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God, Jesus, Buddha, the Great Mother, whoever you believe in must really get a kick out of every time I get thrown into these horrible circumstances. I swear if I ever get to meet one of them there going to have to do some explanations. Because as of now I am speaking to an extremely handsome Englishman who as of not moment ago was without a shirt and may I say had a wonderfully looking chest. But I would never dare say that to him. So shush.

I was sitting on the chair that was placed next to the bed by Sahirah as this strange man was sitting across from me on the bed. I was still wearing my bloody clothes but I zipped my sweater up so the most of the blood was covered. I have no clue what he wants with me, but I've learn from the Abarroans that there's always motive when it concerns the Drakits. And I'm especially on my toes knowing I'm speaking to an important one. Practically royalty. He kept staring at me without saying a word, making me somewhat nervous.

"I'm sorry," I barely whispered bending my head down in shame.

"And for what may I receiving this apology?" he ask

"I'm sorry I ran you over, could you please forgive me, I don't want to die, I have two kids and I love them very much and I don't want them to live without a parent please?" I quickly blurted still with staring at his feet.

He was really quiet for a few seconds before I heard him snickering. That bastard was trying not to laugh at me. I'm here begging for my life and he's laughing. I quickly look him and I must assume my face must have been painted with anger because he actually started laughing out loud in my face without any remorse. So I did what any furious person in my position with my height could do. I tickled him.

Oh yeah payback's a witch! Took that idiot by surprise. I'm not one to resort for violence so I always think of an alternative although this time it didn't really work like it should have. In a matter of seconds, he grabbed me by the shoulders, picked me up to his height, and dropped me back on my seat like I was a rag doll.

"You do not have to apologize, just promise you won't go speeding around like the devil's after you. That's how accidents are caused, and you might actually fatally injure someone and yourself. Others may not be so lucky as I was," he said few with a few more snickers.

I glared at him. I hope he realizes it was his fault that he became one with my car. He's the dumb idiot who ran right into my car.

"Okay why don't we just start with a simple hello," he said as he extended his large hand towards me.

"Hello, my name is Kieran Dreyken," he said as I shook his hand, "and you are?"

"Nice to meet you Kieran, my name is Serenity."

"Nice to meet you, now was that too hard?"

"No, but I know what you are and I don't want to put myself or my family in danger?"

"And why would that happen?"

"Because you're one of the last remaining of your kind."

"Who told you that?"

"The master of this house, Mr. Emillian Abarroan. He said I should come fix this situation before I put my family in danger." I decided I didn't want to tell him yet my true identity nor the whole truth. I don't know but I just didn't trust him yet.

"You don't need to worry about that, I will not bring any harm to you or your family." He said grimly "Speaking of family, you're married?" he asked curiously. Changing his mood in seconds, this guy must be bipolar.

"But you have two children, correct?"

"Yes, but I am not married, why so many questions?" I never really liked when people pried too much on my personal life.

"I am sorry, if I made you uncomfortable."

"No it's fine, but may I leave now?"

"Just one more question, Can I see you again?"

"No," and I walked away. I know where this was going and I wasn't ready now or ever. Especially now, knowing I'm engaged.

I walked downstairs to the kitchen where I found Emillian sitting by himself with two cups of English Gray tea, my favorite.

"I see, your trying to apologize?" I said

"I'm sorry, Ezlie. I didn't mean to force you into something you so adamantly hate. I will tell the Dark One's representative tomorrow."

"No, it's fine. Don't call … I will do it. Just don't ask why but tell him if he wants to take my hand in marriage he has to find me first. I need to see he's worthy to be the father of my future children. Do not tell him what I do or where I live and it has to be himself who finds me and nobody else. Tomorrow I will leave back to New York to fix a few more things and I will head directly immediately to Los Angeles, after that I don't know where I will go. I will only come home for the kids birthday in a few weeks and during the summer for June and July for the kids summer break."

"But Ezlie, you don't have to … "

"Please Emillian, don't, it's fine it's my decision plus if I refuse he will only come after you and Sahirah and that's unacceptable." I interrupted him. "And please don't tell the kids. They won't understand and they will only do something drastic. I will tell them my plans of moving out tomorrow at breakfast."

"But where will you live when you move to Los Angeles? You only had a small studio before."

"It's fine I called my assistant to purchase a small three room condo near the restaurant. I will rent one of the rooms and the other will be there if the kids or you and Sahirah would like to come visit me."

"You really going to this, child?" he sounded so ancient and tired of life.

"Yes … I'm tired of being alone and if he doesn't care about what might happen when he finds his mate then I shouldn't either maybe one day I'll come to like him," I warily said.

He suddenly grabbed me and pulled me into a hug. "I'm so sorry child we have put you again to be the better person," he said into my hair. "Sahirah and I will always be forever greatly in your debt. You have given us the greatest joy on Earth and now you give yourself willingly for us to maintain it. I have no words to explain my gratitude."

"The 'Great' Emillian speechless?" I laughed softly into his chest. "Now that's a first."

"Ma petite enfant, you're the only person that has ever left him speechless." Sahirah said as she hugged me as well from out of thin air, "From the very start."

"I love you and the kids so much, I would do anything to make you happy, even if it means sacrificing my own happiness." I started to cry.

"Oh no child, please don't cry. Then you'll make Sahirah cry and then I won't be able to make her stop." He said as he patted me on the back.

"Oh Emillian, don't be heartless don't you see she's trying to tell you how much she loves you," she smacked him on the arm. "Plus, we all know you're the big softie in this house after Ezlie of course," she teased. Oh how much I loved them. They always knew how put a smile on my face.

"Well goodnight, I will see you tomorrow. By the way please don't tell the stranger upstairs I'm related to you or the kids. I don't trust him."

"Mom! Wake up! Wake up!" I heard the devil's children calling. I wish for only one day I could wake up on my own accord. Oh they knew how much I hated waking up early. Those little twerps would be my demise. Let's us hear what these spawns of the devil wanted.

"How many times has mommy told to you to not disturb her while she sleeps," I said with my eyes still very much closed. Maybe if I ignored they were there, my brain would just automatically go back to sleep mode, or maybe they would get the memo I wasn't in the best mood for talking.

"But mom we have a visitor!" Kai responded

"Yeah! And he's hot!" his sister giggled.

Okay so I can't really ignored them if they're going to be talking about that guy. Sigh, why does life have to evoke such horrendous mornings. "I know, I'm the one who brought him to the house," I said finally deciding to open my eyes. "Has Raymundo made breakfast yet?"

"What do you mean you brought him home?" They both shouted.

"There's no need for shouting I'm not that old I can't hear. And I'll explain later, let's go down to the kitchen so I help Raymundo make some breakfast, and no buts," I said as I got up and put on my slippers.

They reluctantly followed me as I walked down from the rooms to the servants entry way to the kitchen. I rather avoid the whole topic of the mystery man but seeing that he was still here didn't help my cause. I needed a way to avoid mentioning I was part of this family. Emillian and I agreed on a story for if he asked why I was still here. Now I just needed the kids to go along without them knowing why. While I got myself an apron to join Raymundo, the kids followed me into the kitchen as they somberly sat on the kitchen island with serious faces that meant only one thing.

"Secrets don't make friends, so if you need something to say just say it, " I said as I reached for a knife in front of them. I knew they were talking to each other through their minds. I don't know how they do it, I just know they've been doing since before they could even talk.

"Mom, who is that guy? What did you mean you brought him here?" Kai finally spoke up.

"Last night I went on a drive to clear my mind and I found him walking along the road, he seemed to be lost so I asked where he was going. Seems he was looking for Emillian, I don't know who he is, but I don't trust him so while he's around could we please act like we're just friends I don't know from school or something. I don't want you to get hurt or exposed to someone who might be a potential danger to you guys." I pleaded as I quickly chopped some onions without looking at them. I couldn't look at them in the eyes. They would know immediately I was lying. I was the worst liar in this entire world.

'She's lying you know,' Arya told her brother.

' I know but just go along with it, we'll figure it out, we always do.' The green eyed boy answered.

"Okay, we'll do it, should have just said that this morning when we woke you up, we would have just let you sleep in, duh mom!" my adorable little annoying girl happily answered.

These little boogers did know how to get under my skin, but I always knew it was harmless. They always had smiles on their face and joy in their hearts that could warm up a place. How did I get so blessed with these wonderful kids. I'm going to miss them when they're off making themselves into better people in this world. I hope they don't get too upset with me when I break the news.

I walked into the dining room where I found Sahirah, Emillian, and the newcomer, Kieran drinking some tea before breakfast. I didn't know how well this would go letting everyone know about my plans and acting like we're not family. Maybe I should wait till after breakfast. No, no, I have to do it now when the kids can't make a scene in front of our guest.

"Good Morning, Mr. and Mrs. Abarroan." I said with Kai and Arya behind me.

"Morning, Papa, good morning mama," they said as they gave each of them a kiss on the cheek.

"Mr. Dreyken these are my kids Kaiden Alezander and Aryaunna Kairi, and you have already met our guest Serenity Montenegro." Emillian introduced us.

"Nice to meet you, Kieran Ezra Dreyken at your service." He shook Kai's hand and kissed Arya's hand. I think Arya may have swooned for this good-looking strange man "And we meet again Miss Serenity." He said as he pulled the chair out closest to him so I could sit.

"Thank you," I grimly responded.

"I didn't know you had stayed here as well," he curiously asked.

"It was very late last night when she brought you so we asked her to stay for the night. She knows she's always welcomed here. She's practically part of the family," Emillian quickly answered before I could think of something. Good thing, since he knew I couldn't lie to save my life.

"Thank you very much for the hospitality, but I'll be out your hair as soon as possible." I politely answered. Wow this is so awkward acting in front of my own family.

"It was no problem, dear," Sahirah happily replied.

"So where do you live, if I could ask maybe I could give you ride," Kieran inquired.

"Oh I don't live here, I only came to visit my family and a few friends." I smiled at my kids sitting in front of me. Kai was stuffing his mouth with toast and Arya smiled as she looks up from her porridge. "I'm leaving today back to where I live." I vaguely answered.

"What! You're leaving already? But you've only been here for a few days" Arya cried. Kai just rose an eyebrow and gave me his no surprise look. I swear that kid knows more than he leads on

"I'm sorry I have some important business back home, my parents already know I was leaving today. I had stopped by last night to say goodbye but you weren't home. Don't worry I'll come to visit for your birthday," I quickly answered half of the truth. I just couldn't tell them the whole truth. That reminded before I left I had one more question for Emillian. We had a moment of an agonizing silence before Kieran broke it.

"So how did you guys meet?" Kieran questioned looking at me and the kids. What is wrong with him? Why all the questions.

"We met in high school. Aryaunna and I had home education our freshman year with Ez –Serenity when she was a senior." Kai stumbled.

"Yeah we learned she was a great cook and was actually tutoring for that class, and after that she became one of our closest friends, " Arya quickly recovered the situation. "She comes to visit every so often since she travels a lot , so it's really sad she won't stay longer." She whispered the last part. Kai just nodded to that last part. I wanted to break down right there. They were breaking my heart.

After that we all ate our breakfast silently. Nobody knew how to kill the silent that floated in the atmosphere. I understood why the kids, Sahirah, and Emillian were quiet. However, the silent dragon beside me was another thing. He looked like he was in deep thought. I was surprised he didn't have any more questions. Oh how I wished I could read minds.

I finally mentally declared the servants our heroes since they came to take our plates which gave me the opportunity to get up. I stood from my seat which caused Kieran and Emillian to stand.

"Thank you very much for having breakfast with us but before you leave may I have a word with you in my study?" Emillian instructed before I could say anything. He started to walk towards his study, I shortly followed as I excused myself from the table. I quickly caught up to Emillian. He opened the door so I could walk in and he quickly followed.

"Child, you do not need to this, we can fix it. Somehow." He closed the door behind him.

"Emillian nothing is going to change my mind. Please don't try. I just have a few requests before I leave."

"I cannot help feeling weak not being able to protect you … If your requests are within my power I will do it."

"First, I received an email from my assistant this morning and she said my original roommate backed out of the lease, so I was wondering if you can find me someone who has knowledge or is a Drakit to take the place. I don't want any problems if you or the kids come to visit. I'll send you all the information when I get to the airport."

"Alright I'll try my best to find someone suitable, what is your second request?"

"I was wondering if you had any information or knew who Thaddeus and Zeraphine are."

"Why are you asking? Who told you about them?" he quickly responded.

"I read those names in an old book while in my travels but it didn't give me any information. And it's not important I just wanted to know, I was curious." I smiled

"I'll tell you what I know."

After our talk in the study I went up to my room which had been swept empty by the servants, I had asked them to pack everything and secretly put in my brand car courtesy of Sahirah. I didn't want to give any suspicious ideas to Kieran. Which by the way he had seemed to have disappeared after breakfast. I stood quietly beside my bed, thinking of all the times the kids had crawled in during a thunderstorm and when they would come in so I could read them a bedtime story. Now they're all grown up and going off to make their adventures. I slowly started walking away and closed the door to another chapter in my life.

Sahirah and the kids came outside to bid me farewell. I stood outside of the house that had been called my home for the past twenty years. I was really going to miss everything about this house especially the people who dwelled within it.

Sahirah came and hugged me, she said I always welcome back to visit. Arya cried the whole time. Even as she cried she looked beautiful. She cried as she hugged me and she said she would come visit me wherever I was staying at. Kai, was the last to say goodbye, he grabbed me by the shoulders and quickly pulled me into a bear hug which then he whispered to check my pocket when I was alone. Emillian stay inside the house but I could see him standing in front of his window from his study. I knew in his own way that was his goodbye. I got into my Jeep Laredo and drove away. I watched Sahirah and the kids wave goodbye until I turned onto the dirt road. I didn't start crying until I couldn't see them any longer.

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