glow like a cat's eyes would, but her seemed larger. The next thing that happened was forever ingrained into my memory for all eternity until the day I die. As I was staring at her eyes, I heard a growl of large animal around me and I quickly turned to see if I could see anything. It was so dark outside I could hardly see the outlines of the trees outside. It was a moonless night and all the light from outside were off so I could not make out where I was walking.

"Sahirah? Sahirah, can we just celebrate tomorrow," I whispered.

"Sahirah? Where are you Sahirah? Answer me!" I said louder. I was really starting to become afraid. I couldn't see where I was walking nor could I remember how to get back to the house since we had walked into forest that along the house.

All of sudden I heard something walking towards me. Something large. I didn't know what to do should I run, should I hide, or just stay still maybe it couldn't see me in the dark. As I tremble in fear with my imagination running free, I heard Sahirah's voice.

"Dear, it is just I, come here."

"But where are you? I can't see." I replied

"I am right in front of you, Cherie, just follow my voice and you'll find me."

As I slowly started to walk farther into the forest I could make the outline of a large animal in front me. It seemed to be the size of a horse maybe just a tad bigger but having the disadvantage of sight I could not make out the proportions.

"Sahirah, I thought you said you didn't have horses."

"Because we don't, dear" the animal figure said to me as it turned around to see me with its large green cat-like eyes.

"!" I screamed as I turned around to run aimlessly away from the beast.

"Where do you think you're going, dear? We haven't even gone to celebrate. Put the saddle on me and get on," the large beast commanded in Sahirah's voice as landed in front me.

I must have all been a dream because I suddenly woke in my bed. I turned around to look and the lights were on in my bathroom and you could see the shadow of feet moving in there. The door suddenly opened and Sahirah came out with a small wet towel in hand.

"I see you're awake. How do you feel?"

"I had such a strange dream, Sahirah. I dreamt that you led me outside into the forest and you had turned into a large catlike beast." I laughed hearing my nonsense come out of my mouth.

"It wasn't a dream," she whispered.

"What do you mean?"

"It wasn't a dream dear, what you saw was real. You passed out right after I had asked you to ride me. I am sorry if scared but I thought you needed to know the truth." She said rather quickly.

The truth, I thought I was done with surprises. Now she was going to tell me they could fly. That would just be the cherry on the top. I didn't know how to respond. I just didn't see how this was much of a surprise since one they're originally from outer space. So I guess this reasonable. Reasonable? What am I thinking? What have I gotten in myself into?

"What exactly were you back there?" I slowly decided to ask.

"I should start from the beginning," she said as she sat the edge of my bed, "When the Drakits first came to Earth they had two forms. One is their humanoid version which is similar to a human's body but much stronger and faster. They also had their beast mode. When they became of age they received an older, wiser beast spirit that would only come out to protect. These spirits are the ones who can recognize their Drakian inhabitants mate. Now hundreds of years later we have learned how to easily phase between each phase."

"But you're not a true Drakit how is it that you can change into one?" I asked curiously, not that I was interested.

"When I became Emillian's mate, the Great Mother blesses you with a spirit which allows you to transform into your mate's counterpart. Depending what spirit your born or given, decides what beast you phase into. We are the Cat beasts, how fitting since I am Egyptian, "she said laughing at the last part.

"So all the Drakits are like this? They can transform into beasts of all kinds?" I wondered out loud.

"Yes, Emillian didn't want me to tell you, until we could trust you since the human race doesn't know this part of our secret, but since you're having our child I thought you should know."

"Thank you, for having that much trust in me, but you didn't need to tell me. Your husband is right, you cannot be telling everyone about this."

"Don't be silly dear, you are the first and only person I plan to tell," she said smiling. "Now go to sleep its late and tomorrow is a big day."

"Big day? What's going on?"

"Tomorrow is your first day in training!" She said excitedly.

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