Limitless… The whole world was yours and nothing could take that from you. You were free, the last person left, the only one who could survive… Or so you thought…

I was alive. Thanks a lot stupid powers. What was even the point in having they if I couldn't save anyone but myself? Matt, Mike and Molly were curled under the protected shelter I placed and hopefully they were still alive. Picking my way through the rubble of the house I saw the rooftop of the shelter peeking out from the mound. Mike, Matt and Molly were underneath that! How was I even meant to get down there? Immediately I knew, no thought involved, all I had to do was what I had been thinking all along. Snap. A twig snapped behind me and I spun around to reveal a man standing before me. I raised my eyebrow at him.
He cleared his throat, once, twice, three times then proceeded.
"Madam, you are one of the first and as you know you won't be the last. I am just here to warn you about people who might want to hunt you and the others. It is your job as their leader to lead them in the way you think is right. I will leave you now, but remember, Be Careful."

And with that he vanished. His figure faded from my view but I had a job to do so I didn't worry at that moment about who he was. I sat down on the mound above the shelter roof and dug my rough hands into the dirt and rubble and started digging. By the time I got halfway down I could already hear breathing. I dug furiously towards the sound. A hole had opened in the ground from how much I had dug, the shelters door was almost free and it meant I could see who was inside. I threw myself against the door to hear the sound of a scream from behind the door. I reached out towards the handle of the door but before I could reach it a hand went over my mouth and nose obstructing my breathing.

"Get the others!" A voice growled from behind me.
White patches were appearing in front of my eyes, my balance was being overthrown by one man who was holding me captive. Wait, wasn't I the one who had got out of the explosion alive and saving three others in the process? Yes, I was. So if I did that I could do this right? Wrong. My strength was going and I was blacking out, but not before I heard the pleased laugh of my captor.

A while later I woke up to the sound of voices, familiar voices. I couldn't remember what had happened but I did remember the explosion. My family, friends dead. Me, Matt, Mike and Molly the only three survivors. Shaking my head I made to stand up but was pushed down again by a pair of rough, brutal hands. The hands stayed on my shoulders pushing down hard until I winced in pain at which they rose off. I tried to rise again and again but received the same treatment until; finally, I gave in and lay on the floor on my back just to see my captor's faces. Unfortunately that was impossible as they stayed out of my view for the whole process. I didn't know what was going on but I just lay there, taking it all in. They were inspecting me for some weird reason, they looked all over my body but didn't find what they wanted so they dragged me away and threw me back into the other room. I landed painfully on my back, which knocked the wind out of me. It took a few minutes to recover but when I did I was ready to escape. Looking around I saw Matt, Mike and Molly all staring at me with shock on their faces. I wondered what they saw. Wasn't I the same? I strode over to the mirror and saw that I was a small red fox… How had that happened? I looked back at Mike, Matt and Molly who was still staring at me then laughed a barking sound. They all thought deeply and soon I was under the bed snug and hidden.

The next time the door opened they took someone else with them but each time they all came back different. Like me, they had all tapped into the secret, the Limitless secret. We were all limitless, free, un-tameable. Nothing could stop us now. The only two they had yet to take were the two in the corner, the ones we knew nothing about but I sensed something had happened to them that would not hinder us but give us as a team the largest advantage. They had taken us all in brought us back out, no harm done, well, yet anyway. Once again the door opened but the footsteps weren't heard until the two in the corner screamed. The two had been split from each other and the smaller of the two was being dragged away from the reach of her brother (I assume). His eyes were going weird, none of us knew what was happening but before I could think I jumped out from under the bed my red fur flickering. It looked like I was on fire but I knew I wasn't. Launching me at the girl's captor I heard three snarls behind me, at which I heard the swishing of bed covers and three light sets of paws hit the ground. I went in for the man's neck but was grabbed around my middle but the boy who shook his head and nodded at his sister who went quiet and stopped struggling, I never stopped struggling in the hold of the boy and he only let me go when the door was closed. I shifted back red in the face with the effort, and opened my mouth to speak but he held up his hand to stop me.

"I am Luke before you ask and that was my little sister Katie. We have been here a month and until now they haven't bothered us with the presence of other 'people' but now they have. I am glad to meet you and I understand you are angry with me for letting those people takes Kate but, I had to. If I didn't we would never get out of here. You all might never get out but somehow we will, I don't care how long it takes."

Luke stopped and lapsed into silence watching in fascination as Molly, Mike and Matt changed back too. We all looked at each other and we knew how much Luke wanted out of here and to bring Katie with him. Before I could speak I heard footsteps in the corridor and sprinted to my bed and sat down, all the others followed my lead, knowing out of instinct that I was right. When the door opened Katie was thrust in and when Luke ran to help her up he was removed. Katie lay on the floor sobbing for a while until finally I couldn't take it anymore. I stood up and walked over to her. Kneeling down, I told her that we were all here for her and that if she ever needed anything all she had to do was ask. I strode back over to the small bed which I had claimed as my own and threw myself upon the covers and didn't reawaken until later that day when a high-pitched scream cut through my dreams.

Bolting upright I looked around and spotted Luke lying on the floor with blood covering his face and arms.

"What happened?" I screamed in shock.

"He…c…came b…back like…t…this." Explain Katie between sobs.

I stepped around Katie and looked down at Luke covered in blood, he's gonna have some scars on his arms but I can't tell when it comes to his face. I sent the message through the waves connecting our minds. I had to admit that I could get used to this. I knelt down beside him and placed my hands on each of his arms and miraculously the cuts and scars disappeared, I moved onto his face but suddenly felt too tired to help.

My vision clouded and I collapsed on top of Luke's chest at the sound of Katie's screams…