Chapter 1

A Girl And Her Shadowland

Dashing across the forest and dodging trees, I had my escape plan all figured out. My black hair catching the wind as I advance and my brown eyes searching for anyone besides me. I seemed to be safe... For now.

I grab ahold of a tree branch up above and pulls myself up. I look back even though I knew if I did it was bad luck. I could see the inhuman walls surrounding the jail site. It still looked eerie even from far, far away.

Breaking my train of thought, a siren went off. I am paralyzed for just a second because of how quick they had found me out, but I soon shake it off and climbs off the tree. Without another thought, I'm off running again with dead hopes. I already knew they were going to be able to find me. I was running away with no hope.

"There she is! Follow her!" I heard a shout from behind me and I quickly hid behind the closest tree.

Out of nowhere, near where I was just a few seconds ago, a huge explosion brings down trees and makes animals near the area flee. I can hear swords pounding against one another and it was getting closer.

"Kill that Specialies! KILL HER! The Commander wants her dead so don't even hold back. She has broken the laws by just existing!" I recognized the voice of Rain, a commander in the jail and recieves orders from... My father.

I peek from the tree to watch what was happening. A girl around my age maybe was deflecting all the swords and bullets made from Arailla. I could see shadows underneath her and a pure black sword in her hands. She was obviously a Specialies if she could deflect even just one attack from Arailla weapon.

What surprised me most was that she was deflecting all of Arailla weapons attack. There was about twenty Normal soldiers attacking her at once including far distance fighters and none was even able to land a scratch on her! I never even met anyone who could survive two attacks from Arailla weapons! This was major.

"Don't show any mercy! Don't even hesitate!" Rain shouted somewhere in the middle of the close-range combat.

"You will die! I promise you that much!" The girl shouted and her sword grew more swords from the side insanely fast. It blocked all of the attacks of Rain's party. "This will only destroy you when you attack more."

I suddenly felt like I should step out of hiding and help Rain yet my body refused to move. It was as if it had a bad feeling about this whole entire thing. I mean, yes, I was a Normal and believed in Specialies rights. So why did I have an urge to go help?

"THIS IS THE END, DEMON!" I heard Rain shout and saw him, in slow motion, bring down his blade.

Still in slow motion in my eyes, I watched the terrifying scene as the shadows under the girl bolted away and moved underneath her attackers. They had no suspection and neither did I yet. The shadows jumped off the ground and stretched and kept stretching. I went wide-eye as I watch it stretch into the air and pierce into the soldiers bodies. I wanted to cover my ears as I listen to the ripping sound and the smell of blood... I couldn't explain.

Bodies fell to the ground along with Rain. The shadows ran to the distance attackers while they were still paralyzed with shock, and I was stuck watching it happen again. After they were done slaughtering all the attackers, it headed back to the girl and stayed near her. Her sword turned into a group of shadows.

I realized that her power was able to control shadows and make them do as she orders. I was fully paralyzed, afraid they will soon come at me.

"Congratulations, child. You killed my best group." A clap came from a tree across from me. The person left his hiding place and it was... Father. "But this is why you are needed dead."

"No!" The girl stayed defiant. "You will be dead after this fight."

"I'm afraid not." Father raised his hand. "This fight won't determine anything. You are a Specialies and I am a Normal. There is a reason for our difference."

"For you to enslave us!" The girl snarled. "Well I got news for you! I ain't going down without a fight and you ain't going to enslave me! I will be safe from your terrors now and always!"

"Silly child, you don't know the future of your kind. Us enslaving you is saving you." Father frowned. "We are your saviours!"

"Father!" I shouted without thinking. I step out of hiding and saw my father's shocked face. "Let the girl live!"

"Son, why are you here?" He looked furious. "I told you to never come into the forest ever again!"

"Let her live!" I demanded.

"She will ruin our plans of the future!" Father had a sudden meancing tone he has never used on me. "She will kill us all unless we kill her now. She is the distruction of the future!"

"Stop blaming Specialies for something that has yet to happen!" I was against Father now and he will never accept me again. I became a traitor. "I ain't letting you kill her!"

Without thinking, I grab the girl's hand and starts to run at full speed. She somehow manages to get on me piggyback-style and Father is right on my heels. Despite how Father looks, he is strong and has the speed.

"Run into that tree!" The girl demanded and pointed ahead.

"What? Are you crazy?" I demand and got ready to dodge the upcoming tree.

"Do as I say!" She pulls my ears which I am sensitive too and I decide to obey. I think I shouted to her that it will be her fault if I die by running into a tree, and then I ran into the tree...

And I'm suddenly standing in front of a cabin with Father not even near pursuit.