Story of Two

He was a boy

Full of life and laughter

She was a girl

Who knew only of suffering

He was poor

She was rich

Or was it the other way around

He was thought of as a godsend

People took her to be strange

So how could two such different people

Find in each other the piece that fit

Theirs was a love story of astronomical proportions

He showed her how to smile

And she taught him how to see behind the smile

Like Romeo and Juliet though

Their love was ill-fated

For deceit was in the way

Which turned the two young lovers

Into the bitterest of enemies

He to be the leader of a witch hunt

And she the so called witch

Together they died with hate for the other in heart

Two souls forever lost

Such is the sad end of their tale

Or is it the beginning of a new

For if they can show the way

To their last descendants

They shall be freed from the chains of which has kept them here

Or else they shall burn in hell

Such is the story of

A girl named Silence

And a boy named Firdinel