"Secrets And Lies"

Genre: Romance / Humor / Suspense

Chapter 1: The Runaway


Callie jerked up and out of bed when she read the first sentence of the letter.

She immediately ran through the hallways of the palace, in a hurry to get to her father's office, then she kicked the door open, hurried to her father and slammed her hands on his table, shaking it.

"What the hell is the meaning of this?" She yelled, then she took out a letter from her pocket. It was an invitation to an engagement party—her engagement party which she absolutely was unaware of, until Serah sent her a copy of it.

Her father stared at her with furrowed eye brows and said: "It is what you think it is…"

Callie was devastated, "But why, Father? How could you do this to me?" She yelled, her voice was starting to shake.

"As you have already known, I will be signing a contract with the Walker Group of Companies in about two weeks." He said with a stern voice. "The Conglomerate has decided to make this bond stronger than any bonds before and so, we came up with this resolution, having you married with a son of a stockholder." with that, he stood up and turned his back on her, looking out the balcony.

Callie had wide-open eyes, staring up at him, nearly moved to tears. "But Father—" He cut her off, "No buts! This is for the sake of the conglomerate!" He closed his eyes, didn't even look back. Callie took a few steps back in disbelief of what's happening, then she clutched her fists and ran away. Lord Uzumi slowly opened his eyes and whispered. "I'm sorry…"


Wilhelm and Rica were standing outside Callie's room. "She's been locked up in there for more than five hours straight now." The head maid told the head butler. "I'm starting to get worried, she didn't even eat lunch. This is just too much for a sixteen-year-old girl to handle. Can't we do something?" She asked him.

Wilhelm took a deep breath and with that he knocked on the door. No one answered so, he took the liberty of opening the door and going inside, Rica went with him.

Inside, they saw Callie lying in her bed, face furrowed in her pillow. Rica went to sit beside her while Wilhelm stayed standing there. The head maid and her nanny since birth, started stroking her head and her long golden silky hair. "Don't worry my little princess, I'm sure everything will work out in the end." She said softly, trying to cheer up the fallen heiress. But Callie didn't react, she didn't even move.

Rica then leaned over to look at her face. "I think she's cried herself to sleep, poor girl." She said with a sad expression on her face. Wilhelm went closer and said: "She's bound to do it. We all know something like this would push through eventually. I'm sure that even she's figured out by now that she had it coming. She's the Morley heiress after all, things like these are normally planned out even before girls like her were born, it's something that comes along with stature." Wilhelm was concerned but he knows there is absolutely nothing he can do.

Rica nodded her head in agreement, stood up and with Wilhelm they both bowed their heads before exiting the room.

After closing the door, Callie's eyes stirred and opened, she was wide awake all along.


Callie skipped dinner that night, leaving her father to have lunch and dinner all by himself that entire day. She was in her balcony, staring up at the night sky when her phone rang. She didn't feel like talking to anyone that time but she decided to take a look on who it was anyway. It was Serah, daughter of another stockholder. It's because of her father's connection to her family's business that she has become a familiar face and to some extent a friend to Callie.

"What the hell do you want Serah? I'm busy!" Callie answered with an irritated tone.

"Busy? Doing what? Starving yourself to death?" Serah said with a sarcastic tone.

"How the hell did you know that?" Callie asked annoyed.

"Duh? The writer told me—I mean, what else could a helpless crybaby like you possibly do in situations like this?" She answered.

"Go to hell!" Callie was starting to get really pissed.

Serah laughed. "Anyway, I just wanted to congratulate you on this new realization."

"What realization?" The blonde asked curiously.

"You know, that fairy tales don't exist in the real world and no matter how long you stare up at the sky from your balcony, stars won't send a knight in shining armor to come save you!" Serah giggled.

Callie gasped. "How dare you? Aren't you supposed to be my friend in this story?"

"Oh yeah, right. So, what are you planning?" The redhead asked.

Callie sighed. "I'm not really sure, what do you have in mind?"

"Ever tried running away?" Serah's eyes narrowed.

"Runaway? That's crazy!" She couldn't believe her friend's suggestion.

"This world is crazy." Serah said, trying to get her to do so.

"But still, I can't just abandon everything, the engagement is for the sake of the conglomerate!" She tried to fight of temptation.

"What about your sake?" Serah was like a little devil on Callie's shoulders. "In the end, you have to do what you want Caity, it's your life."

"But—" She didn't really know what to say.

Serah cut her off, "Think about it, you can just blame your father. After all, it's his idea."

"Well…" Callie was losing the argument.

"If he really wants to make bonds stronger, why can't he get married himself?" Serah seemed irritated, she almost yelled.

"But even if that's true, it would be awkward for father to…" Callie tried to change the topic. There was something wrong here, Serah didn't normally show concern with these kinds of things. Usually, she just doesn't care.

"If you follow your heart, I'm sure you won't regret it. Besides, don't you want to give him the guilt trip? He put you through so much." Serah continued coaching her.

"Uhmm, you're right." Callie's eyes narrowed and she lost it.

"But remember, you gotta be ready for the consequences." The redhead teased.

"Consequences…? I don't think anything could be worst than this." Callie assured herself.

"That's the spirit!" Serah cheered.

"By the way, Serah, how did you know about all of this?" Callie could no longer fight off her curiosity.

"You'll be surprised, I actually went through the same thing." She giggled but there was something in her voice that told the blonde, she was being bitter.

"You got engaged too?" Callie was surprised.

"I can't help wondering how you didn't know, considering you were invited then." Serah's eye brow twitched.

"Oh, really? Well, gotta go, bye!" Callie hurriedly hung up.

After hanging up, Callie put her thoughts together. "If I runaway, I don't need to get engaged, father would feel guilty, people would be looking for me and if ever I make it out alive, I'll be normal… On the other hand, if I go missing, it would probably affect the business but that's their fault! I don't need to bear the guilt, father does!"

Callie took a few deep sighs and then, she decided: "Oh, what the hell? Just do it Callie! No one has the right to blame you for this anyway!" She yelled at herself.

She then went to pack her necessities, some clothes and cash. After that, she changed clothes. She wore a red shirt, a black jacket over it, dark green pants, a pair of sneakers and a cap wherein she tucked in all of her hair, she also decided to put on sunglasses to finish her look, she can't be recognized nor caught. And she has to escape now or spent another day of complete starvation. So, she went out to her balcony and jumped off.


After Callie hanged up on her, Serah decided to make another call. This time to the heir of the parent company and Callie's older brother, Christian.

"Hello, who is it?" Christian answered his phone half asleep.

"Hey Chrissy, guess who I am." Serah answered sweetly.

"Look, whoever you are, can you just bug me again later? Like when the sun's up, I'm still sleeping…" Christian slowly said while still lying in his bed.

"Christian, how could you still lie in bed when the 'only hope' just made a run for it?" Serah was trying to give him a hint.

"What on earth are you talking about?" Christian was starting to come to his senses and decided to sit up and take a look on his watch. After seeing that is was only half past one, he got annoyed. He then, looked at the caller I.D. to see who the caller was and he almost exploded when he found out that it was just Serah. "Serah! Do you have any idea what time it is?"

"Yes, it's only 1:30." Serah replied with a giggle.

"Yes. It is only 1:30… in the freaking morning!" He shouted.

Serah faked a gasp. "How could you yell at me like that?"

"Look, I'm sorry. But right now my brain isn't fully functional yet to have a fun chat with you so please, if you don't have anything important to say, leave me and my pillow alone!" Christian was irritated already.

"Okay, okay. I'll leave you alone with your pillow now, but just so you can have a peaceful slumber, I want you to know that your Princess has been taken away by kidnappers." Serah joked.

"Eh?" Christian was still thinking.

"Good night!" Serah quickly hung up.

"You're kidding right?" Christian still had his phone in his ear. Then, thanks to the beeping sound, he realized that the line was already dead. He put the phone down and waited until what Serah said sank to him.

"Oh my God! Callie's been kidnapped!" He got the wrong message though.


The next day, Callie was already in Avalon. She took the last flight thinking that it would be the most unlikely place for her father to look for her. When she got there the first thing she did was... eat.

She went to a fairly-looking café, when she got in she saw that there were so many customers on that café, so she decided to look for another place. But before she could exit, she bumped into a beautiful lady with short dark hair. She quickly apologized, the lady said that it was all right and even asked her to join her, Callie was surprised but still decided to accept the lady's offer since she insisted.

"So, what's your name?" The lady asked politely.

'You can't tell her your real name, Callie!'She screamed in her mind, her eyes were moving from one place to another, as if trying to find something that would give her an idea of a false name and then she saw a vase filled with calla lilies on the counter. "Uhmm… My name is Calla. You are?" she said trying to hide her anxiousness.

"That's such a beautiful name, I'm Ellen." She said smiling.

"Uhmm, thank you Miss Ellen." She replied. Then, she thought. "Ellen…? Where have I heard that name before?"

"So, what brings you to Avalon?" Ellen asked.

"Uhmm, what?" Callie was startled.

"Based on your luggage, I'm guessing you just got here." She said.

"Ahh, well… yes. Actually, I arrived just a few minutes ago." She was hesitating but she thought it wouldn't hurt to admit it.

"Are you a tourist? Or do you have some business here?" She asked although she didn't seem curious at all.

"Well, the truth is… I plan to stay here for good and to find some work." Callie answered looking determined.

"I see. Do you have a place to stay in already?" The lady was full of questions.

"Uhmm… well, I haven't looked around yet." Callie felt a little doubt.

"Would you like to stay in at my house then?" Ellen offered.

"What?" Callie was surprised again, to think that they we're strangers to each other.

"We're actually in need of some helpers, the work isn't that heavy I'm sure you'll manage and we can provide a place for you to stay in." She explained.

"Uhmm… well, thank you but…" She was still hesitating.

"I'm quite fond of you, even though this is our first meeting." Ellen smiled, assuring her.

"Well… All right then, I accept your offer. Thank you so much." She bowed. Callie was uncertain about this but then she thought: "What could possibly go wrong? Right?"

After their meals, Callie went with Ellen, hiding herself under the name, Calla.


Serah was talking in the phone: "That's right, Callie Morley will be arriving there at about eight in the morning. Please take care of her, Miss Ellen. Thank you so much."


Meanwhile, Christian arrived early in the morning at the Morley mansion. He went straight to Callie's room and when he got there, he confirmed that she was indeed missing. It was only when Christian arrived did the people there notice that the princess was no longer there. Christian then went to his father to inform him about his sister's disappearance.


Author's Note:

I didn't wanna use real names of countries so I just made up names…XD