Beneath Honesty's Sincerity

If a man renders benevolence, he recieves a scorning

Man, envious in every age, commits a judging

He stands upon pillars of blood

He commits sin ignorantly in the name of God

Lustful hearts unite, corrupting life's diligence

A single scream-like cry is much more than a decieving evidence

A pen is enough to kill

It spread lies and make-believes

It makes people stick to heresies

It makes people live in defiance and deceit

Man is cursed with a judging sight,

Pinching souls maniacally for their own delight

Everything is wrong, nothing is right

He who demands the truth is casted in EXILE

Dishonesty is society's sincerity

Truths are told in the form of travesties

The blind ones are those who can't hear

Reality never ever reaches longevity

The truth comes like a thief in the night

It brings misfortune and grief

Lies flee without a fight,

The truth hurts and life has no sleeves.