The living room had a few beer bottles scattered around it, and Rayna sighed as she leaned back drunkenly in her bit stuffed chair, listening to Pam make a pitcher of margaritas. They didn't need it, but something sweet sounded so good, and Pam had jumped up to make some in the kitchen, stumbling a little as Rayna giggled.

It was girl's night in at Rayna's, since Logan was out with some friends along with his roommate. Pam and Rayna had decided to stay in and have some drinks and watch movies. The blonde was particularly bubbly tonight, and Rayne had felt several of her heavy looks throughout the evening, noticing the light flirting coming from her friend. She shook her head and brushed it off, knowing that she was with Logan now. They had been together for a month since they first slept together, but she had noticed how Pam's behavior had changed.

She remembered seeing him with Pam, kissing her and sucking on her nipple, and she shivered with desire. She shivered in the warm air of the room and crossed her arms over her chest.

"I'm sexy and I know it," Pam sang as she walked back into the room, and Rayna eyed her best friend of several years as she moved her hips with a smile, noticing the tiny cotton skirt and talk top. She looked as good as ever, and Rayna met her eyes as she leaned down to hand her large glass. "Here you go," Pam said to her, looking into her eyes as they both neglected to see the drink tipping over ever so slightly. Rayna gasped as he it spilled onto her thin tee shirt, and Pam righted it with an apologetic look on her face. "Oh, god," Pam said, setting them both down and looking at Rayna's hard nipples plainly pressed against the damp material. She pressed her lips together as Rayna sat up and looked down, and she pulled the material away from her skin as she blushed. She knew that she was like that long before the drink ever spilled on her, and she clutched the material in her fingers. "Sorry," Pam whispered, and Rayna looked up at her to see blazing green eyes staring at her.

"I should change." Rayna murmured, feeling warmth course through her veins. She was with Logan and very satisfied sexually, but she felt her muscles clench as she saw the lust in Pam's eyes. "What…why-"

"Sorry, Ray," Pam told her, and licked her full pink lips with a quick flick of her tongue. "I just…since I heard you that night with Logan, I have been so turned on by you. I have always seen you as so shy and quiet before, though beautiful. That night I heard the real you, and I…." Pam shook her head and smiled as she reached out to stroke Rayna's cheek. "I know that you're with Logan now."

"I am, but…Pam," Rayna found her hand in Pam's hair as she pulled her best friend closer, and the years of friendship turned into something new as their lips met. They both moaned together as their lips gently parted, and Pam moved onto Rayna's lap easily. Pam slipped her tongue inside of Rayna's eager mouth and Rayna pulled her closer with her arms around her.

"I…" Rayna murmured softly as Pam traced her lower lip with her tongue. It hit her that she was really kissing her best friend and she blushed.

"What is it?" Pam whispered, and Rayna looked into her eyes.

"I thought you wanted Logan? I saw you that night on the couch." Rayna told her, and Pam frowned at her.

"No, that was a drunken moment. I have wanted you for quite some time." Pam admitted, and Rayna blushed again.

"I liked seeing it." Rayna told her, and Pam raised her eyebrow.

"You saw that? Get turned on?" Pam asked her, and Rayna bit her lip. "Wow…you really aren't that shy little thing, are you?" Pam captured her lips in a kiss and Rayna gasped as she shoved her tongue into her mouth eagerly. They kissed hungrily as Pam moved her body over Rayna's slowly, and Rayna whimpered as her skin heated up, shivering gently. "Cold?" Pam asked, looking into her friends face as she pulled back slightly.

"I…I just," Rayna began, and stared at Pam's think tank that was now damp for a silent moment. Her nipples are obvious against the light material, and Rayna blinked slowly at her. "God, Pam." Her cheeks burned red, and Pam smiled at her.

"We should get out of these wet shirts," Pam suggested, and Rayna stared at her with wide eyes. Pam moved off of her lap and took a long sip of the drink, and Rayna stood on shaking legs. Her muscles were twitching and she ached between her legs, and she grabbed the other glass and took a big sip. Pam held onto hers as she walked down the short hallway to Rayna's bedroom, and the girl followed, biting her lip. Rayna wondered what was wrong with her as she walked. She had so much with Logan, and he never left her wanting for anything, but here she was lusting after her best friend. She walked into the large bedroom and saw Pam lifting her shirt over her head, stopping as she stared. Pam turned around and smiled and Rayna blushed again. She had looked amazing in the dark, but in the light of the touch lamp Rayna could see her creamy skin and small pink nipples even better. "Like what you see?" Pam asked, moving towards her.

"Yes." Rayna whispered, and Pam slipped her hands down to the hem of the damp shirt.

"Do you want this?" Pam asked, and Rayna stared into her eyes. "I can stop." Even as she spoke, Rayna looked down to see her hands clenched tightly around the shirt.

"I do," Rayna said, and her eyes widened. It had come out so quickly. Pam leaned down to kiss her with a smile as she slipped it up slowly, and Rayna shivered as she felt fingertips on her stomach. They moved up to her now bared breast, circling the nipple as Rayna moaned softly. Pam pulled away and lifted her shirt off, and they slid their arms around each other clumsily for a long kiss. Pam pushed them back to the bed and Rayna bounced on it as she giggled nervously. She scooted back and watched Pam's eyes devour her before the blond pushed her back.

"You're beautiful." Pam told her before she kissed her neck, nipping gently and peppering her with light touches of her lips. Rayna dropped her hands to the sheet and gripped it as Pam moved down to her firm and full breast eagerly. Her friend kissed around the nipple, flicking it with her tongue as Rayna arched her back.

"How do you know… this?" Rayna asked breathlessly as teeth dragged across her skin. "Oh god."

"I had a threesome a couple of times, and a girl was there. She taught me stuff." Pam explained, and Rayna's eyes widened. She felt Pam suck her into her mouth and she slid her hands into her hair as she closed her eyes, enjoying the firm feel of Pam's lips around her. Fleeting thoughts of Logan filled her mind, but teeth on her nipple made her forget and she bucked against Pam as she cried out.

"What stuff?" Rayna asked in a pleading voice, unable to ignore the throbbing between her thighs. She blindly reached for one of Pam's hands and held onto it, guiding it down her body desperately. Her legs were spread as Pam leaned over her, and the Rayna guided her hand between them and over she short shorts that she was wearing.

"Wow, Ray. You're so…bold," Pam commented, wonder in her voice as she rubbed her best friend firmly over the clothes. "So hot."

Rayna dropped her legs open further, leaning her head back and mewing softly. Waves of pleasure drifted over her body, warming her skin and heating up her face as she felt Pam slid her hand underneath. "Oh…god" Rayna felt her fingers tracing her slit slowly as she found her firm clit, and she teased it easily with a circular motion. Rayna started to rock against her slowly as she felt the pressure building, and she bit her lip as Pam moved her hand away. "No."

"I want these off." Pam told her, and moved Rayna's now jelly legs closer together to slide the shorts down. She stared at Rayna as she stared back at her, spreading her legs again and tracing a hand up her thigh slowly. Rayna was dripping and Pam licked her lips as she stroked her again, dipping into her folds and circling her clit. Rayna gasped as Pam slipped two fingers in and continued to thumb her clit, and rocked against her as electricity shot through her body. She felt wonderful with Logan, and she really cared for him, but the way Pam was scraping against her as she fucked her with her fingers was beyond anything that she had ever felt. Rayna felt the explosion inside as everything went black for a moment, and then felt her clit being sucked into Pam's mouth as she grunted.

"Oh my god," Rayna cried out, gripping Pam's hair as she continued to orgasm, nearly violently. "How do you…know…how…to…do that?"

"I had a good teacher," Pam explained, and Rayna blinked her eyes and tried to see clearly. Her head was slightly hurting with the release, and she looked at Pam who was still licking and sucking gently. "You taste really good."

"I do?" Rayna asked, and Pam smiled at her as she kissed her thigh. "Can you…I mean…can you come here?"

"Sure," Pam told her, and moved over Rayna as she looked into her eyes. Their bodies were pressed together and Rayna stroked her silky hair as she looked into her face for a moment before kissing Pam. She ate at her mouth, tasting herself as she moaned, and Pam met her tongue with her own groan. Rayna slid one hand down the side of her body and thumbed her nipple between their bodies before ending the kiss breathlessly. "Christ, Rayna. You can kiss really fucking good."

"Turn over," Rayna pleaded, and Pam flipped onto her back and crossed her arms behind her with an expectant smile. Rayna moved beside her and looked slowly down her body with nervous eyes, reaching out to stroke her soft skin. It was like velvet, pale and warm, and she smiled as Pam sighed happily. Rayna reached her breast and slipped her fingertips over the pert nipple slowly, watching as her best friend gasped. She went back to roll it between her fingers then pinch it slowly as she watched the various reactions, smiling as Pam arched her back. "You're so beautiful." Rayna told her, letting the alcohol take over her brain as she leaned over to kiss Pam's body. She was so scared that she was going to fail miserably, but she slipped her tongue out to lick her nipple slowly as Pam mewed softly. She kissed it next, sucking it into her mouth before she dragged her own teeth across it as Pam moaned. Rayna felt her heart pound as she slipped her hand over the other nipple, pinching it as she teased the one between her lips and her eyes trailed down to Pam's stomach. Rayna wondered how wet she was, and how she tasted. Would she be sweet? Could she make her have an orgasm?

"God….fuck Rayna. That feels so good," Pam moaned, as she spread her legs and moved her body slightly. Rayna took a breath through her nose and slipped her hand down Pam's stomach and between her legs, finding smooth hot skin. She was wet, dripping and slick and Rayna felt her body curiously as she thought about what Pam had done to her. She traced her wet folds and turned her head to watch herself slowly, separating them to stroke Pam's hard clit as the woman moaned. "Just…like…that," Pam told her, and Rayna moved faster as Pam moaned and moved against her. Rayna moved to sit between her sprawled legs and hesitantly slipped two of her fingers inside of Pam, gasping as wet walls clutched them tight. It was an amazing feeling, and she stared at Pam with wonder as she reminded herself to pay attention to her clit like Pam had done for her. Pam moaned with every thrust, and Rayna watched as her head fell back onto the pillow with closed eyes as she opened her mouth. Pam tightened around Rayna's fingers, and warmth washed over her as she cried out Rayna's name softly, rocking against her.

"I made you…you came?" Rayna asked, and Pam laughed softly.

"This is very hot, you know. I never thought this would happen." Pam told her, and Rayna blushed deeply. "You're so good, Ray."

Rayna let her relax for a few minutes as they talked, and Pam smiled at her. "What?"

"Lay back on the bed," Pam told her, and Rayna followed her orders as she watched her. "Do you want to taste me?"

"Yes, more than anything." Rayna agreed, and Pam moved over her face, straddling her. Rayna looked up into the glistening pink folds and smiled as she reached her hands up to pull Pam closer. It was like honey as she licked her pussy the first time, and Rayna moaned along with her best friend. She licked and sucked, and nibbled gently as Pam hummed happily above her. Rayna slipped her tongue inside of Pam slowly, hearing her friend squeal as she moved a little over her. Rayna held her tongue firm as Pam rocked against her, feeling her tightening around it as they both moaned. Rayna managed to move her thumb against Pam's clit and the blonde shuddered later as she came weakly, and Rayna gasped for air as she dropped on the bed beside her. "God…I just…"

"You were wonderful," Pam told her, throwing her hands above her head as Rayna looked at her. Pam was so curvy and flawless in her eyes, and she met her eyes as Pam looked at her. "Hmmmm?"

"You're so beautiful, Pam," Rayna murmured, feeling her body tingle as she replayed the night.

"Have you ever wanted that?" Pam asked her, and Rayna blushed.

"That night on the couch…when I saw you I sat in the dark and watched. I looked at your body and got so turned on, but I didn't know what to do about it. It was the both of you and then I knew you'd be with Ryan."

"So I was." Pam said softly, and shook her head. "I wanted to come in here so badly when I heard your moans, Ray. You have always been reserved and a little quiet, but you are hot when you are getting fucked. He is a lucky guy."

"You are the one that got lucky tonight," Rayna reminded her, and Pam grinned widely. She moved between Rayna's legs and intertwined them with her own, and Rayna watched as Pam's pussy pressed against hers, still glistening and wet.

"I learned one more thing that night," Pam told her, gripping Rayna's hips. She thrust forward, grinding against Rayna firmly, and Rayna cried out as she gripped the bed for leverage. She grinded along with Pam, and both of them were moaning together as they grew wetter and slicker with every rough thrust. Rayna have in first, screaming Pam's name as her orgasm rocked her body yet again and Pam kept moving until she cried out Rayna's name. They dropped back onto the bed, the dimly lit room thick with the smell of sex as they both inhaled deeply.

"Fuck…that was amazing." Rayna whispered, unable to function at all.

"Better than any time before," Pam agreed, and they took another breath.

"What do we do now?" Rayna asked after a moment, and Pam opened her mouth just as the doorbell rang.