Chapter one:

Ocean was a nice guy. A little anxious, a little panicky, a little plain, but definitely nice. He's never been in love before either. All of that changes when he meets James.

Ocean looks out at the sea of people. It is damn terrifying. There are people, actual living, breathing, dying people. And they are all just there. Ocean takes a shallow breath. To be honest, the breathing hurts more than it helps. There really isn't any oxygen flowing upwards.

Ocean should never have came here. It's a god damned city fair. People all over from wherever they came from are here, mingling, expecting to have fun. They are out there, doing their thing and trying to enjoy a night out.

Not Ocean. Nope. Ocean just came here to help his Uncle out.

Of course, it's not the people's fault that Ocean has problems. It's not their fault that Ocean hates crowded spaces, that he can't stand being in huge masses of people, that he can't be at peace in any given place without possibly having a grade A panic attack.

God, Ocean hates it. He hates having such easily provoked problems. In his mind, he understands all the mechanics, the semantics of the situation. It's his body that he has issues with.

Like right now. At the moment, Ocean was standing frozen, a mere ten feet away from the line to the entrance. Yeah. He's not even IN the damned fair yet, and he is already feeling like a claustrophobic psycho.

His cell emits a series of beeps and buzzes.

It's the Tetris tune.

Ocean plunges his hands into his right pocket of his black jeans and grabs for his phone. It's something that will distract him from his impending doom, and like the desperate person he is, he gladly welcomes it.

It doesn't really help at all actually.