Siren Song (sestina)

Pursue the darkness, shoreline shadows here

persuade the heart to stray from narrow way.

Seduce the weakling human soul, unable to

Resist the beckoning temptress.

A voice, hear the potent emerald eyes

origin from the sea.

Touch the porcelain flesh, see

all you've ever wanted, it's here,

Captured by startling illustrious eyes.

Taste the ruby lips, follow this way

Into the embrace of the temptress.

Sailor, your life is forfeit too.

In my arms you'll give yourself to

follow me, lost at sea.

Give your dream to the darkness's temptress.

Every deep desire reaches rapture here.

The heavy water, weightless judgments wait,

Seeker swallows the salt of burning eyes

Fantasies ferment, never escape from those eyes

Set in pale features, two

soul-devouring almonds in their ghostly way

Dream's empty promises, gone at sea.

Feel my silken skin, feed your illusion here.

Come to the endless ocean's temptress.

Fiery seaweed eyes

You'll never return from here.

Nowhere to escape to

Can't leave from, you see

You won't want to leave my way

On the current's heart it weighs

The path of the beautiful temptress,

Your dreams forever stolen by the sea.

My fa├žade, presented before your eyes.

You and the others, too,

Taken in by the eerie echo you hear

In my voice you'll surrender, that calls you this way

Caress the white skin of the seductive temptress

Lose your soul to the Siren, calling from the sea.