Everything feels like it's falling
when she brings it up again
with a smirk and another short note.

I can't seem to remember your face
when we've been apart.
I need to see you all the time.

Remember when we were just
meeting, little girls with nothing
but your tears and my finger
to wipe them away?
Remember when you read
my mind, and I didn't know
what I was feeling?

Everyone says they want to go back,
but I don't. I want us to move
forward, onward, onward.
Somehow I want you
to cry to me.

We're worth it, right? You're
worth it for me. I just want to skip
over everyone's little glances
and laughs and disbelief.
Can you just get me past there?

Because every time our fingers
lace together or my head is on your shoulder,
I wish it even more.
I wish you would tell me and leave
everything else, like I
already did.

You're not alone, honey, you just
haven't looked at me yet.