Ch 21: A Creative Mind, Part I

The following day at school, everyone was talking about Nina's death, as Rita expected they would. Rumors were flying around the hallways, people telling more stories then she could count.

Stephan on the other hand, had quite a different tale to tell.

"...And after the fight, he agreed to help us."

"So this guy, is he like crazy or something?" Rita asked, trying to picture the guy Stephan was describing.

"Kinda. But think of it as a 'good crazy.' Martin is a kind person at heart. That's pretty rare considering all the others we met, right?"

"Ya, I suppose. Still, I just wish you we could have done something for Mariah. Just from what you told me I mean, are you sure there was nothing you could do?"

He shook his head grimly. "No. Once you commit to using your power, there's little no one can do to stop you. It's a fine line we tread. This incident goes to show just how careful you and I need to be."

Rita tried to picture herself being consumed by her own power, wondering what such a thing would look like. She obviously didn't know the visual details, but from what Stephan described, it sounded like a horrible way to die.

She shuttered just thinking about it.

"Don't worry. You and I will be fine," Stephan promised as they walked down the hall. "We're already aware of the risks, so it won't be a problem. Besides-"

"You two walking down to the auditorium by yourself? That's a little strange, even for you." Rita already knew Bran's voice before she even turned around to look at him.

"Oh, hey Bran," Stephan greeted politely. "We were just going to the assembly, you going-

"Don't 'oh hey Bran' me!" Bran shot back as he stomped over to meet them. "You said you'd meet me this Sunday! What the hell happened!"

"I did?" Stephan blinked. "Oh, sorry. Something came up, I had-

"Something came up! What do you mean by that?"

"He nearly gets killed this weekend and he simply says 'something came up'?" Rita thought in silent disbelief. "Man, we need to start coming up with better excuses..."

Bran shot a quick glance over at Rita. "Oh I get it. You two were spending time in secret again, weren't you? Admit it!"

"T-What's not it at all!"

Rita made a face. "Ya, right. I have better things to do then hang out with him..."

"Thanks for crushing my already crushed self esteem Rita..."

"You two think your so clever! But I'll see through your lies!"

"Bran, shut up!" Mia's voice echoed through the hallway as she slammed her text book hard over his temple. It's was more then enough to end the conversation right there.

"And thank god for that..." Stephan breathed a sigh of relief.

"Ow..." Bran managed, rubbing his swollen head. "That's a book...A ….Very...Heavy...Book..."

"I swear, you don't know anything about social skills..."

"Maybe he should take etiquette classes?" David appeared behind Mia, wearing his shy smile as always.

"Let's just go to the assembly and get this over with," Mia said, heading down to the auditorium. "Someone want to help Bran too? I might have hit him a bit too hard..."

The group proceeded to the spacious auditorium, packed full with students. Rita noticed the repairs were already having been made to the stage, making it appear somewhat normal again.

"What this assembly for?" Rita asked as they found a row of empty seats. "You think it has something to do with Nina?"

Stephan shrugged. "Most likely. I'm sure they're more then one reason why Fitz called us all here."

"Principle Fitz..."

"Ya, you know. Our principle?"

Even after all the time attending her new school, she still hadn't even seen even who the principle was. The only thing she really knew was the random things students said. That and the occasional announcement he'd make over the school intercom.

"His full name is Principle Fitzgerald Hughes." Mia explained for her. "Ya, we know. It's an odd name."

"So everyone just calls him Fitz for short." David added. "He's quite popular with students, even though he's kinda bad at telling jokes..."

Bran snorted. "More like horrible..."

"Well, at least he tries," David replied. "Oh, and don't get him started on the topic of gardening. He has sort of a green thumb..."

Rita blinked. "Why? What exactly-

But the lights were already began to dim and the crowd slowly began to silence. A middle aged man took the stage. Rita didn't have to ask anymore to know that this was the man in question.

He dressed well for a principle, like an old elder would. His dark chocolate skin and graying frizzled hair matched his wizened face. Despite his age, Principle Fitz stood tall and strong, like any leader would.

"Good morning students," His voice was smooth and commanding. "Thank you for coming. I have a few quick announcements I'd like to share before we begin this weeks classes."

Bran closed his eyes. "Wake me when it's over." He whispered before proceeding to take a nap.

"First off, I'd just like to congratulate our students and staff on the smooth year we've had so far, I'm proud of all the hard work you've done, so keep it up."

Rita yawned. "Maybe taking a nap isn't such a bad idea..."

"On a more serious note however, I'd like to take a moment of silence to remember the memory of Miss. Millard, a former student who recently passed away this weekend. Please give your sympathies her friends and family."

Principle Fitz bowed his head in silence. It made her wonder if anyone knew the real truth behind Nina's death.

She wondered if the killer was in the auditorium right now...

After the moment of silence, the speech changed topics. Fitz talked about the goals of the coming year, importance of motivation and academics. She mostly daydreamed through most of it, up until the end of the speech.

"I'd like to conclude with one final announcement," The principle's expression suddenly grew serious. "It has come to my attention that a certain student has been breaking into the school grounds over night..."

"Breaking into school at night?" Rita thought to herself. "Why would someone want to do that?"

"A few items have been reported missing, but no serious damage has been done. However as young adults, I expect you to act responsible. If anyone knows anything about the perpetrator, they are to report it to a teacher immediately. Thank you."

Bran shook his head as they all filed out. "So students are breaking into school now. I thought it was supposed to be the other away around?"

Everyone agreed. She silently wondered the same thing herself.


"My guess?" Bran pulled out a flashlight and held it under his face. "Is that Nina's ghost has come back to haunt the school for eternity! Buhahaha!"

An awkward silence hung in the group.


Mia just grabbed him by the ear. "Come on, class is starting, ghost hunter..."

David waved goodbye. "See ya at lunch." He followed along, leaving Rita along with Stephan.

"Ghosts now? Is he actually serious?" Rita asked as they walked away.

He just shook his head. "It's Bran remember? Still, I wouldn't have the slightest clue who would want to break into the school..."

"Well now that you mention it, I happen to know a lot about that Lanning." A voice behind them said.

When she turned, she was somewhat surprised on recognizing the boy. Rita had seen him around before, but she couldn't remember where.

Stephan on the other hand knew him all too well. His face looked like curdled milk.

"Lloyd, what do you want..."

The boy smiled innocently. "You enjoy the assembly? Old Fitz was pretty serious, don't ya think?"

Rita looked at Stephan in confusion. "Sorry, who is this?"

Stephan sighed. "This is-

He was quickly cut off. "Lloyd. A pleasure to meet you." Lloyd said with a swift hand shake. "You must be number 13, Rita, right? I've heard so much about ya."

A shock went down her spine. "W-Wait what did you say?" A million questions popped into her brain How did he know? More importantly, who told him!

"Your surprised? No need to worry. I'm already aware of your predicament. As well as Lanning's."

Rita shot Stephan a death glance. "Is that so..."

He looked even more uncomfortable then ever. His frustration was slowly building.

Stephan's mouth twitched. "Is there something you need?"

Lloyd simply shrugged. "Not really. I just thought I tell you who's been breaking into the school at night. That's all."

"You know!" Both of them said at once, shocked.

He smiled, pulling out a camera. "Take a look at this."

The video showed a unknown female opening the main doors. Darkness could be seen outside, and not a single soul was in sight. As soon as the girl stepped inside the main lobby however, the video suddenly turned to static.

"That's weird," Rita said as they finished the video. "It just stops recording."

"It's odd indeed. I've tested each of these cameras myself. They're all in perfect working order."

Stephan was deep in though as well. "You think this girl might be a divinity-" His face suddenly turned angry. "Hey! Since when did this school have cameras?"

"Since I installed them, of course."

"You installed cameras?" Rita asked.

Lloyd replied with a small laugh. "I like keeping an eye on thing, that's all."

"That's no excuse!"No wonder our budget is so limited! What kind of treasurer are you anyway?"

Lloyd raised a finger. "You forget. This is exactly the reason why your on the student council. Or did ya forget that already?"

Stephan rubbed his forehead, sighing. "You'd think you could at least tell someone..."

"And where would be the fun in that? Besides, you should know, the less people who know, the better."

"True... So you know who's breaking into the school?"

"I know her name." Lloyd handed them school photo. "She's Juliet Royce, a very special student to say the least, And I'm not talking just about her new found powers..."

"She's really young," Rita commented. "She can't be old enough to be in high school, can she?"

"Wait a sec, isn't this the girl who got that art scholarship?" Stephan asked.

Lloyd nodded. "That's the one. She's a prodigy, so advanced that even some of the art teachers should take a few lessons from her." He said with a coy smile.

Rita tried to picture why a girl like Juliet would break into the school in the first place."Does she like to steal supplies or something?"

"Alas, I don't know everything," Lloyd said with shrug. "That's we're you come in."

"We?" Both of them said again at the same time.

"I need ya to figure out when she's planning her next break in. That way, we can confront her during the act."

"How are we going to manage that?"

"I'm glad you ask Rita." Lloyd gave a catlike smile. "I happen to know of a certain diary little miss Royce carries with her. There's bound to be something incrementing in there..."

Stephan narrowed his eyes through his frames. "Here's a question for you: Why are you having us do it? You do know we have classes to attend, right?"

He nodded. "Yes, I know that Lann-

"So why can't you do it then?" Stephan demanded, temper soaring even further.

Lloyd laughed as if it was a joke. "Me? Why would I do it when I have you two? Besides, I have classes to attend..."

"And we don't?"

"Alright, I'm counting on ya, good luck!" Lloyd said with a charismatic grin. He waved goodbye and waltzed away before anything else could be said.

"What a wonderful start to the week..." Stephan said with a grim frown.

"I don't know what your so worked up about," Rita said, still looking at Juliet photo. "I'll just use my divinity and just get her to give us the diary."

He shook his head. "You can only use it one time on a person. If you use it, then-

-We can't erase her memories..." Rita muttered a curse under her breath. "So, we steal it?"

"Hmm..." Stephan was deep in thought. "Looks like it. But were going to need a little extra help."


"So this girl's been breaking into the school!" Bran looked over the photo in disbelief. "I figured it be some creepy guy or a bunch of vandals..."

"She's that girl who got that special art grant," David said while eating his lunch. "My younger siblings go to the same middle school as her. She's pretty talented from what I've heard."

"Very talented," Stephan added. "And for some reason, she's seems just as talented enough to break into the school by herself."

"I'm still trying to figure out how you know it's her." Mia said from across the table. "I mean, what proof do you have?"

"Let's just say its kinda a hunch."

"A hunch?"

"More like a rumor," Rita put in hastily. As easy as it seemed, they couldn't just flat out say how they found the culprit. That would just create more questions, and she didn't even want to try and make up a story for why there's hidden cameras in the school.

In fact, now that she thought about it, how many cameras had he set up anyway? And just where exactly had that Lloyd character put them all...

"Well, rumors seem to spread fast around this school," Mia continued. She gave it one final thought before deciding.

"All right then. We'll help you out."

Stephan blinked, surprised. "You will?"

"We will?" Bran repeated, nearly choking down on his lunch in the process.

Mia simply nodded. "You heard Principle Fitz. As students, it's our responsibility to expose the culprit. And besides, this could be a kinda fun. What do you say?"

Bran crossed his arms. "I say screw-

"Then it's settled!" Mia said with a grin. "First, we'll need to find her. What classes does she attend?"

Stephan shook his head. "That's the thing. She doesn't. She's in middle school, remember?"

"Actually, she comes here after school, for the art club." David pointed out. "We could find her there."

"All right, then we'll meet in the art wing after class," Mia declared. "Agreed?"

Everyone nodded in agreement. Bran wasn't so quick to hop on board with the plan. "So what happens then? We just gonna confront her and take her diary?

"I've got a plan, don't worry."

Bran frowned "And what is that, exactly?"

Mia just smiled as if she knew some secret joke. "You'll see..."

Rita gave a discerning glance. "This sounds like it's going to be interesting day..."


After school, all of them met up in the art wing, just as Mia wanted.

The art room itself was rather spacious. There was every type of medium to work with, and the supplies were in good stock. Bran complained from the moment they walked in the room smelled like old paint and crayons.

But really, what did you expect?

The art club itself had quite a lot of members, and welcomed new members all the time, so it wasn't anything strange for five newcomers to just show up out of the blue. Their group quietly walked in and picked one of the many tables set up around the classroom.

The instructor 'in charge' was Mr. Danke. If there was ever a guy who looked bored with life in general, it was Mr. Danke. He didn't seemed to pay any attention to the club's activities. Everyone just worked on what ever kind of art they wanted, and Mr. Danke just sat at his desk, scribbling over paper. He didn't even bother to look up when they entered the classroom.

Now that she mentioned it, Rita swore he was taking a nap as they passed him. A teacher taking a nap in class?

That was a new for her.

Bran scanned the room, looking at the other students. "Where is she? Is that her over there?"

"Who the one in the sweater?" David asked.

"No, the brunette."

"I think Juliet has blond hair..."

"Then find someone with blond hair, idiot."

"I see her." Rita recognized the girl from the video. It was hard to see her at first, but it was easy once she saw her painting. Even with her back turned while working, that girl was definitely Juliet Royce.

From across the classroom, Rita easily could tell she was the youngest person in the room. And no doubt the shortest. She sat on a stool, quietly focused on her canvas, painting away.

David confirmed it as well. "That's her all right. I can't believe a girl her age has already gotten so good at painting..."

Stephan adjusted his glasses. "Her diary is right next to her on the easel as well."

Rita spotted it too. Leather bound and sitting right out in the open. It would no doubt hold the information they needed.

The only problem now was just how to get it.

"Alright, so there she is, so what now Mia?" Bran asked, turning to the dark haired girl. "What's this special plan you have? Operation 'grab the diary and run like hell'?"

"Yes, cause that's perfectly legal," Stephan said sarcastically. "Stealing from a 7th grader isn't exactly something I want reported on my permanent record."

"What? You afraid of sleepy over there?" Bran glanced over to Mr. Danke. The elderly teacher was fast asleep, oblivious to the world around him.

Rita shook her head. "It's not that. We have to take the diary without her knowing. Otherwise, if we do find some kind of evidence, she'll just say we wrote it. Makes sense, right?"

"You do have a point there." David said with a small smile.

"Jeez, your all just a bunch of pussies."

Mia glanced across the room over at Juliet. "No, Rita's right. We'll have to be a little bit clever."

Bran gave her a look. "And exactly what do you mean by clever?"

"Simple. You need cause a distraction and snatch the diary from her when she's caught off guard."

"Distraction?" Bran repeated, confused. "What do you mean by that? And why me?"

"Because I said so," Mia said with a dark smile. "You'll do that, won't you?" She narrowed her eyes, piercing like sharp daggers.

Everyone at the table sat frozen in fright at Mia's new demeanor. There was silent horror in Bran's eyes as well.

"W-What's with you today?..."

Mia clapped her hands together. "Great! Then go get us that diary!" Mia said in a cheerful tone. "Good luck!"

Bran moaned. "What the hell am I supposed to distract her with? A flare gun?"

"That's up to you. It shouldn't be hard. What, you afraid of a little girl or something?" Mia teased, smirking.

"The hell I am!" He stood up from the table, determination in his eyes. "I'll get that stupid diary, just you watch!"

And with that, Bran made his way through the students towards Juliet. She was still hard at work completely focused on her painting as he approached, paying him not the even the slightest glance.

David scratched his head. "I wonder what he's going to do..."

Everyone at the table was no doubt wondering the same thing as well.

They didn't have to wait long to get their answer.

Bran stopped right beside's Juliet workstation. She glanced up at him, and opened her mouth to speak.

"Um, is there-

"LOOK OUTSIDE!" Bran yelled hysterically, pointing towards the far window. "THERES A COLLOSAL FIRE BREATHING DRAGON FLYING OVER THE SCHOOL!"

Every student jumped and looked up from their paintings, staring at Bran in complete confusion. An awkward silence filled the entire art room.

"What is he talking about..." One student whispered.

"Is he on drugs or something?"

David stared in silent disbelief. "Did he say a dragon..."

"That's his genius distraction?" Rita asked. "Is he serious?"

"Bran, you moron..." Mia muttered under her breath.

Juliet was just as confused. The young girl glanced over at the window. "What in the world are you-

In that very moment, Bran made a reach for the leather diary sitting on the easel. Rita couldn't see what mistake he had done, whether he hadn't been quick or sly enough, because Juliet immediately noticed what he was trying to do.

And there was consequences.

Very painful consequences.

"Get away from my diary!" Juliet yelled in a high pitch voice. She drew her wooden paintbrush back to swing.

Bran made a feeble attempt to explain. "N-No wait, I wasn't-

Too late.

The paintbrush slammed into the side of sophomore's face, sending him spinning and flying backwards over a desk and a couple students as well. He hit the floor, causing a very loud crash.

"S-She's kinda strong..." David stuttered as he watched the scene from afar.

Rita silently agreed as she watched Bran laying on the floor, crying out in pain. "This girl is in middle school? She swings like a baseball player!"

Juliet shot Bran one final death glare.

"And don't come back!"

Bran simply replied with another whimper of pain.


"Oh, I probably should of mentioned this, but girls don't really like it when you try to take their personal things." Mia said with a smile. "Anyway, so how you do? You get the diary?"

Bran clenched his fist. "How'd I do? My skull got bash in by a paint brush! I'm amazed that bitch didn't break my legs too!"

Mia just sighed. "You should have come up with a better distraction then..."


"Alright then, your up next Stephan." Mia said, ignoring Bran's loud outbursts.

"Me?" Stephan pointed to himself. "But what I'm I supposed to do?"

"Distract Juliet and take her diary, of course."

He gave her a blank look. "But wasn't that Bran's job?"

"Well, he obviously can't do that now." Mia explained, glancing over at Bran. He still was nursing the massive welt on his forehead. "I doubt he'd be able to walk with in five feet of her anymore..."

"B-But, if I get caught in the act, she'll..."

Mia just smiled. "Then don't get caught. Easy right?"

"Easy for you to say!" Stephan shot back.

Bran clasped him on the shoulder. "Just give it up and take your beating like a man. That's what I did." He said with a sly smile.

"Just think up a distraction, jeez it's not that hard." Mia shook her head.

"Your job is easier!"

"You have the easy one, not me."

Stephan shot her a cold glare. "If it's so easy, then why don't you good do it?"

"Because I'm the brains of this operation. You don't expect me to do everything, do you?"

"What, you calling me stupid or something?"

"WILL YOU BOTH SHUT UP!" Bran roared over both of them. The outburst sent the entire classroom into total silence.

All eyes were staring at their table, including Juliet.

"Shit..." Bran hissed, realizing what he'd done.

Rita quickly shot out of her seat. "S-Sorry! We were just arguing over what we should draw for a project!" She said with an awkward smile on her face. "But we worked it out! Everything is okay now, sorry for the fuss!" She made herself laugh.

All the students in the room gave her a weird look before returning to their projects. "Well, this is going smoothly so far..." Rita thought in the back of her head.

Mia let out a sigh. "Close call. Alright, Stephan..."

Stephan was still reluctant to get out of his seat. "Fine. Don't expect a miracle though..."


"Excuse me, aren't you Juliet? The Juliet Royce?"

Juliet looked up from her painting, giving the blonde boy a careful look. "Um, yes..."

"The hell is he doing?" Bran wondered as they watched from afar. "Making idle conversation?"

Mia rolled her eyes. "It's a much better improvement then your distraction..."

They watched him continue his plan. "Well, I was...I was just wpmder..." Stephan eyes shifted to the side. Rita almost swore that he could see him blushing.

"What?" Juliet asked.

"I'M JUST A HUGE FAN OF YOURS!" Stephan gushed, shaking the young girl's hand uncontrollably. "Your works of art are inspiring! Your talent is incredible! I don't even compare!"

"T-Thanks..." Juliet replied, looking around uncomfortably. Everyone's attention was focused on her once again.

"I never knew Stephan was such an actor..." Rita said as she watched the awkward situation.

"Your such an inspiration! I was wondering..." Stephan reached for a piece of paper. "COULD I GET YOUR AUTOGRAPH!" Slowly and carefully, he made a grab for the diary.

Juliet pushed the paper away. "I'm just here to draw, that's all- Hey!"

Stephan's so called distraction apparently backfired on him. In that moment, Juliet caught him right in the act. He had manged to get his hand on it, but Rita could already tell it was already too late for him.

Stephan gave an uneasy smile. "Um... This isn't what it looks like?"

Juliet slammed her paintbrush across his face, sending him flying through tables and chairs. He crashed into the garbage can, glasses broken in two when he finally emerged.

David winced. Mia shook her head in disappointment. Bran burst out laughing.

And Rita simply sighed.

"This is crazy..."She muttered, watching Stephan moan in agony.


"What made you think that was going to work?" Mia asked when Stephan finally limped back over to their table.

"I really thought it would work..." Stephan muttered while he held the ice pack to his head. "She's an artist...I figured she'd adore praise..."

Rita sighed. "Whatever, just keep that held tight, okay?"

Mia turned to over to their last hope. "I guess it's up to you then Dav!"

A panic overwhelmed David. "I-I just knew it! Please, I can't! I don't have any tricks or nothing! I'm going to fail!"

Mia gave him an assuring smile. "Calm down. I got my own plan anyway."

Relief flooded over his face. "So does that me I'm out?"

"Not really. You just have to ask her out. That's all."

David happy agreed. "Sure!" He nodded. Then he realized it. "W-Wait, what did you say?"

"Ask Juliet on a date this Saturday." Mia continued. "Say something like 'I've always loved you and I want to take you out on a romantic night on the town'."

Panic welled in David's eyes. "What? I can't do that!"

"...And while she's focused on you, Bran you'll sneak in from behind and snatch the Diary. Simple as that."

"So you just have to ask her out?" Bran asked David. He shook his head. "Why does he get the easy job? I'm risking my neck again."

"Easy job? I'm going to be emotionally scarred if she rejects me!" David said, turning crimson red. He glanced over at Juliet. "I've never asked a girl out before!"

He began to nervously twitch. "I can't do this, I can't do this, I can't-"

Mia patted him on the shoulder. "Your just distracting her, . We'll get the diary this time, don't worry!"

Rita on the other hand, wasn't too convinced. "So far from what we've done so far, I highly doubt that..."


"Excuse me! Miss Juliet!"

Everyone in the classroom was now focused on David, who stood right beside Juliet easel. His entire face was flushed beet red.

"I'm sorry to ask this! But I think your the most amazing girl at school!"David yelled. "So I was wondering, would you go out with me this Saturday night!"

The art room was deathly silent as he awaited his answer. Juliet quietly put down her paintbrush.

"Sure!" She replied with a cute smile.

"What!" Rita thought, completely shocked, along with the rest of the art room. "Is she being serious?"

David must have been trying to figure that out for himself. "Y-You really mean it?"

Juliet nodded. "Of course! I'll even write it in my diary, so I won't forget." She turned around. "Just let me-"

That's all she got to say before she met eye to eye with Bran. He had just gotten his hand on the leather bound book before all hell broke loose once again.

Fire erupted in Juliet eyes. "You again!" She swung her paintbrush back.

Bran brought his arms up to shield himself. "No, I wasn't- I mean-"

The blow sent him flying even further then he had gone the first time. He shattered two clay projects before finally coming to a stop on the floor.

"Creep..." Juliet said before returning to her painting. She turned back to David as if nothing had happened.

"You were saying?"


When Bran finally came to his senses, he marched straight over to Mia, fiery anger in his hazel eyes.

"Wait just a god damn second here!"

Mia looked offended. "What's your problem?"

He slammed his fist on the table. "WHAT'S MY PROBLEM? THAT'S THE SECOND TIME I'VE BEEN SENT FLYING ACROSS THE DAMN ROOM!" He screamed, punching the table in anger.


His nostrils flared. "SO? Why not David! Why not Rita! WHY ME!"

"Maybe you shouldn't have gotten caught again."

"But why is it always me? IT'S NOT FAIR!"

Before anyone could say anything else, the bell rung, signaling the end of the club for the day. Students soon began to gather up their belongings and head for the door. Some gave an uneasy glance and whispered as they passed their table...

"Crap! We're too late!" Mia hissed. Sure enough, Juliet had already packed up her supplies, and was heading for the door.

"That's it?" Bran said, startled. "AFTER ALL WE DID?"

Stephan sighed. "Well, at least we tried..."

David was staring off into space. "I wonder if she'll want to go to a movie..."

Rita watched Juliet disappear from sight as she headed out the door.

"Now what are we going to do..."


It was after everyone had said their goodbyes when Lloyd appeared in front of Rita and Stephan again. He seemed he had come out of no where, just like before.

"Hiya!" He greeted, smiling per usual. He gave Stephan a look. "What happened to you?"

"It's a long story." Stephan held the ice pack tighter to his head.

"What are you doing here?" Rita asked.

"Just delivering good news."

"Like what?" She asked.

Lloyd gave her a wide grin.

"I know when our little artist is going to break into the school again..."