I woke up totally unaware of my surroundings. It was as if they had changed over the time that I had been gone. I looked up at the pale cream ceiling and was shocked to see that I was still inside. What had actually happened before? I swung myself off the small bed to see that I was alone, with no-one else in the room. It was freaky; I don't know what actually happened and don't remember a thing. I changed smoothly into my next body but realized that everything was clearer than usual. Trotting around the room I caught sight of myself in the reflection of the window and saw myself as a wolf… how weird. I was a fox and now I'm a wolf? What was going on? Footsteps were making their way across the hall and before I had a chance to hide the door burst open. Standing there was Dalton, the man accused of bringing me here. His hand caught the scruff of my neck and dragged me out into the hallway as I yelped in pain. The pain seared through me like lightening, it struck my bones and killed my muscles. I was thrown into another room quivering in pain. Shaking, I stood up and looked around my new surroundings. On the floor lay Luke and in the background was Katie. She was screaming. Screaming for Luke.

I trotted up to Luke and lightly licked his nose. He wriggled his nose and sneezed. That was a sign he was alive, I carried on licking his face until his eyes opened and stared in my vivid green eyes. Electric blue clashing with vivid emerald green. I sat down opposite him and we looked at each other, me with a mixture of curiosity in my eyes and him with a look of surprise on his perfectly flawless face. His eyes looked over my shoulder for a brief second but flashed back to my face a warning look reflected in their blue depths. Skirting around the beds I sat at the other end of the room just as Dalton walked in. Cowering in the corner, I started growling and whimpering. His eyes flashed to mine and I had created the perfect distraction. Walking over to my small form he stopped and realized something wasn't right. It struck him like lightening and he never saw it coming. Luke stood over him bristling like a rabid animal. We looked at each other again and starting laughing, the tension was broken. Reluctantly I trotted away from him; I went to find the others. Each of them was in a different room and was shaking until I opened the latch with my teeth. We were having the time of our lives but we knew we had to stick together in order to survive. I tried getting things out of them but no matter how hard I tried they wouldn't tell me what happened after I passed out. I went back to the room Luke was last in grumbling to them. My head turned to find myself nose to nose with Luke.

This was awkward. I looked around but it was no use, I was drawn in by those eyes. I shifted back, still dressed in my jeans and trade mark tank-top. My shoes had gone ages ago but I liked walking barefoot now. It was more comfortable than wearing shoes. We both stood there in our normal ways until he leaned in closer to me. I relaxed to his touch, before I knew it we were kissing. No-one looked at us and we just carried on until a throat clearing brought our attention back to the door. Spinning around we saw Dalton standing there brandishing a knife. He tilted his head to the left, a signal for me to move over that way. Luke tightened his grip on me and hid me behind his back. I crouched and shifted into my russet-brown wolf. His form changed before my eyes, it was smooth like water flowing through small streams, meandering its way towards the sea. His willingness to protect me shuddered its way through my body then I realised what he was going to do.

I sent a mental brainwave to the others and we all lunged for Dalton at the exact same time taking him down and leaving him there; knocked out. I shifted back and immediately went up to Luke.

"WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU THINKING?! YOU COULD HAVE BEEN KILLED! DON'T YOU EVER DO THAT TO ME AGAIN! OKAY?!" I screamed at him, in one of my famous fiery moods.

His hand went to my shoulder.

"Calm, I knew what I was doing; I'm never going to leave you to cope on your own. I'm not that stupid! You obviously can't even bare to see me hurt so how do you think I feel when YOU put YOUR LIFE at risk for ME?" He paused and I stood thinking about it then went bright red. "Exactly, no more stupid stuff from either of us okay?"

I nodded then my mind went blank and I knew I was thinking back to my little sister, the one who I had gotten killed with my stupidity and tears sprung to my bright green eyes. I ran out of the room before anyone could stop me; my face a lit with tears of sorrow. I had never a chance to mourn my family and the little sister I wish I still had. I sat alone in the hallway, my head resting on my knees. I was so deep in my thoughts that I didn't hear Matt come up beside me and sit down.

"Hey, Megan, I know you are taking this really hard but I just wanted to let you know that we are all here for you. But before I go I want to ask you one question, you said that a man came up to you the day you found us in the bunker and said you were one of the first but not the last, well when you feel ready we would all like to know the whole story, please?" He looked at me then stood up holding out his hand to me.

I looked at his hand then up at his face. Grabbing his hand, I pulled myself up and walked back into our room with him.

"Guys, I have something to tell you all. Something I have been keeping to myself since I found you all in the bunker. If you want I will tell you but only if you feel up to it. What do you say?" I looked around at all of them. Mike, Matt, Molly, Luke and Katie looked back at me.

"Well, go on then." Spoke up Mike breaking the silence.

"Yes, please do, we need to know! You said when we were ready and I know we are all ready to hear it now!" Piped up Molly for the first time since we left the bunker.

"Okay, saying you all think you are so ready, I will tell you. Basically, when we first were separated by the blast I thought I was really dead until I saw the roof of the bunker in the distance. I looked around to see that everything had been destroyed and nothing was left standing. Except that one slim chance that you all were safe inside the bunker. I had started digging down by this time and I heard a twig snap behind me. On instinct I jumped and turned to see a man standing tall behind me. He cleared his throat then started to speak. His exact words I haven't forgotten. He said to me: 'Madam, you are one of the first and as you know you won't be the last. I am just here to warn you about people who might want to hunt you and the others. It is your job as their leader to lead them in the way you think is right. I will leave you now, but remember, Be Careful.' I ignored his warning and so it is MY fault we are all in here. I didn't listen to his warning and the men snuck up behind me as I led them straight to all of us! I'm so sorry…"

I looked around expecting to see horror, mirrored on everyone's faces but the reaction I got was different. Molly looked like her eyes were about to fall out. Mike's jaw was nearly touching the floor. Matt looked relieved but a little bit shocked. The weirdest reactions were Luke and Katie's. They both sat talking animatedly in the corner and looking over at me every few sentences. I was well confused! What were they talking about?

I walked up to both of them and cleared my throat.

"What are you talking about? You must tell me, or I will find out by myself." I said, bluntly.

Luke looked up at me. His eyes piercing mine.

"We are talking about you. About how everything you said was exactly as what we were told would happen. If Dalton and The Boss find out then you are DEAD! You get me?" He paused and I nodded my head slowly.

"So if they find out I'm this almighty leader, I'm basically in for a nightmare of a ride?" I asked rephrasing his sentence to make it my own.

"In simple terms, yes. You would, but so would the rest of us. The only problem is that you would get it a lot worse than any of us."

I sensed someone watching and listening to us at that exact moment and turned around to see Dalton standing looking at us both with a grin on his face that meant I was in so much trouble.

"Well now. It looks like we HAVE found the lost leader and carrier of the limitless secret. Now, Megan, tell me. How did you transfer this secret to each one of your friends? Eh?" His eyes looked into mine, searching for an answer but I shrugged and then started to laugh.

"Like I'd tell YOU! As if! You may think you can get anything out of me or anyone in this room but you won't. You touch them I WILL kill you. Do what you want to me but honestly leave them alone." I spat at him, my teeth clenched and my hands searching for my throwing knives inside my jacket.

"Fine then. Don't tell me. I will get it out of you. Somehow, someway." His eyes held a dangerous threat and I knew that I had just entered a life or death situation. Crap.

"Damn it, I probably just made a big mistake didn't I? Well, I'm telling you something now. I will go with you IF you let everyone else go. That's my only condition." I looked Dalton straight in the eyes, showing him no bluff.

I saw him shift slightly and knew I had won this argument.

"Fine then. You have ten minutes to say goodbye and pack your bags, to come with me. I will let them go before transferring you to your new room." He turned to leave.

"Wait, I want a phone. If you don't get me my Blackberry and return the other's phones too then I won't come." I narrowed my eyes at his back.

"Fine, but I warn you, if this is to get back at me and The Boss, then I can tell you now that is impossible." He left the room without a backwards glance.

The room exploded then.




I breathed in and started to pack my bags. I ignored all the shouting and screaming. What I had done still hadn't sunk in yet. I knew it would, or maybe it wouldn't?

I looked up to see Luke standing over me; I blinked and stood up, finished packing.

"Why? They… I need you... Keep in touch, please?" His eyes looked brighter than ever. Each word cut me like a knife.

I nodded unable to speak.

Turning I picked up my bags and walked to the door. Dalton stood waiting outside.

"Let's go." I whispered.

My eyes stayed locked to the floor as Dalton cuffed my hands and lead me away from the people I considered my family. I knew what I was doing was right but why did it feel so wrong?

I turned my head to look back and stared into Luke's deep blue eyes.

That was the last I saw of him before I was locked away….