There she goes again.

I sneakily watch her walking down the hallway. Leila's walking away from me, and I can't help but think about the fact that I can't see her eyes. They're spectacular in every sense, bearing resemblance to deep blue oceans dotted with tiny islands of green. They make my heart skip a beat.

And as her long hairs swishes back and forth behind her, I find myself wishing that I could tangle my hands in it. Just once. Just to see what it felt like.

I imagine it'd be soft, seeing as her hair has this amazing fluidity to it, appearing to be liquid gold when the light catches it at just the right angle.

And those delicate hands of hers…I wonder what it'd be like to hold them in my own. Or how it'd feel to walk along the hallways with her hand in mine, squeezing it lightly to reassure her that I was there to protect her.

But she'd never look twice at me. I'm Bryce Lawrence. A nobody.

Oh god. I'm turning into a cheese ball again. My thoughts are coming straight out of one of those cheesy girl movies.

My friends would kill me if they knew what I was thinking.

And so would her boyfriend.

I couldn't believe it.

Connor stared at me with regret in his eyes. But that regret did nothing to soothe me, especially not when his arms were wrapped around another girl. A girl who was supposed to be my best friend.

"Leila, babe, it's not what you think."

His voice sounded so soft, so hurt. But I knew better. Connor was the best one I knew at putting up a front; he'd come to my rescue so many times when I'd had nowhere to run. He always came up with some perfect excuse, wheedling his way into my everyday life. He'd convince the nurse to let me go home when I had cramps. Or he'd help to persuade the school principal that I was not in fact skipping class, and that I just had a family emergency (even when it was a complete lie).

I'd never had a problem with it before, but now that he was trying to use his tactics on me instead of for me, I was livid.

So I walked away, seeing as I'm not one for drama and violence.

And besides, without him holding me back, I could find myself a great new boyfriend.

And who better to be my rebound than my long-time crush Jay Stevens?


I ignored the sound, turning into my classroom. Hopefully, the little squirt wouldn't follow.

"JAY! Can you not hear me?"

Oh god. He did.

"Jay, thank god I finally found you bro. I really need your help. There's this girl—"

"Nick." I interrupted, in hopes that he would shut up.

"—that I really need to impress. I mean, what am I supposed—"

No such luck, so I tried again, "Nick."

"—and I really suck at these kind of…oh, did you say something, bro?"

Finally. My little brother sure did have a big mouth. (Wonder which side of the family that trait came from?) "Nick, I can't help you. I know about as much as you when it comes to girls, freshman."

He pouted, making himself look even younger. I mean, the boy was only 5'4"; it didn't take much effort on his part to make himself look like a twelve year old.

"But bro, you're like, a senior."

I told him that calling me "bro" in no way made him cool and that he needed to get to class on time. Luckily, he realized that he only had one minute of the passing period left and thus ran off to find his classroom halfway across the building. Good riddance.

I took my seat in the back of the room, next to my best friend.

She smiled up at me, her dark brown eyes glittering in mischief, and I felt my heart fly up my throat. I mean, god, she was just so beautiful.

As I pulled out my textbook, she leaned towards me, motioning for me to listen. So I did.

"Watch the screen when Mr. Gibbons puts up the PowerPoint. I promise you that today's presentation is super important."

I sighed in response, noticing the all too familiar smirk on her face as our old, senile teacher turned on the projector, rambling about the Civil War.

"You know, Mally, one of these days, you're gonna get yourself in some real trouble. Not just detention."

But she ignored my warning, only laughing along with the class as she stared at the front of the classroom. I turned my head slowly, sighing all the way, to see a Playboy magazine cover projected on the front wall.

And while I wanted to yell at her, to reprimand her for playing yet another one of her silly pranks, I couldn't. And it was all because I had fallen in love with Mallory, my best friend.

"Hello, Ms. Tarry. Nice to see you on this lovely day." I gave the lady at the secretary desk a large smile, which she didn't return. She merely grimaced at me and motioned towards the all-too familiar lumpy couch outside the principal's door. I happily sat down on the right corner, crossing my legs out in front of me. My tights were a pretty color that day, and they were decorated with this interesting lace pattern.

After a minute or two of staring at my clothing, I noticed that I wasn't alone. On the other side of the couch was Sloane. He was the school's resident bad boy, and was thus my only competition. Thought I didn't feel very competitive today.

I mean, I know you're supposed to have it out for the competition, but he was too cute to be on the outs with.

Instead, I hoped to make him my partner in crime someday. We would be a modern Bonnie and Clyde, minus the bank robberies, murders, and brutal deaths.

It would be fantastic.

There was even a ring to it: Sloane and Mallory. Mallory and Sloane. Mloane. Sallory? I don't know, but I'm sure we'd figure it out when we needed to make a name for ourselves in the near future.

However, as he glared at me and shifted his body farther from mine, I knew that my dream was a longshot.

I guess my Clyde would need some serious persuasion before he agreed to participate in my schemes. And really, if I can play a successful prank on that evil military sergeant of a history teacher (like I did last week), then I can manage to persuade Sloane Rivers into joining forces with me.

Slollory. Maloane?

I should probably get the name down first.

I know, I know. I'm a bad guy. I get it, alright.

I mean, really, it's not like having the principal remind me of that fact each and every day goes completely unheard by me. I'm not an idiot.

It's just…well, I love breaking the rules. It gives you a nice adrenaline rush.

But let's face the facts: when the principal inevitably calls my father and tells him of my recent week-long suspension from school, I'll be in for quite the beating at home. My dad apparently thinks that I am a demon and his fists are the exorcists. A vampire and stakes. A werewolf and silver bullets.

Need I go on?

Anyways, I didn't really have a problem with missing a week of school. It's no issue to me, because despite being the resident bad boy of this high school, I actually keep straight A's in my classes. (Okay, so I lied, there might have been a B on my last report card. But, come on! It was in AP Calculus for God's sake!)

However, missing a week of school meant being stuck at home with my father. And it also meant that I wouldn't see Carly for a week. We had just started dating a month ago, and I wanted to spend as much time with her as I could.

But seeing as she doesn't exactly know about my jerk of a father, I guess it's safe to bet that I won't be seeing her at all for the next week. The bruises I'll inevitably have will cause her to question me.

And I don't like being questioned. Especially when I'm expected to give answers.

So my boyfriend was apparently suspended for a week.

No surprise there.

And honestly, I was excited. I mean, I only went out with him to get closer to his friend Bryce Lawrence. I figured that since the stupid guy had his sights set on that preppy Leila girl, becoming close to his friend Sloane would make me more noticeable.

I'm not gonna lie, I felt bad about leading the poor guy on for a while, but the feeling eventually passed.

He was the bad guy, it's not like he cared about our measly relationship. And I'm sure he could easily find another girl to go out with once I left him for Bryce. And I really couldn't wait to date such a sweet guy after my past string of relationships. I needed someone like Bryce to make me a better person.

But I guess only time can tell what will happen. I sure hope time is in my favor.

So, I haven't dropped off the face of the earth! I am very much alive, thanks for asking. (;

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