The stainless steel
is iced cold,
easily cooling
the heat waves
radiating off my skin.

My head is leaned against the metal casting
of my high school fan bus
on its way to
the anticipated basketball game.

Softball practice had ended not too long ago
thus my body temperature
still hasn't recovered
quite yet.

Slouching in my seat,
the single unoccupied one
all the way in the back,
I find myself doing what I always do,
I stare out the window.

While my nearby teammates continue to chat
about the latest news and laughing at the most random jokes,
I remain to myself
with my black steel headphones
blocking them all out.

In being six fifteen at night,
the sky is dark, scattered with clouds
and all the streetlights
glowed their normal
orange flare
unto the passing cars
on the highway.

The air within the yellow bus is humid
with the lingering scent
of sweat covered bodies,
presumably from the workouts
that were so soon finished.

With the crack of a window six rows in front
a small smile settles on my somber face
welcoming the fresh sixty degree breeze
that blows against my face.

I'm not entirely sure why I'm at peace in cars,
but I began to drift off
to my own realm
with the whispers of lullabies
that sounded through my earphones.