In a time long since past, the ancient god Kamentheon gave birth to the world of The Realms. Upon its creation, though, this land held no realms and no life. The almighty deity brought life to the world with the assistance of the children he crafted from the elements. There was Ajax and Ilayda, God of Earth and Goddess of Water. Next were Din, Goddess of Fire, and Khione, the Goddess of Ice. Mistress of the winds was Oya, and the Ruler of the Electric became Arashi. Luz took the power of Light, and Thamesis countered him with Shadows and Darkness. Then the goddess of flora, Fleur, was granted dominion over the plants of the world. Lastly, Kamentheon crafted one final god to stand above the rest – the god with the dominion over life, and lack there of, Lance.

These child gods were enamored with their father's creations – the beasts and creatures which filled the lands. Granting their request, the almighty deity allowed them each to take an animal and bless it with their gifts and abilities. These animals, in turn, gained great power and became known as Divine Beasts; Creatures of the Gods. Each god chose a single creation of their father's to bless – each except for Lance.

The God of Life looked upon his father's creatures and found none he felt worthy of the gift of his powers. As such, Kamentheon allowed the Vitality God to create his own. From this gesture, born of Lance's power, man was brought to the world. Granted the unique ability of evolution, mankind flourished across the planet.

The world's creation complete, Kamentheon returned to the ether, leaving his children to watch the world he had crafted. But with their father gone, the deities began to bicker and fight over whose element held the greatest power. Lance, in place of his parent, decided to take action to avoid a divine war: he divided the elements. With a display of his might, Lance erected the Magical Barriers of the world, creating The Realms.

Each realm was infused with the power of a single element, and the gods were each granted dominion over the land of their realm with but a single rule: they were not to interfere with or make contact with humanity. Spread throughout the realms, humans adapted to the varied environments and evolved to survive the sometimes harsh conditions the infusion of elements created.

Time passed, and at first the realms were peaceful. But as time grew, and the gods spread their blessings to the animals and beasts of the world more and more, the race of monsters was born. At first, these powerful beasts were not a great threat to the world or humanity, but the passing of centuries brought forth a true threat to the land.

Spawning from humble origins, The Dragon King rose. This beast – blessed by the Goddess Ilayda with the power to travel between realsm – moved from realm to realm, tricking and stealing the powers of The Divine Beasts until he possessed the power of nearly every element. When the almighty monster reached the final realm – the Realm of Light – he used the powers he had obtained not to steal the power of Light's Divine Beast, but to destroy the monster. And by doing so, he invoked the God of Light's wrath.

Enraged, Luz descended to the mortal realm, seeking to punish The Dragon King for his indiscretion. As he fought the beast, though, Luz found his power to be lacking. The Dragon King turned away the god, forcing Luz to flee back to his siblings. Still bickering amongst themselves and unable to see the true danger of the monster, the other gods would not listen to Luz; none of them save for the God of Life.

Lance turned his eye to the beast, watching as The Dragon King utilized his powers to force the Creatures of the Gods to bow before him. With strength rivaling that of the gods, The Divine Beasts willingly kneeled before the almighty monster, swearing loyalty to him, and becoming the dragon's generals. His army established, The Dragon King turned on humanity, seeking to enslave or destroy them.

Losing control of their pets, the other gods began to take this threat more seriously, and turned to Lance to end The Dragon King's betrayal. The God of Life accepted the request of his siblings, but did not choose to fight himself. Rather, the Vitality God asked for the power of the other gods to do so. Taking from his brothers and sisters the pure essence of the element they ruled, the God of Life forced that energy into Nine all powerful swords. Thus was the birth of The Mystic Blades.

Lance, wise and aware of his siblings constant bickering, crafted the weapons in a manner that made it impossible for the gods to wield their incredible might. Instead, the wise deity rained the weapons down upon the world alone, granting their power to humans he felt worthy of their might. Granted the power of the gods, humanity now had a means of fighting back against The Dragon King's Army. Banding together, these Bladesmen traversed the realms, defeating the Monster Generals that were once The Divine Beasts until they finally reached The Dragon King himself. But these Bladesmen proved too weak – too foolish to stand against the might of The Dragon King. Though they fought valiantly, the Bladesmen fell, and their almighty swords were captured by the supreme beast.

The Dragon King acted quickly, stealing power from the swords to augment his own – to become an even greater force against the world. Lance, seeing this, could stand idle no longer. Against his better judgment, the Life God descended to the world to face The Dragon King in combat and retake his swords. The battle between these two lasted ages, tearing apart The Realm of Light in the process. In the end, Lance managed to retrieve the mystic Blades, but The Dragon King succeeded in besting the deity in combat. Turned away by the monster, the land of The Realms fell under The Dragon King's tyranny – a rule that has lasted nearly ten millennia. In order to secure his dominion, the Dragon King shared the gifts he had stolen from the blades with the Divine Beasts, and set them up to govern The Realms under his rule.

But all hope was not lost. While humanity was subjugated and conquered across the realms, The Mystic Blades still survived. Lance, learning from his mistake, granted the swords a sentient spirit to guide their power. Infused with this spirit, their power could no longer be claimed by just anyone – only those deemed worthy by the blade could wield its might. And while thousands of years passed, these blades have now found their way into the hands of such individuals.

In that time, though, The Dragon King's ambitions and power have also grown. The almighty beast now wages a new war with the gods for a purpose only the monster and the gods can know. Fearing the beast might actually win, Lance decided to act once again. He called out to The Mystic Blades to choose warriors that were worthy of his grand edict, and so the blades responded, calling four young warriors from their realms to hear the gods plea.

There was Ivy Growth, a young girl with green braids from The Plant Realm. While this girl was still inexperienced – having just received her Mystic Blade, The Thorn Cutter, moments prior – she was the first to be collected – the spirit of her sword certain of the girl's potential. Brought forth next was the white-haired fool from The Ice Realm, Frost Ice. The boy had carried his sword, The Arctic Blade, for nearly a year, but had had very little practice with the blade, having only playfully trained with it in the past. Next came the battle-hardened, flame-haired warrior Flare Inferno of The Fire Realm. With more experience than any of the others, Flare – the holder of The Flame Sword – had a strong knowledge of the workings of The Mystic Blades and of battle. The final member of the team was the blue-haired mage of The Water Realm, Myst Aqua. The girl – a detested magic user of the land of waves - had unknowingly inherited her blade, the Aqua Saber, from her mother nearly three years prior, and was gifted with the power of prophetic visions by her sword.

Gathered together, these four were given the impossible task of traversing the realms, slaying The Divine Beasts, gathering the other Mystic Blades, and finally defeating The Dragon King. Even Lance was not sure whether or not these four would be capable of succeeding, but they all banded together to fight and struggle to meet the deity's request; taking the name The Bladewarriors.

With their task accepted, the four were placed first within the Realm of Water. There the four began their journey, learning to use their blades and learning to fight as a team as they faced deadly threat after deadly threat. Through sheer determination and conviction, the warriors turned away the powerful guardian of the waves, The Sentry. Testing his strength, Frost managed to win against the Water Realms greatest warrior, The Black Priest. In her first real fight, Ivy then managed to rescue her companions from the deadly jellyfish, Medusa. Following that, Myst was able to finally destroy The Sentry as they journeyed to their final stop of the realm: the home of The Water's Divine Beast, The Serpent's Lair.

Reaching the first of the Creatures of the Gods, The Bladewarriors were pushed to the limit, forced to fight a battle everyone had told them was impossible to win. Time and time again as the battle drew on, the Divine Monster nearly destroyed them all, but with help from the healing power of Ivy's Thorn Cutter, and the lethal blow struck, finally, by Myst's Aqua Saber, The Bladewarriors managed to win an unlikely victory.

With The Serpent's Death, their job in The Water Realm was complete. Having defeated The Serpent, The Aqua Saber was granted all of the Divine Beast's power – including the power to travel to the next realm. One beast down, one sword restored to its original strength, the warriors opened the tunnel to the next realm, leaving The Water Realm behind as they headed toward their next uncertain destination…